Kaleidoscope – “Blue” Recap & Review


Kaleidoscope’s Blue episode sees us jump to five days before the heist. Here, we get a closer look at this Roger Salas character. He’s the head of SLS, which happens to be the largest financial security firm on the East Coast. He thinks he’s untouchable but that’s wrong, he’s very much going to be taken down. Especially if Leo has anything to do with it.

Leo speaks to his crew in confidence, bringing up how they have seven jobs to do in order to take this man – and by extension the vault – down. As Leo himself puts it, they’re going to thread the needle and build up to this big heist in the end.

A series of different jobs need to take place including getting into SLS, infiltrating the vault and moving gear in. With a three-part security system, temperature gauges and a whole bunch of other trinkets along the way, it’s not going to be easy.

As we find out again, Roger Salas has crafted the most secure vault ever created. And that’s what Leo intends to crack. While he’s out at a party that night, Leo breaks into Roger’s house and bugs his office. He gets a fingerprint and spikes his eyedrops too.

At the same time though, there are problems back at the garage. Tensions erupt between Bob and Stan over Judy, with the hotheaded Bob eventually deciding in confidence that he and Judy should double-cross everyone else and steal all the gear for themselves.

At the party, Roger Salas is encouraged to help the triplets with their $7 billion problem. Stefan is confident he’ll find a way to be “helpful”, which ties into Leo and the gang’s plans nicely. Speaking of which, Roger receives a cryptic call that night and promises that nothing he has is safe, spooking him and encouraging Roger to up the security at SLS. However, the distorted voice manages to ring through there too, demanding a ransom of $4.3 million, which happens to be his net worth.

Roger is spooked and heads off to get an exam with a doctor for his eyes. That doctor happens to be Stan. He uses a contraption to take a scan of Roger’s face, getting them one step closer to breaking into SLS. However, in the process of all this, the backdoor they’ve been using to get into SLS’s security system is shut down, which Ava worryingly tells Leo.

Although the latter starts to despair, it’s not the end of the road as he works to try and turn the tide back in his favour. It turns out Andrew is the one who wanted the $4.3 million ransom, not Leo as we were led to believe. With Andrew’s name ruined earlier in the timeline, and his wife and kids gone, Andrew has no other choice.

He blackmails Roger into submission, but when Roger leaves, he has an assassin show and kill the man outright, choking Andrew with a plastic bag so he can’t rat him out anymore.

With  attention turned away from Leo, the latter breaks into SLS and manages to get Roger alone in the steam room. Leo thinks twice about choking him out though, and decides to use an upcoming hurricane to their advantage and work the heist around that. After all, with New York about to get hit hard, the authorities decide to evacuate the masses and this gives them an in-route.

As the episode closes out, Roger receives a call from Stefan, who reveals that he actually does know about Roger’s past, and decides they should talk after the heist.

The Episode Review

The blue episode of Kaleidoscope fleshes out more of the heist itself and the difficult security detail they need to try and get past. As a result, the show manages to portray a good number of its core characters with some of the supporting players like Judy and Bob given some time in the spotlight.

Beyond that though, Kaleidoscope is still struggling narratively, with some improbable scenarios and a very lucky break with this hurricane.

The series is also struggling with its characterisation, which is very poor for most of the supporting characters. We see a couple of quips for RJ but we know very little about him. Likewise, Judy is just a pawn for Stan and Bob to fight over right now and beyond some of her disguises, doesn’t have a whole lot going on either. Hopefully we see more of them in the future chapters but compared to shows like Prison Break and La Casa De Papel, this one doesn’t stack up.



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