Kairos – K-Drama Episode 15 Recap & Review

New Evidence

We begin episode 15 of Kairos in the past with Seo-Jin recovering in hospital. Yujung Constructions promise to pay his tuition fees as he finds out the truth about his Father being killed.

Back in the present-day October timeline, Chairman Yu stands over Jin-Ho and tells him to wake up. He’s sedated and clearly struggling but when they leave, Seo-Jin and Gun-Wook show and tell him to hang in there as Ji-A is doing well. This gets Jin-Ho’s heart racing as doctors hurry in the room and tell them to leave as he needs his rest.

Together, Seo-Jin and Gun-Wook drive off and agree to wait a bit longer before questioning Jin-Ho again. Hyun-Chae rings through and tells Seo-Jin to come home. She promises to leave and tells him he should be with Da-Bin for the time being. On his way home, Ae-Ri from the past rings and confirms that she couldn’t find the package. Do-Kyun is dead and Ae-Ri’s death day is fast approaching. Time is very much against them.

After the call, Seo-Jin heads home and tells Hyun-Chae she should stay for the night given how much of a state she’s in. Despite everything they’ve been through, Seo-Jin places a cover on her while she sleeps on the floor.

In September, Seo-Jin and Ae-Ri exchange numbers and discuss Jin-Ho’s accident. Ae-Ri shows the picture of Park Joo Young to him and confirms this is the person who tried to kill his Father. It all rests on finding and stopping this man before it’s too late.

In hospital, Ae-Ri continues to keep an eye on Ji-Ah who struggles to sleep. As we soon find out, the reason why is because she saw everything. She saw Park choking out her Father and the plastic bag over his head. Ae-Ri comforts the girl as she confirms she’d be able to point him out again if he saw his face.

This is just what they need as detectives lead Park away and begin questioning him down at the station. He tells them he lives alone and as no one can collaborate his story, it certainly doesn’t look good for our characters. Then again, the star witness shows up and confirms that Park’s the one responsible. On the back of this confession, the police have enough to arrest him.

While they do, Ae-Ri and Seo-Jin buckle up ready to head back home. On the way, Ae-Ri confirms that Do-Kyun will die in a month’s time. It’s shocking news to him but one that’s immediately overshadowed by him receiving video footage of the charity event. Upon hearing the music, this brings back memories from the alt-future where Do-Kyun and Hyun-Chae took Da-Bin away.

We’ve now moved forward a month on both timelines with November and October serving as our two separate months. Anyway, Hyun-Chae phones Seo-Jin and suggests they head out on a trip on the 9th October. He refuses, especially after seeing the truth about what she was planning and instead phones Ae-Ri, asking to meet.

He tells her he’s ready to face anything but of course the truth is painful, especially after what he’s witnessed. Still, for now Seo-Jin heads back to Yujung Constructions and acts coldly toward Do-Kyun when he drops off his work. Seo-Jin suddenly asks about Hyun-Chae and how much he knows about her. Seo-Jin immediately tells Do-Kyun to leave but warns him about Hyun-Chae’s father.

Do-Kyun predictably leaves and speaks to Hyun-Chae as flashes from the future come bleeding through. There, he sees Hyun-Chae dead as these two timelines begin to overlap. Instead, Do-Kyung turns his attention to Taek-Kyu, showing up at prison and asking who’s giving him orders. He quickly tells him it’s Chairman Yu, which subsequently sees Do-Kyun back on the hunt to uncover the truth.

Meanwhile, Ae-Ri heads off to find Ji-A’s toy which she seems to have misplaced and left at home. Eventually she finds it but also uncovers a receipt for Kangaroo Storage too. Just as she leaves Jin-Ho’s place, Do-Kyun turns the corner and watches them leave.

When Ae-Ri heads there to retrieve the documents, it turns out Jin-Ho already took them out 2 days earlier. Do-Kyun shows up and immediately asks where the package is, heading in to confront the workers there. Eventually this spills over outside as Gun-Wook and Ae-Ri confront him. Do-Kyun admits the truth about Hyun-Chae and this sees him conflicted over what to do.

In November, Taek-Kyu is allowed to leave prison thanks to his connections. Only, in doing so he’s given one final job to do. When the police find out he’s been released, they’re baffled by how this could have happened.

Seo-Jin receives a message come through over the storage locker and learns that the files there are missing. He also warns that Taek-Kyu is obviously planning something and to be ready.

With the old evidence long gone, Seo-Jin tasks Ae-Ri with another plan; the only move they have left to use. This sees both October and November timelines moving forward simultaneously.

In October, Seo-Jin heads in and confronts Chairman Yu about his Father’s death. In November, Seo-Jin does the exact same thing. Together they manage to convince Chairman Yu that they have the evidence but will specify a time and date when to hand it over.

In a touch of Deja vu, both Seo-Jin and his Father happen to be sharing the same accusatory questions as we cut back and forth between November and the past. Seo-Jin suddenly tells him he doesn’t have the files but has now captured audio evidence of Chairman Yu incriminating himself. Seo-Jin has been recording this entire time!

Unfortunately, Yu’s goons throw him off the top of the roof to his death.

Back in October, Ae-Ri waits outside that very same building while Seo-Jin heads in to confront Chairman Yu. It looks like it’s all up to our October timeline now to change the future!

The Episode Review

Kairos returns for an exciting penultimate episode, one that starts to close off our big plot points as all roads lead to stopping Chairman Yu. Seo-Jin may have failed in November after being thrown off the roof, but in October he has a chance to make things right.

If there’s one gripe here though it comes from Seo-Jin showing his hand before he’s safe. Why tell Chairman Yu about the audio recording until after he’s safe? Surely that would have made more sense? Then again, Kairos has done a really solid job quelling any plot holes with future revelations or explanations.

Whether it addresses this or not, Kairos’ latest episode does well to set everything up for an exciting finale to follow. With lots of question marks hanging over our characters’ fates and plenty of unresolved drama, all eyes now turn to this final episode.

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