Kaiju No. 8 – Season 1 Episode 9 Recap & Review

Raid on Tachikawa Base

Episode 9 of Kaiju No. 8 begins with Hoshina researching Kaiju No. 8 and reflecting on what he knows about Kaiju No. 9. Then, we cut away to Kafka, who doesn’t want to let Hoshina down. Before Kafka arrives in his bedroom to get some rest, several meteors come crashing down on several bases.

Okonogi relays this intel to Hoshina. Hoshina suits up and informs all the available Defense Force troops to take battle stations. He wants everyone to lure any kaiju or honju to the training area and off the base. During the battle, Kafka calls Hoshina. Kafka tells Hoshina that it’s weird for wyvern-type kaiju to travel in packs since they typically travel alone in their universe. Hoshina turns around. He notices someone ordering the wyverns to complete an undisclosed goal. 

Okonogi tells Hoshina that the sentient kaiju in front of him has a high fortitude level, making it a Daikaiju-level threat. Hoshina tells Ikaruga to focus on fighting any Yoju. Before Hoshina can relay what he plans to do, the Daikaiju attacks him. While Hoshina fights the Daikaiju, Kafka tells Reno and the others to attack the wyverns’ backs. 

Everyone runs into trouble with the wyvern’s armor. Fortunately, Kikoru arrives with her battle axe and uses it to crush one of the wyvern’s armor to smithereens. This allows her to damage its core. Then, we enter a flashback at the base’s underground weapon storage room. In it, Hoshina and Mina present Kikoru with her battle axe and tell her it was designed to fit Kikoru’s battle power. 

Although they typically make weapons for captains, Mina says they made Kikoru a weapon because fortitude levels and kaiju numbers have skyrocketed a lot this year. Moreover, Mina says they’re granting Kikoru a special weapon since she’s the third-highest-ranking Defence Force officer in the base. Mina presents Kikoru with her battle axe and declares her the third strongest Defence Force officer after her and Hoshina.  

Kikoru continues her rampage on the wyverns, decimating them with her battle axe. Reno protects Kikoru from a wyvern that catches her off-guard. Kikoru thanks Reno and says he can help her defeat the wyverns. The others take note of the two’s admirable feats. This motivates them to give it their all. Meanwhile, Hoshina leads the Daikaiju to the training area. 

The Daikaiju enjoys this fight and plans to eat Hoshina to become stronger. Hoshina tells Okonogi not to worry about him. He plans to go all out to defeat the Daikaiju in this area. Elsewhere, Kafka saves a Defence Force member named Minase from a wyvern’s attack. Reno and Kikoru arrive to fight the wyvern. Kikoru tells Kafka to evacuate the wounded while Reno tells him to trust his fellow officers. 

Okonogi informs Kafka and the others that more of the higher-ranking officers have joined the fray. Each officer reports what they’ve done on the battlefield thus far. Kafka and Minase plan to help the wounded. Back on the training grounds, Hoshina continues fighting the Daikaiju, impressing the beast as he fights it.

Eventually, the Daikaiju transforms into a larger variant of itself and exudes a deadly toxin, much to Hoshina’s shock. Fortunately, Hoshina had a mask handy to prevent the toxin from affecting him. The Daikaiju obtains a powerful form and roars.

The episode closes with Okonogi telling Hoshina that its fortitude level has reached 9.0. 

The Episode Review

It’s one thing after another for Kafka and his friends in this kaiju-centric universe. After celebrating their victory over Kaiju No. 9 and his allies, another sentient kaiju has arrived to challenge the Defence Corps. Based on the kaiju’s remarks, it seeks strength and can obtain this power by consuming enemies. This is a neat detail. It gives fans insight into what differentiates these sentient kaiju from the normal ones. 

Although we know little of Hoshina’s true strength, he demonstrates his battle prowess wonderfully during this battle with the sentient kaiju. From his underlying tactics to his swift speed, one can see how he earned his Vice Captain role. While this new kaiju’s form is formidable, we’re certain Hoshina will find a way to combat this large threat. 

Additionally, Kikoru received a nice upgrade regarding her battle axe. However, seeing her quickly adjust to the weapon this soon is odd. Moreover, it’s weird for Mina to say Kikoru is the third strongest individual next to her and Hoshina. Considering there are troops who’ve fought alongside Mina and Hoshina longer than Kikoru has, it feels farfetched to assume Kikoru’s near their level. Nevertheless, it was compelling seeing Kikoru defeat a few wyverns with Reno. 

All in all, this was a fun episode of Kaiju No. 8. Again, it’d be great if the series went a little more in-depth with the kaijus they have our heroes battle. Nonetheless, it’s been an enjoyable experience since episode one and we’re looking forward to what episode 10 has in store for its audience. 

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