Kaiju No. 8 – Season 1 Episode 8 Recap & Review

Welcome to the Defence Force

Episode 8 of Kaiju No. 8 begins with Hoshina fighting Kafka. Kafka is amazed by Hoshina’s exceptional fighting skills. Meanwhile, Hoshina questions Kafka’s Fortitude level and wonders why this fight’s bothering him. Remember, Hoshina isn’t aware that Kaiju No. 8 (Kafka’s kaiju name) is Kafka himself. Fortunately, Kafka deflects Hoshina’s attack and escapes. 

Later, Hoshina reports to Mina and the others that Kaiju No. 8 escaped. Kafka regroups with Kikoru minutes later and collapses. Kafka apologizes for letting Kaiju No. 9 escape. Kikoru tells Kafka not to worry about either situation and suggests he worry about himself more. Next, Mina confronts Hoshina about his battle with Kaiju No. 8. 

Hoshina argues this kaiju is a Daikaiju but he has a hunch this kaiju isn’t a bloodthirsty one. Mina tells Hoshina they’ll exterminate that kaiju another time. For now, Mina suggests they focus on their current situation. Then, Ikaruga calls Mina and Hoshina. He informs our pair the kaiju that attacked Iharu and Reno was the same humanoid kaiju (Kaiju No. 9) from the selection exam. 

Also, Ikaruga says Kaiju No. 9 has a literal human form. Then, we see Kaiju No. 9 wandering a highway. A bystander yells at him and Kaiju No. 9 devours the man, steals his vehicle, and drives. While driving, Kaiju No. 9 overhears a news broadcast about him, highlighting his actions at previous locations and where his codename, Kaiju No. 9, is properly revealed. 

Nonetheless, Kaiju No. 9 is more concerned about how to kill Kaiju No. 8. For now, Kaiju No. 9 wants to hide so he can adjust to his human body. Next, we see Kafka, Iharu, Reno, and Kikoru discussing Kaiju No. 9 and Kaiju No. 8’s battle. Then, Iharu and Reno arrive at a Defence Force troop party. Kafka says they’re celebrating their first successful mission. 

Then, many chefs arrive at the party with high-class meals because Haruichi organized this party, much to Kafka’s confusion. Kikoru tells Kafka that Haruichi is Izumo Technologies’s (the largest anti-Kaiju arms manufacturer’s) heir. Hoshina kicks off the party and everyone drinks and mingles with each other. Hoshina tells Reno to observe everyone at the party.

The former knows everyone’s mildly upset with their progress during the first mission and seeks improvement. Reno realizes he’s not the only one feeling down about their effort during it and feels less down about himself. While everyone bickers and goofs around, Haruichi meets with Dojima, one of the head chefs. The two discuss Haruichi’s father and the meal Dojima’s team prepared for Haruichi and his allies. 

After that, Hoshina tells Kafka he’s being promoted to an officer role at the Defence Force. This is because Kafka demonstrated admirable feats during the first mission. Everyone congratulates Kafka. Meanwhile, Haruichi’s friend tells him he wants to ensure no one perishes in this group. Later, Kafka visits Mina and she officially promotes him to an officer role. 

Mina tells Kafka that it’ll take him a while to fulfill his promise to her. Kafka vows to do so. Then, Mina tells Kafka that she’ll attend an HQ meeting to discuss Kaiju No. 8 and 9. Mina tells Kafka to discuss paperwork with Hoshina while she’s away and hopes Kafka can meet Hoshina’s expectations. Next, Kafka visits one of the library areas to research. He notices Hoshina training in the small training area. 

Hoshina notices Kafka and tells him he’s preparing a strategy to defeat Kaiju No. 8 when he sees him next time. Kafka vows to help Hoshina to the best of his ability and Hoshina mocks Kafka for his statement. Then, we see several wyvern kaiju flying in the air. The episode closes with a new humanoid kaiju telling the wyvern kaiju to descend to the ground. 

The Episode Review

Once again, Kafka relies on his incredible wit to escape another deadly encounter with an adversary. His battle with Hoshina, while intense, contains some semblance of humor. Although Kafka shows concern for his and Hoshina’s future battle, we’re certain he’ll find a way to avoid a brutal end. That aside, this episode exceptionally identified how humanoid kaijus function in this world.

The way they hide in the shadows and take over other humans’ identities will remind folks of the parasites from Hitoshi Iwaaki’s hit 2014 anime series Parasyte: The Maxim. Kaiju No. 9 in mind, it’s likely the humanoid kaiju controlling the wyverns we see near this episode’s conclusions are in cahoots with him. Unless you’re a manga enthusiast, pinpointing who is stronger than whom will leave many guessing.

At the same time, it’d be stellar for the anime to address where these humanoid kaiju came from, what their organization is like, and other matters concerning them. It’d give the series’s world-building necessary depth. All in all, this was a great episode of Kaiju No. 8. 

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