Kaiju No. 8 – Season 1 Episode 7 Recap & Review

Kaiju No. 9 

Episode 7 of Kaiju No. 8 begins with Kafka’s cleaner buddies observing his and the Defense Corp’s battle with the honju from afar. Then, the men question where the recruit from an episode prior is. Next, this same recruit attacks Iharu with a projectile. This recruit transforms, and Reno and Iharu realize that the same kaiju attacked Kikoru during the selection exam. 

The kaiju vows to capture one of them. Reno tries informing a Platoon Officer of their current situation but can’t get ahold of them. The enemy kaiju explains why and attempts to harm Reno. Reno avoids taking severe damage thanks to advice Kikoru shared with him and Kafka at the restaurant from a previous episode. Reno tells Iharu to leave and call for backup. 

As Iharu flees, he reflects on Hoshina’s words about surpassing one’s combat power. Iharu compares his stagnant growth to Reno’s exceptional development as a Defense Force troop. This convinces Iharu to return to Reno’s side and save him from one of the kaiju’s new attacks. Iharu no longer wants to be a victim, he’d rather be a hero who saves people. 

The kaiju reminds the two that no one can leave this space. If they want to leave Iharu and Reno must defeat this kaiju. The kaiju fatally injures Reno, despite Reno and Iharu putting up a noble and tactical front against him. Meanwhile, Ikaruga tells Hoshina they’ve lost contact with Iharu and Reno. Kikoru arrives and tells Kafka the sentient kaiju (the one Reno and Iharu are fighting) is here. 

Elsewhere, the kaiju continues harming Reno in front of a wounded Iharu. Before the kaiju kills the two, Kafka arrives (in his kaiju form) and punches the kaiju’s head off. Kafka places Reno somewhere safe and Reno’s upset that he wasn’t strong enough to prevent Kafka from relying on his transformation. Nonetheless, Reno prays for Kafka’s safety and hopes he can defeat the kaiju. 

The kaiju reattaches his head and tests one of his projectiles on Kafka. The kaiju plans to go all-out in this battle because he wants to capture Kafka. Kafka pummels the kaiju ruthlessly, much to the kaiju’s shock. Kafka approaches the kaiju’s body and notices the kaiju’s core is exposed now. Suddenly, several Defence Force troops notice Kafka and aim their weapons at him. 

After Kikoru defeats one of the yoju monsters, she recalls Kafka’s plan for tracking Reno and Iharu down. Kafka argues he may be able to sense the kaiju’s location, despite the technical problems occurring on the battlefield. Kafka transforms and tells Kikoru to handle things from here. Then, word goes around that Kaiju No. 8 (Kafka’s kaiju name) is on the battlefield. 

Hoshina tells the others to send a neutralization team after it. Suddenly, the kaiju Kafka seemingly pummeled regenerates and now has intel on how Kafka’s powers work. The kaiju promises to kill Kafka next time and attempts to harm two Defense Force troops. Kafka protects them and the kaiju vanishes. Kafka retreats to an alleyway and Hoshina greets him. 

Hoshina tells everyone that he found Kaiju No. 8. Hoshina unleashes his combat power. The episode closes with Hoshina vowing to exterminate Kaiju No. 8. 

The Episode Review

As soon as Reno and Iharu encountered this enemy kaiju, fans knew the two were in for a world of hurt. Despite putting up a brave and admirable front against him, the kaiju was too difficult for both men to handle. As with other shonen though, Kafka found a way to track our heroes down and give this kaiju a thrashing. Unfortunately, this led to Kafka getting into a dangerous tussle with Hoshina, leaving fans on an interesting cliffhanger.

This episode was another by-the-books showcase from Kaiju No. 8. While it gives audiences neat details on Kafka’s abilities to sense other kaijus and more insight into the enemy kaiju’s powers, it doesn’t offer anything too refreshing. The battle itself was enjoyable, but again, it would’ve been great to see Kafka adjust to and learn about his powers before the selection exams took place. 

Moreover, it’s weird that the enemy kaiju’s name didn’t get dropped in this episode, despite the title itself alluding to him being called Kaiju No. 9. That small nitpick aside, fans will find Kaiju No. 9 intriguing. It’ll make folks wonder what other humanoid-type kaiju reside in this universe. All in all, this was another decent chapter from Kaiju No. 8.

It has its flashy and emotional moments but doesn’t offer anything too grandiose to stand apart from other shonen released today. Nevertheless, we’re optimistic the next honju, yoju, and kaiju affair will bring fans something outstanding.  

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