Kaiju No. 8 – Season 1 Episode 6 Recap & Review

Sagamihara Neutralization Operation At Daybreak

Episode 6 of Kaiju No. 8 begins with Mina asking Okonogi for a status report on the Sagamihara location. Okonogi fills Mina in on everything occurring in that area regarding its evacuation, JSDF, Honju, and Yoju developments. Mina discusses their problematic Honju situation with Hoshina. She suggests they defeat the Honju at Sector Bravo to avoid conflict. 

Mina promises to defeat the Honju alone and wants the sniper team to defeat their enemies who reside on Highway 16. Meanwhile, Hoshina tells Kafka and the others to prepare for their first official kaiju hunting mission. Eventually, Kafka and his allies arrive at Sector E. Kafka is baffled by the Honju’s large size. Next, Hoshina fills several groups in on what’s happening with the Honju and its Yoju offspring. 

He wants to ensure each group accomplishes their task, knows what they’re in for, and puts in their best effort. Reno calls Kafka and Kafka tells Reno that he’s nervous and excited about this mission. Reno hopes they can produce successful results. Next, Kafka’s team heads to their respective location to confront the Yoju. Simultaneously, we see Mina and others getting ready to tackle their part of the mission. 

Kikoru defeats most of the Yoju. Many of Kikoru’s co-workers, including Kafka, are impressed by her skills. Meanwhile, Reno’s team performs exceptionally against their respective Yoju enemies. Reno impresses his rival Iharu with his round-switch strategy. However, Reno argues he’s not strong enough and wants to become stronger so Kafka doesn’t have to rely on transforming. 

Meanwhile, Sector J’s recruits are performing well against the Yoju too. The veteran troops, including Sector J’s leader Nakanoshima, are impressed by their recruits’ actions. While Nakanoshima points out several recruits’ charming looks, she argues the veterans are likely motivating this year’s recruits to perform exceptionally. Simultaneously, Okonogi fills everyone in on several sectors’ progress, leaving Kafka bewildered and upset about his contributions. 

Kafka heads to one of the defeated Yoju and locates the beast’s core. He calls Hoshina and relays details about the Yoju’s core to him. Also, he suggests the weaker officers hit the Yoju from the sides and insists they destroy every Yoju’s reproductive rear organs to prevent them from spawning more. Hoshina praises Kafka and tells Okonogi to relay Kafka’s intel to everyone. 

Kafka tells Hoshina he’ll focus on eradicating the defeated Yoju cores. Meanwhile, Mina fires her large weapon at the Honju and Hoshina tells Kafka to watch Mina. Mina defeats the Honju in three shots, impressing everyone on the battlefield. However, Mina fires another round, despite the Honju plummeting to the ground minutes before. Hoshina approaches Kafka and demonstrates his exceptional close-range combat skills by slaying a Yoju swiftly. 

He tells Kafka about his family’s esteemed history of slaying kaijus. He remarks how the Captain and Vice Captain of the Defense Corps receive weapons tailored to their respective fighting styles. Hoshina tells Kafka to prepare for battle again. Although the Honju’s been defeated, many Yoju start spawning from its body. Although Okonogi tells Hoshina the recruits are tired, Hoshina says this will push them to greater heights if they succeed. 

Hoshina argues Reno and Kikoru have the chance to become captains one day. Then, Iharu and Reno stumble upon a random Monster Sweeper, Inc. worker and question what he’s doing on the battlefield. The worker confirms he loaded the reproductive organs inside most of the Yoju. However, he’s infuriated that someone destroyed them. He turns to Iharu and Reno.

The episode closes with him demanding the two tell him who on the Defence Force uncovered the truth about his ploy. 

The Episode Review

After sitting through some rookie-level tasks since episode 2, episode 6 gives fans a taste of a full-fledged monster mission involving Kafka and his allies. Fans will love seeing many of the major characters receive some admirable screentime in this one. From Mina’s impressive combat power demonstration to Kafka’s wonderful investigative skills, it’s great seeing everyone contribute to this battle in some form. 

This episode demonstrates how important the secondary and background characters are to the Kaiju war effort too. Although some don’t receive names in this episode, it was nice seeing the JSDF workers help the citizens evacuate to safe locations. It shows that you don’t have to be a strong person to prevent people from perishing by perilous threats. 

At the same time, the Honju and Yojus our characters battle are interesting specimens. Unfortunately, the anime doesn’t share incredible lore about the beast, much like other fantasy programs that feature otherworldly creatures. Nevertheless, kaiju fanatics will find these monsters’ designs and abilities somewhat intriguing. In addition to leaving fans off with an interesting cliffhanger, this was an enjoyable chapter of Kaiju No. 8. 

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