Kaiju No. 8 – Season 1 Episode 5 Recap & Review

Joining Up

Episode 5 of Kaiju No. 8 begins with Reno and Kafka’s boss informing them that their new selection test results came in the mail. Next, we transition to a new scene. In this scene, we see Reno, Kikoru, and others praising one another for passing the selection test’s fitness and aptitude exams. Also, they’re currently chatting at the Defense Force’s Induction Ceremony event.

Next, a participant named Iharu greets Reno and questions him about Kafka’s results since he’s not here. Before Reno responds, Mina enters the room and heads to the podium. Another Defence Force personnel member asks Kikoru to head to the main stage and speak on the participants’ behalf. Before she begins, Mina informs Kikoru that the 27 participants in the room will become Defense Force officers.

Mina thanks Kikoru for defeating the honju that was wreaking havoc in episode 4. However, Kikoru feels bad because she knows Kafka’s the one who defeated it. Simultaneously, she questions why Kafka’s not at the induction ceremony. Suddenly, Kafka enters the room, much to everyone’s shock.

In a flashback, Mina and other personnel discuss Kafka’s results during the selection exam. Initially, Kafka scored the lowest during the fitness and aptitude tests and failed. Hoshina chimes in and tells the personnel he wants to take Kafka in despite his low scores. He states why and promises to make Kafka his cadet. Also, Hoshina offers to train Kafka. 

Mina informs the others about Kafka’s status and shares an encouraging speech. Kafka interrupts Mina’s speech, to many folks’ shock. Mina orders Kafka to give her 100 push-ups. Mina departs and Hoshina examines Kafka. Hoshina knows something’s up with Kafka and plans to discover what makes him special. Later, Kafka, Reno, and Kikoru visit a restaurant. There, they discuss Kafka’s kaiju origins and what he should do about his powers.

Kikoru promises to keep Kafka’s powers a secret. However, if he turns out to be an evil kaiju, she’ll exterminate him. Later, we see Reno, Iharu, Kikoru, and the other inducted Defence Force troops participate in combat power training. Then, Hoshina informs everyone to run several laps around the perimeter to finish their training today. 

After Kafka and the others fool around at the bathhouse, Kikoru and other female troop members bump into Mina in the washroom. Kikoru contemplates Mina’s build and questions her about her training. Mina tells Kikoru she’s willing to fill her in on the details. Then, we return to following Kafka and the other male Defense Force troops in the bathhouse. 

The men discuss their aspirations and reasons for wanting to become Defense Force troops. Kafka is surprised that Mina influenced most of them to become Defense Force troops. Then hilarity ensues after Kafka tells the men that Mina and him were childhood friends. After that, Kikoru and some female Defense Force troops notice Kafka and others lying on the floor. 

She learns they’re distressed because they spent too much time in the bathhouse discussing Mina. Then, we receive a montage highlighting all the troops’ lives training and having fun at the Defence Force training grounds. Later, Hoshina stumbles upon Kafka doing research somewhere. Hoshina tells Kafka that he knows what he said to the other troop members at the bathhouse since they record everything that occurs in this facility. 

Kafka tells Hoshina that he wants to fight by Mina’s side and Hoshina interprets that as Kafka stating he wants to steal his Vice Captain role. Kafka confirms Hoshina’s suspicion and places the room’s keys on a table. Hoshina tells Kafka he has two hours to do his research, and after that, he wants him to rest. Before Hoshina leaves, he tells Kafka he’ll prevent him from stealing his spot.

Then, a bell goes off in the facility. The episode closes with Hoshina telling Kafka to prepare for his first mission. 

The Episode Review

After last week’s interesting honju affair, this episode gives audiences chances to breathe. From amusing bathhouse discussions to swift training regimes, this was certainly a “calm before the storm” type of episode. Additionally, this chapter updates audiences on Kafka and Reno’s aptitude and fitness test results. Although our heroes passed those portions, Kafka got the short end of the stick and got stuck in a slightly embarrassing position. 

While some folks will find Kafka’s success convenient, most fans will be glad to see him prevail. Simultaneously, this chapter set up a few rivalries amongst the troops and the higher-ups. Although most are interesting, many will flock toward Kafka’s rivalry with Hoshina and Kikoru’s potential feud with Mina. Despite poking fun at Kafka several times in this chapter, one can tell Hoshina’s slightly concerned about Kafka’s potential. 

Also, it was stellar seeing Kafka outright tell Hoshina he wants Hoshina’s Vice Captain position. While this might be a foolish move on Kafka’s part, it shows that he’s not willing to back down from anyone. It’ll be interesting to see how their relationship develops in the remaining episodes. The same can be said with the possible contention between Kikoru and Mina. 

All in all, this was an interesting chapter of Kaiju No. 8. It wasn’t a magnificent showcase, but it sets fans up for intriguing matters in the future. 

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