Kaiju No. 8 – Season 1 Episode 11 Recap & Review

Kaiju No. 8 Captured

Episode 11 of Kaiju No. 8 begins with Keiji, the Defence Force’s Deputy Director chatting about Kafka with other personnel. They discuss several ideas of how they should use Kafka’s kaiju DNA. However, Isao, the Defence Force’s Director General, and Kikoru’s father insist they have the Third Division hand Kafka over to them. Next, these gentlemen observe Kafka from behind a glass. 

Kafka’s currently imprisoned. While imprisoned, Kafka recalls Kikoru’s words about what the Defence Force higher-ups use the numbered kaiju for. Kikoru says if they capture Kakfa, they’ll likely turn his Kaiju No. 8 parts into weapons. Mina, Hoshina, and several troops arrive to collect Kakfa and bring him to headquarters. Kafka notices his friends standing on the sidelines and wonders if it’s truly over for him. 

Before Kafka enters the aircraft, Reno steps out of line and tells Kafka that he knows he’ll return to the Defence Force to fight by his side. Then, the aircraft closes. Kafka realizes he’s alone with Mina. Mina tells them no cameras are filming them in this area. She shares her honest opinion with Kafka regarding what he did during the Kaiju No. 10 debacle. 

Moreover, Mina tells Kafka she’s gathering evidence to prove Kafka is a human. Mina hopes this will save Kafka and informs him that no one in the Third Division views him negatively. Next, Mina asks Kafka to sit in a specific area. Mina informs Kafka that he’ll be transferred to the Ariake Maritime Base. Kafka stops Mina and asks him if he can still stand by her side. Mina says Kafka can. 

Kafka and Mina depart. Kafka gets contained at the Ariake Maritime Base. Several days pass. Iharu and the others reflect on Kafka’s situation. Some want to save him but another ally informs everyone that the Neutralization Bureau will decide Kafka’s fate. Next, Hoshina and another ally discuss Kafka. Hoshina wants Kafka back for rematch purposes. 

Next, Kikoru visits Isao in his office and asks him not to eliminate Kafka. Isao hands Kikoru a document containing Kafka’s chest X-rays. Kikoru looks at the document and learns Kafka’s growing a core, much like other kaiju she’s fought. Isao argues Kafka is a kaiju and reminds Kikoru that a kaiju killed her mother. Before Kikoru leaves, she tells Isao that she still believes in Kafka. 

While Kafka undergoes more physical exams, Reno and the others report to Mina. Mina tells them they’ll be temporarily transferring them to different divisions. She says they’re doing this because the Tachikawa base was significantly damaged due to the respective numbered kaijus’ rampage. Also, Mina says the higher-ups argue more attacks from other kaiju factions will occur. 

Therefore, Mina and the others will train the most talented rookies from all the divisions. Mina ensures them that this plan was in the works before Kafka’s Kaiju No. 8 identity was unveiled. Reno complies, much to Iharu’s shock.

Later, Aoi meets with Haruichi on a rooftop. Aoi tells Haruichi that he was trying to connect with someone who could help Kafka. Aoi reminds Haruichi that he doesn’t want to lose anyone including Kafka. Afterwards, Isao meets with Kafka and asks one of the workers to release Kafka. Isao shoots Kafka and grabs him seconds later. He places remnants of Kafka’s blood inside a tube. Simultaneously, Isao doesn’t view Kafka as human and says he’ll remain a kaiju in his eyes. 

Kafka stands up and says he’s not a kaiju. Isao has his men give him two mechanical arms. These arms were made from Kaiju No. 2’s parts. Isao battles Kafka. Kafka chooses to partially transform into a kaiju. While he’s battling Isao, Keiji shares some intel with Kikoru about Kaiju No. 2. He says the beast was a prideful one, but they conquered it and turned its body parts into weapons. 

He says Isao’s the only one who can use those specific weapons. Before Isao delivers the final blow, Kafka fully transforms and blocks Isao’s assault. However, Kikoru, Kafka, and the others realize something’s off about Kafka. Kafka learns he’s no longer in control of his body. Then, the small kaiju that infected Kafka from episode one chats with Kafka. 

He demands Kafka to kill Isao. Kikoru pleads with Kafka to prove that he’s a human to Isao. The episode ends with Kafka rushing toward Isao. 

The Episode Review

Kaiju No. 8 delivers an interesting episode for fans to watch this week. In it, our hero finds himself imprisoned and undergoes multiple exams before enduring a one-on-one brawl with Isao. The battle is visually intense, and Kafka’s rage boost near the end will certainly excite fans for next week’s developments. At the same time, this chapter shows that everyone still views Kafka highly. 

From Reno to Mina, no one wants to see Kafka perish. Although some, like Hoshina, want Kafka to return for selfish reasons, it’s great knowing his Defence Force allies still view him in a bright light. In other news, this episode delivers some decent lore about Kaiju No. 2. It’s nothing too extreme but a great step in the right direction. 

While the kaiju enemy designs we’ve seen (so far) are appealing, many fans clamored for lore on these beasts. Therefore, it would be wonderful if Kaiju No. 8 delved into their monsters’ origins more, giving fans more insight into them, their habitats, and other things.

Next to monsters, the story delves into Isao’s monster-themed weapons to fine effect, too. This detail will remind folks of the monster-bashing and item-making endeavors of Capcom’s Monster Hunter gaming franchise. All in all, this was a fun and interesting chapter of Kaiju No. 8.  

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