Kagurabachi Chapter 40 Recap & Review

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Chapter 40 of Kagurabachi begins where we left off in Chapter 39 with Kyora telling everyone at the Rakuzaichi Auction Event that matters will proceed. Meanwhile, Chihiro attacks the grounded pit that Kyora created inside the storehouse. Then, we cut away to a flashback. In it, Shiba and Chihiro discuss the Shinuchi Enchanted Blade (Shinuchi) and why the Hishaku put it up for auction.

Shiba believes the Hishaku did that because they wanted the Kamunabi to bid for it. He says the Hishaku must murder the blade’s owner to use them.  However, Shiba knows the Kamunabi hid the Shinuchi’s sword master somewhere in Japan. Shiba argues the Hishaku want to break through the current deadlock. Moreover, Shiba says if the Kamunabi got their hands on the Shinuchi, the Kamunabi would argue over what they should do with it. 

Overall, Shiba says the Hishaku want to develop a distraction plan to kill the Shinuchi’s sword master. Then, Chihiro recalls his father’s remarks about the Shinuchi. We learn through his discussion with his father and Shiba why the Shinuchi was placed inside a box. The Shinuchi was placed inside the box to contain its unique ability to overpower an eternal contract.

Shiba says to break the seal on the Shinuchi’s box, one must seek bio-authentication from three specific Kamunabi members. Simultaneously, Shiba argues there may be an alternate way to break the seal. He offers another reason why the Hishaku put it up for auction and says it could be because they want to shift the status quo. Unfortunately, Chihiro spots the Shinuchi’s box and realizes it’s been opened. 

Then, we cut away to the Hishaku leader chatting with a fellow member. The former reveals it took him 3 years to open the box. He isn’t concerned if Kyora uses the blade. The Hishaku leader plans to use Kyora as a guinea pig to see what happens when someone uses an Enchanted Blade while its master is alive. We cut away to Kyora standing in front of Chihiro with the Shinuchi at his side.

The Shinuchi’s master, who appears in an undisclosed location, uses “Magatsumi” causing a dark sphere to appear underneath Kyora. A dark butterfly forms behind Kyora. Kyora’s thrilled he can command the “tip” of the Shunichi’s power. He attacks Chihiro with his weapon. Chihiro’s wondering what’s going on. Hakuri knows he and Chihiro are at their limit. 

The chapter ends with Hiyuki arriving and asking Hakuri to update her on their situation. 

The Chapter Review

Kagurabachi Chapter 40 gives audiences a look into the Hishaku’s goals, an update on Chihiro and Hakuri’s battle with Kyora, and more lore surrounding the Enchanted Blades. First, it’s nice to receive more glimpses of the Hishaku leader and his group’s plans concerning the Enchanted Blades. When we were first introduced to the Hishaku leader, many questioned if he was bluffing about his role. 

However, as more chapters were released, we learned this individual wasn’t someone to mock or belittle. This chapter supports that notion as it shows that the Hishaku leader is someone who likes to work carefully and strategically behind the scenes.

Additionally, it was nice seeing Shiba and Hiyuki pop up in this chapter. Many wondered what became of them. Hopefully, future chapters can explain what Hiyuki was doing behind the scenes. Simultaneously, it’d be great if the series’s author gave Shiba something admirable to do since we’re certain Hinao, Char, and their ally will be helping the prisoners escape.

The lore of the Enchanted Blades was fascinating. From the eternal contracts to the phenomenon that happened with Kyora’s character, it’s great knowing there’s more to these swords than meets the eye. It helps them stand out from other weapons you’d find in most Shonen series of the past and present.

All in all, this was a fun and informative chapter of Kagurabachi.  

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