Kagurabachi Chapter 39 Recap & Review


Chapter 39 of Kagurabachi begins with several people resting outside the Rakuzaichi Auction Event building. We speculate these folks are the prisoners Kyora had imprisoned inside his storehouse. Nevertheless, Hinao, Char, and Inazuma spot the former prisoners from afar. Char asks Inazuma if his sister is present amongst those former prisoners.

Then, we return to the battle between Kyora, Chihiro, and Hakuri. Kyora can’t believe his opponents are wasting their effort saving the prisoners. He mentions that this is causing Hakuri great pain and if Hakuri proceeds things will only get worse for him.

Kyora discusses how the Sazanami Clan has protected the Rakuzaichi Auction Event for many generations. He states how unveiling the Enchanted Blades will help the event reach its peak.

While many audience members shout with excitement, two Kamunabi members discuss several things while sitting in the audience. They know the items and people on stage aren’t real. Also, the Kamunabi members’ question what happened to Hiyuki. One of them wonders if Kyora’s fighting someone elsewhere.

Then, we return to the battle between Kyora and Chihiro. Kyora states he doesn’t care for Tenri’s demise. Also, Kyora says he doesn’t care if he meets Chihiro’s father-figure criteria. Kyora only views himself as the Sazanami Family Clan’s head. Then, the actual battle continues. Kyora uses his storehouse manipulation abilities to thwart Chihiro’s efforts.

Chihiro knows he can’t count on Hakuri to help him. He says Hakuri used most of his strength to transport people and items out of Kyora’s storehouse. Fortunately, Hakuri comes through for Chihiro, allowing him to pull off a mirage trick to fool Kyora. With this trick, Chihiro slashes Kyora. Kyora has a hunch he may lose, so he hides underground and plans to return to the Rakuzaichi Auction Event.

Then, we return to following the Kamunabi members from earlier. The members discuss the Enchanted Blades and their eternal contract restrictions. Then, we learn Kyora took the Shinuchi Enchanted Blade with him underground. The chapter closes with Kyora planning to use this weapon against Chihiro. 

The Chapter Review

Hakuri deserves a nice reward after this battle with Kyora concludes. He’s done a lot in this arc from defeating Soya to helping Chihiro fight Kyora. However, when fans think this boy’s down for the count, he miraculously finds a way to put in the extra effort. All that said, it was great seeing Hinao, Char, and Inazuma appear again in the narrative. 

Although they don’t contribute much, it’s nice seeing these side characters appear again. Hopefully, Takeru Hokazono, the series’s author, has Char and Hinao escort the prisoners away from the Rakuzaichi Auction Event via their vehicle. It’d at least give their characters something noteworthy to do in this arc.

While Hakuri’s efforts in this one were great, some may argue that most of his achievements feel questionable. For him to pull off all these miraculous accomplishments feels off, especially considering the amount of tricks he’s pulled off before and during Chihiro’s battle with Kyora.

Additionally, we hope Kyora has more tricks up his sleeve. Considering how cunning he is, one would think this arc’s big bad would be a lot more formidable than the other antagonists we’ve seen in this arc. That aside, the artwork’s still impressive and the action sequences were great.

Overall, this was a fun chapter of Kagurabachi. It gives fans some interesting news on the Enchanted Blades, small appearances from side characters, and an intriguing set-up for this battle’s future events. 

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