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Chapter 38 of Kagurabachi begins with Chihiro and Kyora having a stand-off in the latter’s storehouse. Then, we enter a flashback that’s set seconds before their stand-off. In it, Hakuri tells Chihiro that Kyora’s already in the storehouse. He says the man on stage is a video image of Kyora that Kyora crafted. Chihiro learns Kyora created this video image via magic.

Hakuri tells Chihiro he registered him, which means Chihiro can enter Kyora’s storehouse. The narrator explains what registration means regarding the Sazanami family’s sorcery and how it relates to Chihiro and Enten’s current situation. Chihiro asks Hakuri what’ll happen to Kyora’s storehouse if he kills him there.

Hakuri theorizes the storehouse should remain unaffected even if Kyora dies. Additionally, Chihiro insists Hakuri become the storehouse’s manager after Chihiro murders Kyora. Moreover, Chihiro asks Hakuri to send him to the storehouse so he can complete that murderous task. Back to the battle, Kyora’s upset that Chihiro reclaimed Enten.

However, Kyora remains unfazed, much to Chihiro’s surprise. Kyora says he’s fine with any result and will do anything to protect the Rakuzaichi Auction Event. After Chihiro scolds Kyora for not having faith in Hakuri, they clash. Kyora starts moving things around in the storehouse. He knows he can’t win in a normal fight against Chihiro’s Enchanted Blade.

However, Kyora’s confident he can kill Chihiro inside his storehouse. Kyora sends many landscape-like projectiles Chihiro’s way and imbues some of them with grenades. Chihiro dodges everything and Kyora compliments our hero on his speed. Chihiro finds himself in the middle of multiple grenades and slashes them in half.

Kyora questions Chihiro’s actions and Hakuri transports those grenades to the Rakuzaichi Auction Event. Hakuri says as long as items are connected indirectly to Chihiro he can teleport them out of the storehouse. Kyora mocks Chihiro and Hakuri for their strategy since they barely hurt him. Then, Kyora notices most of his storehouse items are gone.

Kyora realizes Chihiro used his spirit energy fish to imbue Kyora’s merchandise in Chihiro’s spirit energy. Remember, this allows Hakuri to teleport those items out of Kyora’s storehouse. Most attendees flee the auction out of fear. Kyora tells them to stay and unveils the Shinuchi Enchanted Blade to everyone to entice them to stay.

Also, Kyora vows to defeat Chihiro and Hakuri because he’s not happy with what they did. The chapter closes with Hakuri and Chihiro plotting to speed things up. 

The Chapter Review

Kagurabachi Chapter 38 gives fans more developments on Chihiro and Hakuri’s battle with Kyora. As such, this chapter demonstrates how useful and far Hakuri has come as a character. From defeating Soya in a previous outing to helping Chihiro outwit his father, many fans hope this ally will become a main cast member in this tale. Hopefully, that’ll be the case once this story arc concludes. 

Additionally, this chapter contained some interesting lore about Kyora’s storehouse. Although the registration principles were tough to grasp initially, the chapter wonderfully shows audiences what that entails in its follow-up material. Moreover, the panels involving Hakuri performing his teleportation tricks looked visually appealing. 

It’ll remind folks of those explosive action sequences they’d see in an intense action flick. At the same time, Chihiro’s battle with Kyora contained some interesting developments. From Kyora imbuing landscapes with grenades to Chihiro’s incredible dodge tactics, fans will certainly feel the intensity of their fight oozing off each page. 

Overall, this was a fun chapter of Kagurabachi. It gives Hakuri more time to shine, updates audiences on the storehouse’s mechanics, and gives them a thrilling fight between Hakuri, Chihiro, and Kyora. While it has information-heavy and questionable moments, fans will find this chapter’s material satisfying. 

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