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Chapter 37 of Kagurabachi begins with Chihiro, Hakuri, and Shiba entering the door the Tou members were guarding. Shiba praises Hakuri for his actions and congratulates him for having two different abilities. Chihiro tells Hakuri why he didn’t want to get involved in Hakuri’s dilemma. Essentially, Chihiro didn’t want to weaken Hakuri’s morale.

Meanwhile, Tenri’s friend informs another Tou member that they must stop Chihiro and the others. He wants to prevent Chihiro and the others from entering Kyora’s storehouse. Our heroes arrive at the building that will lead them to the storehouse’s door. Before they use the door, Hakuri tells Shiba and Chihiro that he and his father’s storehouses are likely different. 

Once our heroes open the door, they notice the storehouse’s door is shattered. Tenri’s friends are just as confused as Chihiro and the others. Kyora shares his thoughts about the situation from an undisclosed location. He says he needed the Tou members to protect a broken door to reveal Chihiro and Shiba’s hand to him. 

Tenri’s allies plan to carry out their elimination mission regardless. Shiba insists Chihiro and Hakuri retreat. Chihiro’s unsure about that while Hakuri asks Shiba for help with something. Then, we cut away to the Rakuzaichi Auction Event. There, Kyora shows off a new item and Hakuri arrives seconds later with his white eyepiece on.

Kyora questions if Hakuri discovered the truth about their storehouse abilities. Essentially, Kyora says while he and Hakuri control separate spaces, Hakuri and Kyora can open their respective storehouse’s doors. Hakuri tells Kyora he wants to abandon him. At the same time, Hakuri seeks praise from Kyora. Suddenly, Chihiro arrives.

Hakuri tells Chihiro he can’t do much with the items inside Kyora’s storehouse. However, Hakuri says he can send items from their side to Kyora’s storehouse. That said, Hakuri helps Chihiro infiltrate the storehouse. Chihiro tries grabbing Enten (his Enchanted Blade) but Kyora configures his space in an attempt to stop him. 

Chihiro uses Cloud Gouger to counter Kyora’s assault. Kyora joins Chihiro in his storehouse and Chihiro reclaims Enten. The chapter ends with Chihiro promising to slay Kyora’s father. 

The Chapter Review

It’s “too little too late” as far as Kyora’s concerned. Although it’s nice for him to admit that he downplayed Hakuri’s potential, Kyora’s still a slimeball who deserves the thrashing Chihiro has planned for him. At the same time, many fans will side with Hakuri’s desire for Chihiro to end his father’s existence. From putting Tenri in harm’s way to the amount of abuse Hakuri sustained from his family, it makes perfect sense for Hakuri to root for Kyora’s end. 

At the same time, Kyora’s certainly a villain Chihiro shouldn’t underestimate. Kyora is known for being a cunning individual. Additionally, Kyora’s storehouse could have items and beings that will help Kyora overwhelm our hero during this fight. That said, fans will appreciate Takeru Hokazono’s decision to set this story arc’s proposed final battle at this location.

There are many ways Hokazono can make this fight feel creative, entertaining, and unpredictable. While this chapter was an interesting one, some may argue it was a bit confusing to follow. Some instances and meet-ups felt slightly jarring and will leave audiences with more questions than expected. Besides those issues, this was a fun Kagurabachi chapter. 

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