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Chapter 36 of Kagurabachi begins with a flashback involving Hakuri, Chihiro, and Shiba. Shiba gives Hakuri a lecture on the stages of becoming a sorcerer. He brings up topics regarding spirit energy, the human body, and how someone can understand the principles behind spirit energy once they’ve unleashed it. Shiba tells Hakuri he’ll likely produce “Isou” due to Hakuri’s lineage. 

Therefore, Shiba says Hakuri can learn to wield his spirit energy with practice. We return to battle between Hakuri and Soya. Soya realizes the tools he used to bully Hakuri with are popping up on the battlefield. Hakuri realizes he not only has Isou in him but another power too. Soya realizes Hakuri’s inherited a version of Kyora’s Storehouse ability. 

We cut away to a new flashback. In it, Kyora tells Soya that he’ll receive the Storehouse ability. Kyora says Soya will lose access to Isou unless he’s a genius like the Sazanami Family’s first patriarch. Kyora says the first patriarch could control Storehouse and Isou. Kyora tells Soya that one must obtain Storehouse via a ceremonial ritual and not by blood. 

Kyora argues Soya will obtain Storehouse while Tenri will be the warrior he can depend on. As for Hakuri, Kyora deems a failure and insists Soya pay him no mind. In the present, Hakuri rises with the same Storehouse eyepiece Kyora occasionally wears. Soya strikes at Hakuri and questions how he obtained this power. 

While both brothers clash, Hakuri recalls his moments with GWIS. While the two bicker with each other, the narrator says Hakuri couldn’t wield Isou properly because he was unconsciously using his spirit energy to manage his storehouse. Now that Hakuri’s aware of that, the narrator says Hakuri can unleash and focus on using his spirit energy to use Isou effectively. 

Hakuri uses Isou on Soya and seemingly knocks Soya out. Then, we return to Tenri’s fight with Chihiro. Although Tenri gives it his best, his Datenseki time limit expires, causing him to blow up. Hakuri returns to Chihiro’s side and the chapter closes with them planning to enter the guarded door and end the Rakuzaichi Auction Event. 

The Chapter Review

After the touching backstory between Hakuri and GWIS, this chapter chose to wrap up our heroes’ battles with the Tou. The artwork was spot-on and carries moments that’ll send chills down folks’ spines. From Hakuri bearing the Sazanami Clan’s storehouse eyepiece to Tenri blowing up, Takeru Hokazono continues giving his audience beautiful yet chilling imagery to gander at every week. 

At the same time, some folks may not adore the writing in this one. That said, Kyora’s line about the first patriarch obtaining Storehouse via a ceremony will leave fans questioning how Hakuri obtained his version of Storehouse. Simultaneously, it’ll make viewers wonder if their storehouses are connected or are entirely different supernatural facilities. 

More context would be appreciated on this front. Similarly, Tenri’s demise felt rushed and convenient, giving fans a swift end to this brother’s battle with Chihiro. Although seeing Chihiro ponder Tenri’s fatherly remarks holds meaning given what Chihiro’s been through, many may fear future villainous fights won’t receive outstanding results. This was a complaint some fans had with Sojo’s departure in the narrative early on too. 

Hopefully, our heroes’ inevitable battle with Kyora gives readers an exceptional viewing experience. Overall, this was a fine chapter of Kagurabachi. It has its questionable moments but showers readers with enough interesting Sazanami Clan lore, flavorful action, and suspenseful developments to keep them onboard. 

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