Kagurabachi Chapter 34 Recap & Review


Chapter 34 of Kagurabachi begins with a flashback involving Soya, Tenri, Kyora, and Hakuri. The four attend Sora Sazanami’s (Kyora’s father’s) funeral. Then, Kyora tells his sons that they must uphold Sora’s duties. Then, Kyora rambles about the power he attained from the first head of the Sazanami Clan. Kyora says the first head’s power gives certain Sazanami Family members access to the family’s storehouse.

He promises to pass this power to one of his sons and notes how his mask symbolizes the storehouse’s guardian. Kyora tells Tenri, Hakuri, and Soya that he loves them and ensures Sora feels the same. Then, we return to the battle between Hakuri, Chihiro, and Soya. Hakuri tells Chihiro to regroup with Shiba and leave Soya to him.

Then, we return to Shiba’s battle with Tenri and his ally. Tenri’s ally argues if they can overwhelm Shiba, they can win. Before Tenri attacks Shiba, Chihiro arrives and protects Shiba. Chihiro tells Shiba Cloud Gouger will be a useless weapon against Tenri and his ally since he used it a lot. Then, Shiba tells Chihiro that Tenri used Sojo’s Datenseki device to give himself a power boost. Tenri says he had no choice but to use the Datenseki.

After Chihiro ponders Tenri’s remarks, Chihiro plans to give Tenri an honorable demise. The chapter closes with Hakuri fighting Soya. 

The Chapter Review

Next week’s chapter is gearing fans for an exciting rematch between Hakuri and Soya and a 2 vs. 2 outing between Shiba, Chihiro, and the remaining Tou members. All that said, this chapter gave fans some interesting insight into Kyora’s family’s history regarding Sora and the first head. This brief speckle of data gives our villains minor depth and showcases why Tenri’s willing to go all out for Kyora. 

Yet, as all shonen works go, it’s likely Chihiro and Shiba will utilize clever team-based tactics to overcome this new power Tenri’s attained. As for how they’ll triumph over this formidable enemy begs to be seen though.

At the same time, we’re hopeful Hakuri will put his brother down for good this time. While Chihiro’s interference gave Hakuri a notable victory, fans are optimistic Hakuri can defeat him with his might alone. Otherwise, it’d make his righteous remarks from this chapter and previous ones, worthless.

By and large, this was another enjoyable release from Kagurabachi. While the series started as “meme bait” it’s slowly finding its footing and making a decent name for itself. Let’s hope the writing continues down that path. 

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