Kagurabachi Chapter 33 Recap & Review

Defend to the Death 

Chapter 33 of Kagurabachi begins with Chihiro telling Hakuri they should head to the storehouse’s entrance. He confirms he didn’t defeat the Hishaku leader. Next, Hiyuki asks the leader if he wants her to comfort him. The leader says he had fun with Chihiro and says that he’s Kyora’s problem now. The leader departs via a technique, leaving Hiyuki with a group of men in cahoots with the Sazanami Family.

Hiyuki says these men aren’t part of the Tou group but she plans to defeat them. In a flashback, we see Kyora speaking with Hakuri and his relative Tenri at the Rakuzaichi Auction Event site. He tells them they’re special and why they’re special. Then, we see Shishiba towering over what appears to be Tenri, who is much older and a Tou member.

One of the other Tou members wants to tell Shishiba how to open the storehouse’s door because Shishiba’s too strong. However, Tenri objects and we receive a flashback of the Sazanami Family praising him for his achievements, unlike Hakuri. As Tenri crawls toward Shishiba, we receive another flashback involving the leader and Kyora.

The leader hands Kyora Sojo’s precious weapon that allows one to command the Datenseki, a power that rivals the Enchanted Blades. In the present, Sojo’s weapon is in front of Tenri and he recalls Kyora informing him about its temporary effects. Before Tenri uses it, his Tou member companion tells him not to use it.

Tenri refuses to comply and uses Sojo’s weapon to gain a power-up. Chihiro senses danger nearby but Soya awakens. Before Chihiro fights Soya, Hakuri suggests Chihiro leave Soya to him. Also, Hakuri wants Chihiro to regroup with Shishiba. The chapter closes with Hakuri unleashing his true power and getting ready to fight Soya. 

The Chapter Review

Although the Hishaku leader’s role in this arc came and went like a breeze in the wind, many may wonder what other truths he’s hiding from Chihiro. That said, it’s unfortunate that he fled the scene this soon. Much like other shonen tales with commendable villains, we’re certain this “leader” will pop up in a future arc and share more details with Chihiro about his organization. 

At the same time, this chapter gives readers insight into other Tou members, which is great. Although the chapter didn’t delve much into Tenri’s background, the chapter’s flashback sequences included neat details about Tenri’s relationship with Kyora. It also threw Sojo fans a bone. Moreover, it’ll be interesting to see how formidable Tenri will be as Shishiba’s opponent now and what after-effects he’ll sustain since he moved forward with using this “weapon.” 

Simultaneously, some fans will be upset at how the series’s author (Takeru Hokazono) handled Shishiba’s battle with the Tou since we didn’t see how the initial fight unfolded. Also, the fact that Sojo’s weapon happens to be present on the battlefield after their initial confrontation feels mildly convenient. Nevertheless, the next chapter sets up two interesting fights to observe. Let’s hope Hokazono lets readers see how each fight plays out. 

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