Jurassic World: Camp Cretaceous – Season 1 Finale/Ending Review

Last Day Of Camp

Ben clings on for dear life as Darius slips and struggles. The season 1 finale of Camp Cretaceous wastes little time ramping up the tension.

As Ben’s finger slip, he falls down and lands in the woods. The rest of the kids watch on in shock as their friend disappears from sight.

Only, when the monorail suddenly turns around Darius realizes the switched track last time out is now heading North. With no other choice, the kids jump.

After landing on the ground, the kids hear the echoing tannoy voice confirming the ferry is departing in 60 minutes. Unfortunately this means leaving Ben and Bumpy behind. After a tough choice, they head for the dock.

In order to find a shortcut, they descend down the maintenance shaft into the ominously lit tunnels below. Unfortunately a torosaurus follows them down and a tense game of cat and mouse ensues as the kids try to evade its threat.

Elsewhere, Roxie and Dave head for the docks after noticing the monorail operating. When they get there, they realize the kids are still in the jungle.

Desperate to find them, the duo decide to head back into the park… until they’re stopped by the ferry marshal who bundles them on the ferry.

Deep underground, Darius and the others head round the corner but find a locked door and no way out. Losing his confidence, Darius bemoans his luck until the other kids stick up for him and give some words of encouragement.

Darius eventually focuses and the group start opening crates nearby looking for something to use. Thankfully they find a whole stack of pressurized cannisters, which they light up as a distraction. Unfortunately things don’t go to plan and fire starts burning all around them.

Eventually they thwart the toro threat and blow a hole through the wall to freedom. Scrambling free, the kids race down to the docks…and find everyone gone. This doesn’t dampen their spirits though and the group vow to make it to safety no matter what.

Meanwhile, Bumpy finds a battered and bruised Ben on the floor. As his hand starts moving, it seems like he’s alive after all.

The Episode Review

One final showdown does well to top off this action-packed series. However, the show leaves us with lots of unanswered questions. What happened with Sammy and being the spy? What’s going on with the rival company Mantah Cor? And how will the kids be rescued now?

The series is obviously a far cry from the fantastic 1993 film but does do well to change the target demographic from adults to kids. There’s a lot of fun to be had from this one and the characters are certainly relatable enough for children to root for them

There’s lots of potential for an action-packed second season to follow and given how many people appear to have seen this one through to the end, there’s a good chance it’ll be greenlit.

Until then though, Camp Cretaceous may have ended but there’s certainly plenty more story left in this one.

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