Jupiter’s Legacy – Season 1 Episode 7 Recap & Review

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Omnes Pro Uno

Episode 7 of Jupiter’s Legacy Season 1 begins with our heroes gathered together a the Union, preparing for Walt to dive into Blackstar’s mind. However, Grace believes they should invite contract killer Raikou into the crew, especially as she happens to be a psychic.

It inevitably falls to Walter to find her. Why? Well, Raikou happens to be Walt’s daughter! There’s no love lost between them though and he’s forced to cough up a fee of 1 million a day (plus expenses) to draft her in to help.

However, Sheldon isn’t happy with Grace’s decision. As they talk about the code, Grace tells him it’s broken and the young generation are becoming increasingly disillusioned. She wants Sheldon to talk to them and remember what happened on the island for them to gain their powers.

Meanwhile, Chloe and Brandon get talking, with them both mourning the loss of Ghost Beam. When she leaves, Petra shows up and talks to Brandon, telling him she doesn’t believe in the Code and she wants to leave. However, Brandon ironically speaks the same mantra his Father did to him, seemingly convincing her otherwise.

Back at the Union, Raikou and Walt both use their powers together. In doing so though, Walt’s mind is connected to this Blackstar clone. What could be lying in wait inside?

During our 1932 flashbacks, Sheldon prepares for the trip onto the island. Richard’s arrival onboard sparks interest from Sheldon, who convinces him to tag along. According to the captain, the group have three days to figure out what’s going on, and if they miss the cut-off point then they’ll be stuck there. No pressure then!

Anyway, the group press on and find trees with carvings on them matching the diagrams that Sheldon has been drawing. With a desert stretching on before them, Walt starts to exhibit doubts. The pair fall out, eventually coming to blows with George stepping in and stirring things up further.

Well, the group continue to run into issues when the island springs up a number of different obstacles for them to tackle. As they cross a chasm, Walt and Sheldon eventually discuss the company and the issues that have befallen them up until now. There’s a perilous moment where Walt nearly falls, but as we know he survives there’s not really any tension.

Anyway, the group eventually press on but they  come to a dead end. As the ground beneath them starts shaking, the walls rise up leading to infighting with the group.

Light suddenly shines down from above, prompting Grace to stop them all. She realizes that the island is making them fight with each other – as she looks over the skeletal remains of six warriors on the floor.

The group touch the wall together, with Walt, Sheldon and George putting their issues aside for the time being. As they do just that, they touch the wall at the same time revealing a brilliant, shining light.

The group head inside and appear on a strange alien planet. An ethereal form then takes shape as Chester and the other parental figures for our heroes, who all confirm that they’ve passed the tests given and that they’re worthy. A brilliant blast of light then spreads across the island, as our six original heroes touch down.

The Episode Review

Jupiter’s Legacy certainly has the ingredients to be a great superhero show. It has the promising source material and ideas, but the way it’s been presented in this series has been really questionable.

The back and forth timeline jumps just dl not  work in the context of this show. The whole allure and mystery around the island is essentially solved with the reveal that these six men and women are now superheroes. And yet, we’ve known that since the opening shot of the first episode.

The ensuing result completely dissipates any tension that could have been derived from a more straight forward timeline, or at least motoring through this and condensing it down to the opening two or three episodes.

Instead, what we get is an awkwardly drip-fed story that’s bogged down by this journey back through time. The new generation of heroes and their fight is certainly intriguing but it’s constantly overshadowed by these flashbacks that have now amounted to a big fetch quest.

Hopefully the final episode can deliver a more streamlined experience, and with the flashbacks presumably done for now, the shortened run-time looks like we’re almost certainly going to get the obligatory Netflix cliffhanger!

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