Jun & Jun – K-drama Episode 8 Recap, Review & Ending Explained

The Man I Like 

Jun & Jun episode 8 starts with Hyun-jae trying to calm Chim-on down. He motivates him to remain professional and not take his anger out on Lee-jun. Chim-on goes back to the photo shoot set and aces the concept.  The staff cannot decide whose photo to use between Chim-on and Choi-jun. In the end, Choi-jun asks the team to confer with Lee-jun for the final decision. Hyun-jae realizes that Choi-jun is making it obvious that he is seeing Lee-jun and wishes them well. 

What happens after the successful shoot?

Choi-jun invites the staff to have a meal in celebration. They are also celebrating the interns as they have only one week left before their internship ends. The staff are happy to hear they will be having a farewell party. They head out for meals and drinks but wrap up fairly quickly.

At the farewell party, Hyun-jae asks Lee-jun if he has something to say. Lee-jun thanks him for always supporting him. He says he is all grown up thanks to Hyun-jae’s help. Lee-jun is about to tell Hyun-jae something else, but the latter cuts him off. Hyun-jae says he is okay with being an elder brother to Lee-jun. He is happy to see him in a better place now. It has been his dream since he was his manager.

What happens after the farewell party?

Lee-jun and Choi-jun head home together and make out. They start exclusively dating, and some staff members wonder what is happening between them. 

Hyeong is supportive of the two and wishes them all the best. She manages to sneak one last tease by giving Lee-jun a whole box of condoms. Lee-jun innocently accepts the present without knowing what is in the box.

Does Lee-jun become a permanent employee?

Yes, our cutie gets the job and is super happy and proud. The other interns also earn a spot on the team and vow to work hard. 

How does Jun & Jun end?

Hyun-jae and Chim-on get close again, and they seem like great friends. They both feel sad they got dumped without even being given a chance but are happy for Lee-jun. It seems there is a chance for them to be more than friends. 

The show ends happily as Lee-jun and Choi-jun continue to enjoy their relationship. Finally, Lee-jun opens Hyeong’s gift, and he is initially shy. Choi Jun uses this opportunity to get Lee-jun’s consent, and they make love. 

The Episode Review

Jun & Jun couldn’t be more frustrating if it tried! The show lost the plot right from episode one and simply gave us nothing to work with. We still don’t know what happened in the past. Why did Choi-jun wait this long to come back to Lee-jun’s life? Hyeong’s storyline felt like something the writers threw in at the last moment, and it didn’t even bring the conflict they hoped it would. 

Ultimately, the show failed to live up to its expectations. The two main leads never talked through their issues. They simply went from zero to a hundred in the last two episodes. What makes matters worse is they kept adding needless storylines that wasted more time. It would have been better if they focused more on the main leads and building up their story. 

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