Jun & Jun – K-drama Episode 7 Recap & Review

The Man Who Confesses His Love 

Jun & Jun episode 7 starts with Lee-jun kissing Choi-jun and then asking him to get lost. He admits he likes Choi-jun but is scared about what that means. You see, Lee-jun is under the impression that Choi-jun will soon leave the country and marry Hyeong. He is not looking for a heartbreak and figures it is better to cut his losses early in the game. 

However, Choi-jun calmly explains he has no intention of leaving the country or marrying Hyeong. He admits he likes Lee-jun too and asks him for time to explain his situation. Lee-jun is still angry and fails to understand Choi-jun’s decision.

He says he won’t give him time to explain; he still feels like he will be left behind. He confesses that Choi-jun leaving once when they were young hurt him a lot. 

Choi-jun confides and explains that it was not easy for him either. His parents divorced, and he also felt lonely since they chose their respective careers over him. He finally convinces Lee-jun to give him a chance so they can air out their misunderstandings.

The following morning, Lee-jun wakes up and sees a message from Choi-jun asking if he remembers what happened the previous night. Of course, our cute, shy boy is embarrassed. He soon arrives at work, and Choi-jun asks him to tag along for some perfume evaluation. Lee-jun tries to get out of it, but Choi-jun insists it is part of his job.

They evaluate the perfumes, but the conversation steers back to their personal life. Choi-jun thinks Lee-jun is trying to avoid him. Lee-jun says he is working on something, and Choi-jun asks if he can help. He admits he also has something he needs to figure out too. Choi-jun asks Lee-jun to love him again and get close like they were before. 

Lee-jun quickly stops him before he says more, but Choi-jun confesses his feelings. Lee-jun asks him not to explain anymore, but Choi-jun wants to tell him everything. He apologizes for leaving Lee-jun in the dark for so long and agrees to give him time to process how he feels. They return to the job at hand and focus on selecting the next perfume to launch. 

In the meantime, Hyun-jae announces a presentation meeting to discuss the sales plan for their new hair perfume product. They listen to the ideas of the interns, but none of them seems fresh.

Finally, Lee-jun gathers the courage to speak up and share his presentation. Everyone likes his proposal and agrees they should develop his concept. Choi-jun and Hyun-jae are proud of Lee-jun and congratulate him.

Hyun-jae invites him for lunch and tries to confess his feelings but keeps missing his timing. Our clueless Lee-jun gets a call from work and is summoned back to the office. Hyun-jae is sad he didn’t get a chance to confess his feelings. 

Elsewhere, an intern is caught trying to act cool and badmouthing the team leaders. The team leader asks him to change his attitude before it is too late. Later, it is decided that the interns should accompany Choi-jun to the shoot at the studio. They promise to work hard and ensure everything goes smoothly. 

The shoot starts well as Chim-on tries to bring forth the concept. However, Lee-jun feels he is not getting it right. It gets intense as Chim-on is not one to take criticism well. Choi-jun steps in even though Chim-on is not exactly angry.

They take a break, and Chim-on confronts Lee-jun about what he wants. Lee-jun tries to explain he is looking for the boyfriend vibe. Chim-on wonders if he is boyfriend material.

Lee-jun later confides in Choi-jun that it is hard to express what he wants because the boyfriend vibe concept is based on him. Choi-jun is flustered since Lee-jun is basically admitting he sees him as boyfriend material. He agrees to show Chim-on what Lee-jun wants.

Chim-on is pissed when he comes out of his waiting room and sees Lee-jun happy with Choi-jun’s photoshoot.

The Episode Review

Lee-jun says he likes Choi-jun and then pulls back again. It feels like they have this push-and-pull thing going on, and it is frustrating. However, what has us flying in a minor rage is the fact that we get no backup story of their relationship.

What happened in the past? Why did Choi–jun not contact Lee-jun for the past two years since he returned?  Don’t even get us started with the Hyeong situation. These two talk like they have been so close in the past, but we never even get a glimpse of it!

We also don’t know much about Hyun-jae and Chim-on, which is confusing. Somehow, the show keeps progressing forward and expects us to fill in the blanks by ourselves.

We are only one episode to the finale, and we hope everything will be clarified in the last episode. What do you like or find frustrating about the show?

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You can look forward to a full season review when this show ends!

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