Jun & Jun – K-drama Episode 6 Recap & Review

The Approaching Man

Jun & Jun episode 6 starts with Choi-jun talking with the team leaders about the project at the office. Chim-on drops by earlier than scheduled for his lunch with Lee-jun. He brings along Tutor and Yim. (We have no clue why they are here, but we are so happy for the cameo.) 

As Tutor and Yim are escorted to a different room, Chim-on finds Lee-jun. He addresses him as “honey,” causing a stir among the co-workers. As expected, Choi-jun gets jealous and asks Hyun-jae about the relationship between the two. Hyun-jae says they are just ex-colleagues, but he is also jealous.

Meanwhile, Chim-on and Lee-jun enjoy their salad and talk about the contract. Chim-on agrees to join the project, saying he will do anything Lee-jun asks. He continues to flirt with Lee-jun but is turned down. Chim-on starts being curious if someone asked Lee-jun out. Lee-jun swears that no one has asked him such things.  They continue to talk about the project, but Chim-on still flirts with Lee-jun.

Later, Hyun-jae asks to meet Chim-on before leaving. He accuses the model of tarnishing Lee-jun’s reputation with his flirtations. Chim-on is surprised to hear this and gets into a cute argument. Chim-on is still hurt that Hyun-jae quit without informing him. On the other hand, Hyun-jae is adamant they only had a business relationship. Chim-on’s feelings are hurt, and he tries to draw the line with Hyun-jae, but he doesn’t mean it. 

At the office, Choi-jun is not pleased to hear that Chim-on accepted their offer. He pretends to be fine, but he is seething with jealousy. 

In the meantime, Lee-jun gets his first salary and buys Hyun-jae another handkerchief. He is grateful for Hyun-jae’s support and wants to show his appreciation. He is also actively avoiding Choi-jun, making the latter more anxious. Choi-jun gets jealous again after seeing Lee-jun’s gift to Hyun-jae. 

As the day progresses, Hyeong shows up at the office again. This time, she talks to Lee-jun alone. They bond over their frustration with Choi-jun. She assures Lee-jun that her engagement with Choi-jun is an agreement between the elders. She subtly points out that Lee-jun should grab the opportunity when it comes. Sadly, Lee-jun fails to hear her point. 

As expected, the interns continue to gossip about Choi-jun and his engagement. They argue he will leave soon after fixing the Korean branch problems. Lee-jun is pissed to hear this and excuses himself. He sits at the stairwell, thinking of everything Choi-jun and Myeong said to him. The more he thinks about it, the more he hates Choi-jun. Hyun-jae finds him later and invites him for some drinks since it is the end of the day. 

They run into Choi-jun, who is feeling frustrated by the fact that Lee-jun is avoiding him. He feels he should explain everything to Lee-jun. He invites himself to the two men’s outing and starts a drinking competition with Hyun-jae.  Hyun-jae admits he has been in love with Lee-jun for over four years, while Choi-jun confesses he has loved him longer. Hyun-jae is confident he will win Lee-jun’s heart because he was there when things got hard for the former idol. Unfortunately, Lee-jun misses this conversation as he is in the men’s room. He is still acting indifferent towards Choi-jun but sweet to Hyun-jae. 

After Hyun-jae loses the drinking competition, they put him in a cab and send him home. Lee-jun opts to walk home, and Choi-jun follows. He explains he is engaged but does not intend to marry Hyeong. He says he has an agreement with Hyeong to break up if they find someone to date. Lee-jun understands this but still feels it is wrong for Choi-jun to pursue him. He lies he has no feelings for Choi-jun.

Choi-jun argues that he is running away from his feelings. Lee-jun lies that he has no feelings for Choi-jun. The latter holds on to him, refusing to end the conversation. Lee-jun pushes him against the wall and demands to know what he wants from him. Choi-jun is shocked by Lee-jun’s forwardness and poses the same question to him. Choi-jun calls Lee-jun out for lying about his feelings. He says he feels tortured by what Lee-jun is putting him through. 

Lee-jun gives in and kisses Choi-jun. Sadly, he pulls back just as Choi-jun starts kissing him back. He admits he has feelings for the latter but asks him to leave. Choi-jun is confused, and so are we!

The Episode Review

With only two episodes left, we hope the main leads can figure out their feelings for each other. In this episode, we saw the light at the end of the tunnel, but it was snatched out of our hands so quickly. They obviously like each other; they only need to communicate better. Let’s hope Choi-jun stays and clarifies the situation. Otherwise, the next episode will be frustrating since more misunderstandings will continue to fester.

We are also curious about why Choi-jun has never approached Lee-jun since he returned to the country two years ago. There is more to the story there. Hopefully, the last two episodes will shed more light on this time in their life.

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You can look forward to a full season review when this show ends!

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