Jun & Jun – K-drama Episode 5 Recap & Review

A Man Out of Reach

Jun & Jun episode 5 starts with a flashback of how Chim-on met Lee Jun. At the time, Lee Jun was an active idol in a group called J-teens. They met for a photoshoot, and Hyun-jae, the J-teens’ manager, asked him to treat them well. Lee-jun was having a hard time in front of the camera, and Chim-on helped by giving a few pointers. This is how their friendship started.

Even from this flashback, we can see that Hyun-jae was already in love with Lee-jun. He took great care of him as his manager and friend. One of his bandmates was also falling for Lee-jun.

Back in the present, Lee-jun’s fellow interns start gossiping about him after Chim-on’s arrival. They feel jealous that he is close to Chim-on and can convince him to sign a modelling contract with them. They argue that he is a bit of a kiss-ass, and it makes them uncomfortable. They find it strange that he is close to both Choi-jun and Hyun-jae. Hyun-jae overhears this conversation but says nothing. 

Lee-jun tries to talk to Chim-on about the contract. However, Chim-on keeps flirting and our clueless Lee-jun continues to be professional. It is doubtful that he is unaware of Chim-on’s feelings. He is most probably thinking about the best time to turn him down.  The two managers beg Lee-jun to convince Chim-on to accept their offer. 

At the group meeting,  Choi-jun seems mad at Lee-jun. Later, Lee-jun has problems with how to write some material but his fellow interns are unwilling to help. Choi-jun offers to help but all this was his plan. He wanted to spend some time with Lee-jun, so he asked the team manager to give Lee-jun extra work. He didn’t want Lee-jun to be free to meet Chim-on later that night. 

During this time, he stays behind to help Lee-jun. Choi-jun is curious about his relationship with Chim-on but Lee-jun finds the question strange. He doesn’t answer and instead questions how Choi-jun became a general manager at such a young age. Choi-jun admits he is the son of the president. 

Choi Jun doesn’t give up on his question, prompting Lee-jun to explain that he used to be an idol. He says he met Chim-on through work. Choi-jun acts like he didn’t know Lee-jun was an idol, while Lee-jun assumes this means that Choi-jun was never curious about him. However, Choi-jun quickly clarifies that he is special to him. Lee-jun asks him to stop joking as it is tempting. 

Unfortunately, they are interrupted by Hyeong, who has brought snacks. Choi-jun is not pleased to see but still welcomes her. They share snacks and casually talk about Hyeong’s family history. It turns out she is the daughter of one of the company’s council members.  Of course, Hyeong keeps saying the wrong thing and Choi-jun warns her to be careful. Lee-jun notes how close the two are and starts to feel jealous.

The truth is that Hyeong is trying to play cupid between the two men, but her tactics are wanting. After she falls asleep, Lee-jun and Choi-jun remain behind to finish their task. Choi-jun finishes first but opts to wait for Lee-jun. They talk more and Lee-jun learns that Choi-jun has been back for two years.

Choi-jun admits he is engaged to Hyeong, and the news shocks Lee-jun. He gets angry and leaves. Choi-jun tries to explain things to him but Hyeong wakes up. He is forced to take care of her instead of chasing after Lee-jun

In the meantime, Hyun-jae is still at the office waiting for Lee-jun.  He finally sees Lee-jun leave and hurries up to him. Lee-jun is angry about Choi-jun’s engagement and says he feels like a failure. Hyun-jae encourages him to keep fighting. Lee-jun also admits he feels he is no match for the competent Choi-jun but Hyun-jae tries to make him remain objective. 

He questions if Lee-jun is aware of the people in his life who love him. Lee-jun laughs, saying Hyun-jae is trying to be romantic; he answers that he doesn’t know if someone loves him. Hyun-jae doesn’t confess his feelings but says a lot of people love Lee-jun. 

Lee-jun heads home and can’t stop thinking about Choi-jun. Seeing the shirt, Choi-jun lent him makes it even worse. As he struggles to keep it together, he gets a call from Chim-on asking to meet the next day. They plan to meet for lunch, and Chim-on insists they can discuss the contract over the meal. 

After the call, there is a knock at the door. As expected, Choi-jun is there to explain himself to Lee-jun. He, however, cannot bring up the topic and claims he came for his shirt. Lee-jun fetches the shirt for him. Choi-jun gives up and asks Lee-jun to fall in love with him. He is about to explain more but he is kicked out. Lee-jun is adamant they can’t be friends or anything more. He asks Choi-jun to keep his distance moving forward. 

Through a flashback, we learn that Chim-on was hurt when Hyun-jae quit being his manager. He felt betrayed by both Hyun-jae and Lee-jun.

The Episode Review

This episode sheds more light on Hyun-jae and Lee-jun’s relationship. We also see where Chim-on is coming from; he seems like a good guy. Sadly, our main leads are not getting closer. Misunderstandings keep festering between them and it is frustrating to watch.

Lee-jun should have at least given Choi-jun a chance to explain before throwing him out. It is raining men all around Lee-jun but he is too blind to see. This can only mean one thing: he likes Choi-jun. He needs to give the man a chance if he wants to win his heart. Can’t he see those sweet-loving glances Choi-jun gives him?

Hyeong should also learn when to keep her mouth shut. It would be best if she left these two to figure things out on their own. She means well but she should stay in her lane! 

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