Jun & Jun – K-drama Episode 4 Recap & Review

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Jun & Jun episode 4 picks up where we left off with Lee-jun sitting on Choi-jun’s lap and questioning the whole situation. Choi-jun admits that it is hard for both of them and asks Lee-jun to help him. Of course, Lee-jun takes this to mean something else and Choi-jun doesn’t correct him. He only says he finds him cute even when he is being scolded about his request. 

They get ready for work and leave together. As usual, Choi-jun picks up Hyeong, who is surprised to see Lee-jun in the car. She refers to him as Pigeon and Lee-jun is not pleased with the nickname. 

On the way, Choi-jun introduce the two to each other and Hyeon finally understands who Lee-jun is. It turns out that after Choi-jun returned from America, he talked only about Lee-jun. She is excited that the two finally met, and she decides she will refer to Lee-jun as Unnie to differentiate between the two.

Lee-jun hates this new nickname more and says as much but Hyeon doesn’t care. She asks to be dropped off at a different stop near her workplace because she feels like she is intruding. She gives Choi-jun a quick peck, thanks him and alights the car. Lee-jun is shocked to witness this interaction.

They soon get to the office but Lee-jun is distracted by what happened that morning.  He accidentally spills water on his hands and Hyun-jae helps him clean up. Even as Hyun-jae cleans Lee-jun’s hands, all our former idol can see is Choi-jun sexily drying up his hair after a shower. 

Lee-jun confides in Hyun-jae that he is pissed about a friend who asked for a special favour and then proceeded to kiss a woman. He, however, doesn’t tell Hyun-jae that the friend is Choi-jun. Hyun-jae is surprised to hear about the incident and deems it as crossing the line.

Hyun-jae tells him that people have different values, especially when growing up in different countries. He tries to advise Lee-jun not to have any prejudice but the latter is not forgiving and thinks his friend went too far. 

After their discussion, Lee-jun asks Hyun-jae if they are still meeting later but the latter changes his mind. He lies that he forgot he had a date and Lee-jun cluelessly leaves. Hyun-jae realizes that he is in too deep with his feelings for Lee-jun.

Later, Hyeong calls Choi-jun to ask him about his reunion with Lee-jun. She is curious if they are already dating. Choi-jun tells her no and says he realizes some things between him and Lee-jun have changed. He thinks Lee-jun’s eyes are still the same. Their phone call is interrupted though by the Deputy chief manager.

Back to Lee-jun, he is having trouble getting the hang of things. He is trying to ask online but he still doesn’t understand. The deputy chief manager sends him for a coffee run and teases him about being a former idol. Lee-jun takes it all in his stride. The deputy chief manager also cautions him against asking questions on the chat instead of the company’s internal messenger. 

As always, the two other male interns start picking on Lee-jun and the female intern comes to his defense.

During the day, Choi-jun helps Lee-jun with the photocopier and keeps an eye out for him. Later that night, Lee-jun remains behind to work on a proposal. Choi-jun spots him and tries to help but Lee-jun turns him down. Hyun-jae later drops by and brings Lee-jun his favourite cake. Choi-jun also happens to return with a cake and is disappointed to see Hyun-jae and Lee-jun act so close. He opts to leave without interrupting them.

The next morning, one of the interns’ proposals is chosen and we learn that Lee-jun didn’t manage to finish his. Later, the team is delayed because one of the team leader’s meetings ran longer than expected. Choi-jun goes in and handles the situation.

The company is in search of models for their products but the contract broker is asking for more than the stated amount. Choi-jun decides to fire the broker and he threatens the company, stating they can never get Chim-on. 

At the same time, Lee-jun is on the phone with the famous model who happens to be his friend. Chim-on is already on his way to the company because he missed Lee-jun.  Lee-jun finds the situation uncomfortable and pulls Chim-on aside. On their way out, Chim-on accidentally budges into Choi-jun who is too stunned to speak.

The Episode Review

Some parts of this episode felt a bit confusing. The characters seemed to be jumping from one conversation to another making it hard to keep up. We finally know who the mysterious guy is though – it’s Chim-on, a famous model and a close friend of Lee-jun’s.

Choi-jun might want to amp up his game or at least confess his feelings before it is too late! At this point though, it feels like Choi-jun’s feelings are one-sided. Does Lee-jun like him back? Is that why he was angry about the kiss? Let us hope we will get answers in the next episode of the show. 

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You can look forward to a full season review when this show ends!

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