Jun & Jun – K-drama Episode 3 Recap & Review

 A Strong Person 

Jun & Jun episode 3 picks up where we left off with Choi-jun and Lee-jun at the office cafeteria. Choi-jun pulls Lee-jun closer and calls him sexy. Lee-jun finds this too close and wonders if this is the American style of flirting. He is flustered and Choi-jun teasingly rubs his hands along his hair before leaving. 

A few minutes later, all the workers meet at a bar and start eating and drinking. Hyun-jae asks the interns if they enjoyed their first day and they all respond they did. The conversation steers to Choi-jun who set remarkable achievements from his first day with the company. Everyone is surprised to hear how he joined and took it by storm. His ideas impressed even his bosses and they gave him more responsibilities. The interns question if the story is true and the Deputy Chief admits Choi-jun is exceptional. 

As they talk, Choi-jun arrive and the conversation changes to how he shares a similar name to Lee-jun. The Deputy Chief chimes in that Choi-jun is strong while  Lee-jun is soft. He almost brings up Lee-jun’s past as an idol. Lee -jun quickly distracts him and insists that he is a strong person too. Choi-jun comes to Lee-jun’s defense but Hyun-jae proves to be more protective of the former idol.

As Hyun-jae and Lee-jun talk softly to each other, Choi-jun gets jealous and drinks more. In the end, only the three of them are left at the table, Lee-jun can hold his liquor but the same can’t be said for Hyun-jae. He is even worse off and passes out. After calling him a cab, Lee-jun take a bus and Choi-jun sees him off. 

Once Lee-jun gets home, he relaxes for a while. He sees his mom left him a message that she is sending him his favourite dish. Lee-jun is touched but feels she is treating him like a kid. He starts thinking about Choi-jun and how he has changed. He then remembers that he needs to wash the shirt Choi-jun gave him. The scent makes him happy and he thinks of a way to thank him the next time they meet. 

After changing, he starts washing his clothes. He is interrupted by someone at the door and assumes it is the delivery man his mom sent. He is shocked to open it up and find Choi-jun. The man is drunk and starts talking about secrets. He asks Lee-jun to tell him a secret since he knows his. Lee-jun is surprised by Choi-jun’s demeanour but before he can say anything, the man passes out. 

Lee-jun carefully places him on the sofa and helps him loosen his shirt and tie. He covers him with a blanket and goes to sleep. He is happy that Choi-jun is back and reminisces about their days in the park when they were young. The next morning, Choi-jun wakes up and realizes he is in Lee-jun’s house. 

Lee-jun acts like he is mad Choi-jun dropped by drunk and slept over. He wonders if that is how things are done in America. Choi-jun tells him he should stop with his weird fantasies about the US. He pulls him over and makes him sit on his lap. He clarifies that this is ‘American-style.’ He then proceeds to sniff Lee-jun’s neck and that is when it hits the latter about the position they are in. 

Lee-jun can’t help but feel something stiff on Choi-jun. He begins to question why it feels so big and strong. Choi-jun continues to tease him more, asking him to help out. Lee-jun’s mind interprets this to mean something else. He starts scolding Choi-jun about the lifestyle he has been leading that he asks strangers to help him out in such a situation. Choi-jun can’t help but find him cute and laugh. He admits that Lee-jun has grown but he is still adorable.

The scene cuts to a flashback of Choi-jun watching an old interview of Lee-jun. In the interview, Lee-jun is talking about the person who motivated him to be an idol. He is also asked about his ideal type. He answers that he prefers people with a pleasant scent, something warm and cosy. The interviewer finds his answer too specific and tries to find out more. However, Lee-jun coyly dodges the question. In the flashback, there is also another man watching Lee-jun’s video. He seems fascinated with him.

The Episode Review

The sexual innuendos in this show are off the hook. Choi-jun is especially good at getting Lee-jun’s heart racing with his suggestive words and actions – Lee-jun falls for it every single time. 

It would be nice to get more backup stories of why Choi-jun left the country and why they never kept in touch. It seems like he still kept tabs on Lee-jun and is intent on winning his heart now that he is back. However, he should keep an eye out for Hyun-jae and the new guy who seem to be infatuated with Lee-jun. Things are bound to get interesting in the next episode. We can’t wait to learn more about the new player. 

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