Jun & Jun – K-drama Season 1 Episode 2 Recap & Review

The One I  Miss

Jun & Jun episode 2 starts with a flashback of  Choi-jun and Lee-jun when they were kids. They promised to stay together forever and spent their days playing and having fun.  Lee-jun misses those days and always thought of Choi-jun whenever he visited their old playground. He never forgot his old friend. 

At present time, Choi-jun has a meeting with the staff and officially welcomes all the new interns. While Choi-jun presents, Lee-jun wonders how his friend became a manager. Choi-jun shares with them the plans he has for the company and invites Hyun-jae to discuss the new hair fragrance project.  The interns are excited that they will be working on all aspects of the new project alongside their respective team leaders.  They already know they have to prove themselves to earn a permanent job in the company and are motivated to work hard. 

After the meeting, Choi-jun sends Lee-jun a message asking if he is free to meet later that evening. Lee-jun is curious and excited to know more about Choi-jun and says yes. After all, he figures he owes Choi-jun since he gave him a ride earlier that morning. Hyun-jae also texts Lee-jun asking if his first day is going well and Lee-jun responds that he is doing well thanks to his help.

Later, one of the team leaders asks for someone willing to go on a snack run. Lee-jun offers to go and Hyun-jae insists on going together.  They get coffee and talk about work and the attendant thinks they are dating because of the cute bickering and soft voices they keep using. They get back to the office and their colleagues are grateful for the coffee and snacks. One of the team leaders, Yeong Seok tries to encourage everyone to work hard. 

The interns ask more questions about the project and if their performance will determine if they get a permanent position. Choi-jun shows up and clarifies that he meant what he said. Lee-jun then questions what will happen if they all contribute a lot to the project. Choi-jun urges them to work hard. They also talk about how to balance their training and work on the project. Choi-jun believes that the interns can manage to do both at the same time.

Soon, the day comes to an end but Choi-jun invites the interns to dinner before they leave. The interns begrudgingly agree since they were eager to go home but are afraid it might be rude to turn him down. 

Lee-jun vents since he thought they had plans. Choi-jun overhears him and startles him by answering his question. Lee-jun ends up pouring coffee on his shirt. Choi-jun offers to give him one of his shirts and asks him to take off the wet one. They start flirting and talking about who between them has changed. We gotta say, Lee-jun is a strong soldier! Choi-jun certainly didn’t come to play and Lee-jun ought to prepare himself!

The episode ends with Choi-jun pulling Lee-jun close and calling him sexy. 

The Episode Review

This show only has 8 episodes, so we can expect the main leads’ relationship to progress quickly. We already have them flirting up a storm in this episode and who knows what will happen once they go to the company dinner and get drunk? 

We can look forward to what happens in the next episode but it is looking promising. Ki Hyun Woo and Yang Jun Mo have great chemistry so it is easy to watch and believe their acting. Let us hope they will keep the same pace throughout the series.

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You can look forward to a full season review when this show ends!

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