Jung_E (2023) Ending Explained – What happens to the Jung_E project?

Jung_E Plot Synopsis

Jung_E is a 2023 Netflix Korean film directed by Yeon Sang-ho of Train to Busan fame. It follows Kronoid team leader Yun Seo-hyun as she tries to create the perfect AI combat robot based on her own mother, Captain Yun Jung-yi, who was a hero in her own right. However, failure of her last mission led to her going into a coma and the extension of an already ongoing civil war.

Kronoid hopes to end the civil war by having the AI of Captain Yun on the battlefield. But before that, they must battle with bureaucrats, bored government officials who would terminate the project Jung_E, and Captain Yun’s brain itself which refuses to cooperate and get cloned into a perfect AI.

Who was Captain Yun?

Captain Yun Jung-yi (Kim Hyun-joo) was a mercenary turned war hero who even had dolls made after her as the general public viewed her as an idol. However, she turned to war as a way to pay for her daughter, Yun Seo-hyun’s treatment who was suffering from cancer. On the day of the surgery, she was tasked with the mission of ending the civil war once and for all. However, she ended up failing and going into a coma.

What is the Allied vs Adrian civil war?

After the sea levels rose on Earth, most humans moved to shelters created on the orbits of the Earth and the Moon. Shelters 8, 12 and 13 defected and become the Adrian Republic. For an unknown reason, they started attacking the remaining survivors on Earth and the other shelters. This led to the remaining humans allying and becoming the Allied Forces. Decades later, when the Jung_E project is almost perfected, the Kronoid chairman reveals that the two parties had signed a peace treaty to end the war.

What happens to project Jung_E?

The movie begins with team leader Yun Seo-hyun (Kang Soo-yeon) trying to make the perfect AI of her mother and failing. It is then revealed that she was appointed by the chairman of Kronoid to create the perfect combat robot based on Captain Yun as many believed that she would have been able to end the civil war. They hope to replicate her so that her AI can take up the job and end it once and for all.

However, once the war ends, the Jung_E project is shut down. She realises that her mother’s brain will be used to create household androids and sex toys which infuriates her. Once she finds out that her cancer is back and she is bound to die, she decides to help the last AI model escape.

Who is Director Kim Sang-hoon?

Kim Sang-hoon (Ryu Kyung-soo) is introduced as the director of the Jung_E project. While he is the comic relief, it also seems that he is heavily invested in making the project a success. However, moments of irrational behaviour have the viewers suspecting him. It is later revealed that he himself is not human but actually the chairman’s first prototype of his own self and to be disposed of after Jung_E is shut down.

Despite being the first, he barely has any flaws as he acts human with his humour, rage and fear. But we do get a hint of it when newcomer Lee Se-yeon who has the chairman’s confidence and knows that he is an AI is amused when he shows emotions in front of her. 

And while he acts dense, he is too clever for his own good as he realises that the last AI model fooled them all and escaped. He also checks Seo-hyun’s mandatory ethics test and realises that she is helping the AI and confronts her. When he is shot by Yun’s AI, he loses an eye and sees that he is an AI too and uses it to his advantage to fight her.

What allows the last AI of Yun to escape?

The change in simulation allows the last AI model to remember the real Yun’s daughter. She remembers things only the real Yun could like the doll Seo-hyun had given her. When Seo-hyun realises that her mother’s brain will be used to make a sex toy or as a household android, in the last trial run, she deletes the memory of Yun ever having a daughter. She then warns her that she is in a simulation and begs her to believe her. The AI fakes being shot and deactivated to end the simulation.

When the doctors lead her out to take her to her chamber, she beats them up and escapes. Seo-hyun puts her brain in one of the empty robots and hides her in a sky train. They are ambushed by Kim and the robot guards but despite being outnumbered, the AI destroys them all. Unfortunately, Seo-hyun is shot in the confusion. She pleads the AI to run away but she remembers Seo-hyun as her daughter, giving her one last hug before running away.


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