Jujutsu Kaisen – Season 2 Episode 8 Recap & Review

The Shibuya Incident

Episode 8 of Jujutsu Kaisen Season 2 begins with Yuji questioning if it was wise to let Satoru handle his part of the mission alone while being paired up with Ui Ui and Mei Mei.

Mei Mei receives word that another veil was lowered over Meiji Shrine Station and tells Ui Ui and Yuji they need to head there immediately to check it out. Meanwhile, Satoru encounters Jogo, Hanami, and Choso in an underground subway station and plans to fight them. 

At the same time, Mei Mei and the others discuss the veil that’s covering the underground subway station and trapping people inside. Someone reports that two assistant supervisors were defeated and that the curse user/spirit who lowered the veils is located somewhere nearby. The person tells Mei Mei that there are transfigured humans between the barriers too.

Mei Mei uses her crow to scout the area but the bird gets taken. She asks Yuji if he’d rather exorcise one powerful cursed spirit or kill lots of weak transfigured humans. Mei Mei tells Yuji that transfigured humans are wandering about and attacking humans on level B4 of the underground subway station. She says normal people are being forced to flee to B5 to get served up. Since her crow got hunted between B1 and B2, she suspects the curse user/spirit veil lifter is in that location. 

Mei Mei plans to head to B4 with Ui Ui to rescue the remaining civilians. She says if things get too dangerous, she wants Yuji to head down there. Mei Mei hopes they’ll uncover what their opponent is after. Yuji encounters a locust-cursed spirit and asks him where Mahito is. The cursed spirit says Mahito’s below and that he was assigned to protect the veil. Yuji notices a strange object behind the creature and plans to destroy it. 

Yuji fights the locust-cursed spirit. Despite undergoing a monstrous transformation and using dastardly tricks, Yuji defeats the locust-cursed spirit. We cut to Mei Mei and Ui Ui having defeated some transfigured humans in their area. Mei Mei suggests she and Ui Ui wait for Yuji to descend B5, now that the veil’s been lifted. Yuji reunites with Mei Mei and Ui Ui. They head for B5 and Mei Mei praises Yuji for his effort. Yuji checks on some civilians when they arrive. 

Suddenly, strange things start happening as we cut to Satoru confronting Jogo and his allies. Jogo and his crew uplift the blind and Satoru realizes humans are nearby. They begin murdering each human one by one and turn their attention to Satoru.

During their battle, we receive a flashback of Getou informing Jugo about Satoru’s abilities and possible strategies he’ll use to retaliate. Getou suggests they get Satoru to focus on rescuing non-sorcerers and defeating cursed spirits. Satoru removes his blindfold and plans to go all out in his fight with them. Getou tells Jogo in the flashback that he wants him and his team to hold out for 20 minutes.

The episode closes with Getou planning to execute his Prison Realm plan after the time’s up. 

The Episode Review

After last week’s interesting set-up chapter for Jujutsu Kaisen’s Shibuya Incident arc, this chapter offers a slow and action-packed approach. While it contains some tidbits many may find confusing or unnecessary, Studio Mappa continues to deliver on the animation front with this series as opposed to other anime they worked on previously this year. 

Although the informative bits about our locust enemy didn’t add much in the grand scheme of things, many will adore seeing Yuji utilize excellent strategies and physical blows to defeat the creature. Although we didn’t get to see Ui Ui demonstrate his feats in this chapter, there’s potential for him to hold strong prowess himself. Otherwise, it’d be weird for Mei Mei to bring him along for the ride. 

In other news, it’ll be interesting to see Satoru combat Jugo, Hanami, and Choso next week. Although the odds are stacked against him from a numerical standpoint, we’ve seen what he’s capable of during his youth and in the first season. Nevertheless, we can expect the series to continue delivering solid action sequences that are accompanied by semi-interesting explanatory bits. Hopefully, the pacing and content will be better than what we received in this episode though. 

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