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Episode 8 of Joseon Attorney starts with Han-soo fighting with the armed men sent by Lord Choo. Yeon-joo refuses to run as instructed and stays behind to help fight. Soon, Choi Yoon arrives and orders Han-soo and Yeon-joo to escape while he stays behind and fights the last two men. Han-soo drops Yeon-joo at the merchant’s house and then proceeds to Lord Choo’s house.

At Lord Choo’s place, Han-soo reminds him of the past, when he used to be the Governor of Cheongsan and what he did to his family. He declares war on Lord Choo and leaves behind the complaint filed by Lee Yong to indicate his next move. Han-soo returns to the merchant’s house and collapses on the doorstep. Luckily, Dong-chi and Yeon-joo quickly rush him inside and give him first aid.

Han-soo finally wakes up and finds Yeon-joo tending to his injuries. He thanks her for her concern and saving his life. Yeon-joo tells him he has a habit of collapsing in her arms and he says it’s because he trusts her. He confesses that she is the reason he wants to finish his revenge and live a normal life. He proposes to her and asks her to marry him after they share their first kiss. Yeon-joo asks him to wait for her as well, while she tells him that she also has something to confess but will tell him after the case is solved. Han-soo agrees to wait to hear her confession.

Back at Lord Choo’s house, Jo Cheol-Joo implores Lord Choo to plan his next moves carefully before Yoo Je-se hears about what is going on.

The next morning, Yeon-joo meets with Ji-sun and asks him why he gave the case to Han-soo. Ji-sun admits that he was curious about Han-soo’s talent and wanted to buy time to ask Yeon-joo about what to do. Yeon-joo tells him that she has decided to protect Han-soo and is prepared to go against Yoo Je-se. Outside, one of the servants keenly eavesdrops on their conversation. She tells Ji-sun that she hopes that he is a man to take justice’s side even against his family.

Han-soo recovers from his injuries and they plan on how to win the case. Yeon-jo promises to help and the other servants at the merchant’s house agree to join Han-soo’s side.

Elsewhere, the Hungu officials hold a meeting and we learn that there is a group of officials called the Sarim who oppose Hungu. Among them is the new commissioner who was hired by the King after what happened with Park Je-soo.  They blame Han-soo for losing the position. Yoo Je-se asks his members to be careful and keep a low profile as Han-soo has it out against them. Throughout the meeting, Lord Choo is nervous but acts like everything is fine.

Concurrently, Jo Cheol-Joo meets with Bong-Sam’s wife when she visits her husband and tries to get her to convince him to confess.  This is part of the plan concocted by Lord Choo, the Minister of Law Enforcement and another official. They want to stop the case before Han-soo files a lawsuit by getting Bong-Sam to confess or at any other cost.

In prison, Bong-Sam’s wife shares how hard it has been to see her husband and why she can only visit him a few times.  Bong-Sam notices that she cut her hair and feels guilty for putting his family through such a hard time. On her way out, his wife tells  Jo Cheol-Joo that she will not convince her husband to confess to a crime he didn’t commit. Unfortunately for her, Bong-sam already confessed and is about to be transferred to the Bureau of Punishments.

The news of Bong-sam’s confession reaches Han-soo and he rushes to the prison to find Bong-sam on his way to the Bureau of Punishments. Once again, Bong-sam confesses to killing Chil-Goo and says he had a grudge against him. He says Chil-Goo kept asking him to pay his debt and was rude to him.  Han-soo and Dong-chi ask him to reconsider but he says it is hopeless as the son of a master has never been punished in Joseon.

Dong-chi tells him about his family’s belief in him and how his son was proud of him. They ask him not to throw his family’s belief in his innocence away and Lee Yong tries to plead with his father to choose to live and fight for justice. Bong-sam is finally convinced and he asks Han-soo to help him win the case. Han-soo takes the case and promises to do his best.

The next day, Han-soo appears before the Minister of Law Enforcement and states that Bong-sam’s confession is invalid. He proves that Bong-sam confessed due to excessive torture. The Minister of Law Enforcement is forced to grant Han-soo’s request for a retrial after he corners him with his argument. He asks Han-soo to pledge his life in the event that he fails to prove Do-Ryung is the real culprit. Han-soo takes the bait because he is sure he will win and pledges his life.

With Han-soo’s life hanging in the balance, Yeon-joo works even harder to support him throughout the case. They do their research and re-enact every possible outcome of every approach.

Lord Choo plans his counterattack and calls for the postponement of the hearing. Han-soo is disappointed to arrive at court the next morning and learn that the hearing has been postponed because the Law Enforcement’s Deputy Minister has a stomach ache.  That is not the only problem, Bong-sam has also been poisoned and there is no telling if he will make it.

Lee Yong is frustrated after seeing what is happening to his dad and he confronts Lord Choo. Lord Choo mocks him and flings the guy aside like a paper doll. Han-soo intervenes and Lord Choo tells him that it is his fault if Bong-sam dies. He informs Han-soo that he is powerful and he will make sure the lawsuit hearing keeps being postponed until they give up. After hearing this, Han-soo question whether continuing with the lawsuit is a good idea. He tells Lee Yong that they have to give up on the lawsuit to spare their family more heartache.

Lord Choo also confronts his son and blames him for causing trouble. Do-Ryung is mentally struggling to live up to his father’s expectations; he has failed the state exams over and over again and endured his father’s harsh words. All his life, his father has taught him to demean servants and also looked down on him for failing to pass the exams. On that fateful day when he killed Chil-Goo, he was drunk and thought Chil-Goo was ignoring him. He lost it and beat him to death.

Saddened by how the case is turning out, Yeon-joo tries to visit the King to ask for his help but he is unable to meet with her after Yoo Je-se turned up at the palace uninvited. Ji-sun also stops her and asks her to reconsider her actions as she might put the King in trouble.  He also points out that her plan to request the officials involved in the case to be replaced will not go well. He asks her to plan her moves carefully for everyone’s sake and Lady Hong also asks her to have faith in Han-soo, trusting he will figure a way out.

That evening, Han-soo has an epiphany when talking to Yeon-joo. He employs the help of Ji-sun to give Do-Ryung some herbal decoction to make him confess the truth. He also recruits the help of Jo Cheol-Joo, it also seems like Lady Hong bribed Jo Cheol-Joo to help them as well.

Their plan works and Do-Ryung falls into their trap. He goes after Han-soo after Ji-sun lies that Han-soo is hiding evidence to that point out to him as the real culprit. The showdown between Han-soo and Do-Ryung is heard by many officials in the government and noblemen. With the truth revealed and Do-Ryung still under the effect of the herbal decoction, he takes himself to the office of punishment and confesses. He is hoping that if he confesses, his father can be spared.

Lord Choo is heartbroken to hear the news and rushes to his son but it is too late. Bong-sam is freed and Do-Ryung is arrested. It also turns out that Yeon-joo wrote a letter to the King asking him to give Do-Ryung the lightest punishment. She wanted to have the scholars of Confucianism protest the punishment so that Yoo Je-se will have no choice but to send Do-Ryung to the slaughterhouse himself and Lord Choo will feel betrayed.

Yoo Je-Se asks the King to follow the law and execute Do-Ryung. Lord Choo loses his mind after his son is hung in the town square. He confronts Yoo Je-se and accuses him of betrayal. He tells Yoo Je-se that he has already sent the ledgers he took to Han-soo to give him a fighting chance against Hungu.

The next day, Yoo Je-se visits Lord Choo while he cries on his son’s grave and kills him. The episode ends with the servant from Ji-sun’s place reporting to Yoo Je-se. It turns out that she is Han-soo’s sister and she has a deal with Yoo Je-se.

The Episode Review

The scene where Bong-sam reunites with his family as Han-soo and Yeon-joo watch was moving. Han-soo was wondering if his dad was proud of him and I think he would be, his son managed to save a family.  It was also nice to see Yeon-joo reach out and hold Han-soo’s hand as if she understands what he needs the most is to have someone be there for him.

It was interesting how Han-soo took Lord Choo down but I felt like it was still too easy. Let us hope the next opponent will put up a worthwhile struggle.

The twist at the end was something no one expected. What job is Yoo Je-se referring to and how did he manage to find Han-soo’s sister?

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