Joseon Attorney: A Morality – K-drama Episode 7 Recap & Review

The Secret Door

Episode 7 of Joseon Attorney starts with Ji-sun watching as Yeon-joo comforts a heartbroken and drunk Han-soo who confused her for his sister. Han-soo mentions that he has to meet with the princess as she is the one who received the last letter his dad sent to the King. He soon passes out and Ji-sun helps her take him to the house they rented.

After getting Han-soo safely home, Ji-sun talks with Yeon-joo and accuses her of being a part of Han-soo’s revenge plan. Yeon-joo is confused as to what he means and he tells her that Han-soo is the son of Officer Kang who died a wrongful death. Ji-sun investigated what happened after the King died and it led him to discover the atrocities his father did against the Kang family.

He is worried that Yeon-joo will get into trouble for helping Han-soo and will have to face his powerful dad. Yeon-joo tells him that she has no wish to take revenge but to help the people using Han-soo’s talent. She remembers the conversation she once heard between her dad and Officer Kang. The King wanted Officer Kang to look into the many laws that preserve the rights of the officials and find a balanced solution.

Yeon-joo heads back to the old house that belonged to Han-soo’s family and expresses her regret for what happened. It turns out that she went to deliver the letter to her father but Yoo Je-Se stopped her before she could. That night, the King died under mysterious circumstances after having a heated argument with Yoo Je-Se.

As Han-soo has a nightmare about the night Dong-chi rescued him from drowning, Yeon-joo pays tribute to his family at their former home. Han-soo finally wakes up and Dong-chi tells him about the embarrassing things he did when drunk. Han-soo decides to head back to Hanyang early so as to avoid seeing Yeon-joo in person.

He goes to wash in the river and after much thought, he decides to take a swim and get over his fear of water. The comforting words that Yeon-joo told him the previous night are what motivated him to get over his phobia. On his way back, he spots Yeon-joo offering tribute to his family and is moved by her actions.

The sun fully rises and the small group start their journey back to Hanyang. Han-soo notices that Yeon-joo is avoiding him and wonders why. Dong-chi says it might be because she was scolded by Ji-sun. In reality, she is avoiding him because she blames herself for what happened to his family and feels guilty. Han-soo decides to get over his embarrassment and talk to her first. He tries to cheer her up and effortlessly flirts too.  He thinks that she might have a crush on Ji-sun and tries to get her to give up.

They come across a village celebrating Ghost Day (the birthday of every labourer ) and Yeon-joo points out that it is her birthday as well. She asks the group to take the day off and celebrate her birthday as a gift for her. Han-soo agrees and they join the festivities. Han-soo even participates in the Subak championship (an ancient martial art that originated in Korea and uses bare-hand techniques.) He ends up winning but he picks out beautiful coloured shoes among the prizes and gifts it to Yeon-joo as a birthday present.  Yeon-joo is touched by his gesture and they spend the rest of the day dancing and having fun.

Meanwhile, in Hanyang, two courtesans who were close to Han-soo are kidnapped by Choo-Sal and brought to Jo Cheol-Joo. Jo Cheol-Joo is looking for the ledgers that Han-soo took from Park Je-Soo’s house.  The ladies fear for their lives and tell him where to find the ledgers. Jo Cheol-Joo takes the ledgers to Lord Choo.

Lord Choo has been keeping a close eye on Han-soo since he won the divorce case. He is surprised to hear that Cheongsan is Han-soo’s hometown. He used to be the Governor of Cheongsan and was roped in by Im Sang-Ho to frame Han-soo’s dad for a crime. It was Lord Choo who brought in the Park Je-Soo and Lady Park to help him frame Officer Kang and ultimately kill him.

As Lord Choo remembers the past, he realizes that Han-soo is the son of Officer Kang who swore to avenge his father’s wrongful death. He starts to plan his next steps and recruits the help of Jo Cheol-Joo to get rid of Han-soo before he comes for him.

After a long day of festivities, Han-soo and his friends find a place to rest. They start preparing their meals and Han-soo and Yeon-joo start getting close to each other. Han-soo tells how his life has been for the past few years and how he is not the type to take a break. He, however, enjoyed spending the day dancing and having fun with her. He also tells her how her words helped him get over the fear of swimming.

Yeon-joo promises to make it her purpose in life to make sure he lives a happy life. She asks him to remember her words even on the day he disappoints him. Han-soo is fluttered by her sweet words. They join the others for dinner and Dong-chi shares the story of how he came to address Han-soo as “hyung-nim” even though he is the oldest. They have a great time teasing each other and having a nice meal.

Lord Choo is troubled to learn that his son, Choo Do-Ryung caused trouble and is arrested. He visits him in prison and scolds him for being a useless troublemaker. Jo Cheol-Joo stops him from beating Do-Ryung to a pulp and is escorted out. In a flashback, we learn that Do-Ryung unprovoked, attacked a man named Kang Chil-Goo when he was drunk and beat him to death.

The next morning, Yeon-joo and her friends arrive home and Lady Hong notices that Yeon-joo seems sad. Yeon-joo finds the last letter Officer Kang wrote to the King and was on her way to tell Han-soo everything but the two courtesans arrived. The two courtesans seemed to be in bad shape and Han-soo was in a hurry. Yeon-joo is left at the merchant’s house and she confesses everything to Lady Hong. She tells Hong that she is ready to protect Han-soo even if he ends up blaming her.

Han-soo immediately leaves to seek an appointment with the Princess but is told that she is not available. He decides to go to Ji-sun and asks him to help gain an audience with the Princess. Ji-sun is surprised that Han-soo doesn’t know the identity of the Princess but he agrees to help Han-soo on one condition. He wants her to look into the case of Chil-Goo as he wants to know if the Governor of Gyeonggi made a fair ruling.

He asks Han-soo to try and get the main suspect to share his side of the story as he refuses to cooperate with the investigators. On his way to the prison, Han-soo runs into Do-Ryung who spits on him and fails to apologize. He doesn’t make a big deal of it and proceeds inside to talk to the suspect, Lee Bong-Sam. Lee Bong-sam is accused of killing Chil-Goo but refuses to talk. Han-soo tries his best but Bong-sam is not budging. In the end, Han-soo gives up and heads home.

Upon arriving home, he finds Lee Yong, the son of Bong-sam, who has come to beg him to save his father. Lee Yong shares what he saw about the incident and names Do-Ryung, the son of Lord Choo, as the real culprit. Once Han-soo hears that Lord Choo is involved, his interest in the case is piqued.

Apparently, Lord Choo threatened the family and lied to them that the law doesn’t allow servants to report their master. He said he would kill them if they reveal the truth and framed the dad to take the fall. The family didn’t know the law or their rights and went through with the plan out of fear.

Dong-chi worries that Han-soo will get into trouble if he takes the case. Lord Choo sent them a clear message to back off when he kidnapped the courtesans and recovered the ledgers Han-soo stole. Han-soo is undeterred even after learning that Lord Choo is planning to have his son marry the daughter of the Minister of Law Enforcement. Dong-chi is concerned that they will join forces and have most probably already bought witnesses and destroyed evidence.

Han-soo asks Lee Yong to write and file a complaint against Lord Choo for framing his father. He is hoping this will lead to the postponement of Bong-sam’s hearing and he can use the time to find evidence against Do-Ryung.

Lee Yong reminds Han-soo of his younger self; he also went through the same with his father at the hands of Lord Choo.

In the meantime, Yeon-joo worries about Han-soo and follows him to try and stop him. She is worried that he is taking the case to further his revenge plans. Han-soo admits that he wanted revenge but he also decided to change and fight for the oppressed. He says that she inspired him to be a better lawyer and man. She tells him that he is in danger and he assures her that he has something to live for ever since she came into his life. She gave him hope.

Yeon-joo is moved by his words and suddenly hugs him. Han-soo is shocked but happy to hug her back. His happiness is short-lived though, as they are attacked by armed men in masks. Han-soo asks Yeon-joo to run and he proceeds to fight the men off.

The episode ends with a bloodied Han-soo finding his way into Lord Choo’s house and telling him that he failed in his attempt to kill him. He also reveals he is the son of Officer Kang. He asks Lord Choo to look forward to his next move and declares the beginning of a war between them.

The Episode Review

I feel like Lord Choo is the first adversary that is worthy of Han-soo. He seems like he will give Han-soo a hard time and I am looking forward to seeing how this war plays out. Who will take a win and what secrets will Lord Choo reveal in the end?

I hate it when the protagonists keep secrets from each other, it only leads to misunderstandings in the future. I hope that Yeon-joo will tell Han-soo about the letter. I don’t think she is to blame for what happened. If anything, they should team up to fight Yoo Je-Se together. They are already getting close and Han-soo is pretty much falling for her. He will understand that she is merely another victim of Yoo Je-se’s greed.

I am also looking forward to how Han-soo and Ji-sun will start a friendship. Hopefully, Ji-sun maintains his integrity until the end. I hope they won’t make him to be some sort of hidden villain, that will be the worst.

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