Joseon Attorney: A Morality – K-Drama Episode 2 Recap & Review

Prelude To Revenge

Joseon Attorney: A Morality episode 2 starts with a flashback to the days when Han-soo’s family was happy. They didn’t have much but they were content. His father felt sorry for his wife, so he sold his cherished books to buy her a present. He bought her a beautiful red pouch and asked Han-soo to give it to his mom. He thought it would make her happier if the present came from their son.

Han-soo arrived home, eager to give his mom the gift. At the gate, he met a woman leaving their house but didn’t think much of it. He went on to give his mom the gift and noticed a wrapped bundle outside. His mom explained that the lady who just left must have forgotten the bundle when she asked to use the latrine. Upon checking, he found a few valuable items but before they can go call the mysterious lady, the police barged into their home.

The officers led by Master Jang proceeded to beat Han-soo and his mom. His mom tried to explain they were innocent but no one cared to listen. This is the reason Han-soo started his revenge against Master Jang and his motivation to become a lawyer.

Back in the present, Han-soo tries to make a deal with Master Jang to save himself. He promises to help Jang find a way to supply his goods to the palace. As they talk, he manages to free himself and fight off Master Jang’s men. He promises to prove his worth by getting a painting to help Master Jang get into the good graces of Park Je-soo. The man who owns the painting is called Pyo and Han-soo claims to know him.

Pyo is locked up in prison and Han-soo says he will be his lawyer and free him and take the painting as legal payment. Master Jang is unconvinced that he can trust Han-soo but Yeon-joo (who is still tied to a chair) offers 300 nyang as security. Han-soo tries to stop her Master Jang accepts the deal. He, however, wants Yeon-joo to offer herself up as security. With a knife to her throat, Yeon-joo accepts the condition. Master Jang and his men leave and Dong-chi uses that opportunity to enter the cave.

Han-soo is angry with Yeon-joo for interfering with his plans and she says she is curious about him as she is in love with him. This is just a ploy to hide her true intentions and Han-soo calls her crazy and tries to free her. Yeon-joo tells him that she is a good judge of character and intends to keep her promise and remain in the cave until he frees Pyo as they had agreed. Han-soo says he will need five days and she says that is okay so they leave her there.

Han-soo and Dong-chi head back to the city and wonder what is wrong with Yeon-joo. Han-soo doesn’t believe she is in love with him as she claims but it is too early to tell her intentions. He is also moved by the fact that she is the only person who has ever wronged him and apologized. Meanwhile, in Hanyang, Lady Hong continues to search for Yeon-joo.

Han-soo gets a bath and prepares his next step to free Pyo. Dong-chi is not happy that Han-soo will free a criminal they worked so hard to arrest.  Han-soo has a plan and asks him to calm down. He knows that Pyo stole the painting from the Ming Dynasty and is involved in child trafficking.  He wonders if there is a connection between Master Jang and Pyo.

They head to the prison and meet with Pyo. Han-so convinces Pyo to hire him as his lawyer and sign a contract. Pyo asks them to hurry as he has kids hidden away and they must be starving. He offers to sell the kids to Han-soo at a low price, and Han-soo and Dong-chi discuss and come up with a plan.

They approach Mater Jang and ask him for the money to buy and save the kids. They also borrow his ship and ask him to stand as a witness for Pyo in his hearing. They explain that this was part of their agreement with Pyo and will help Master Jang secure the painting.  Jo Cheol-Joo, Master  Jang’s right-hand man thinks that it is risky giving a false testimony but  Han-soo lures Master Jang into the trap. Master Jang agrees to testify that he was with Pyo on the night he was accused of kidnapping the kids.

Jo Cheol-Joo tries to change Master Jang’s mind and offers to investigate Han-soo’s motive. He goes back to the cave and questions Yeon-joo. Yeon-joo claims that she doesn’t know Han-soo’s plan. Jo Cheol-Joo frees her and asks that she spies on Han-soo and stops him if he has any funny ideas. In the meantime, Jo Cheol-Joo continues to dig into Pyo’s records and search Han-soo’s office but he finds nothing suspicious.

Back at Hanyang, Pyo gives Han-soo the location of the kids and their plan is set in motion. However, Yeon-joo tries to get Han-soo to share his plan. She suggests a drinking game and Han-soo agrees. In the end, Han-soo wins because the game was rigged to favour him. He heads to the government office for the hearing of the case.

He quickly manages to discredit the witness from the other side and Master Jang gives testimony that he was with Pyo the night in question. Everyone is sure that Han-soo didn’t bribe Master Jang as they are known to be enemies. However, Pyo claims that he has never met Master Jang and points him out as the real culprit.

Master Jang tries to retract his statement but no one believes him. Han-soo also points out that Master Jang might be the real culprit if he gave false testimony over a painting. Master Jang calls Jo Cheol-Joo to testify on his behalf but Jo Cheol-Joo betrays him. He says that he was inspecting Master Jang’s ship and found the kidnapped kids. It turns out Han-soo struck a deal with Jo Cheol-Joo to betray Master Jang and make him the culprit.

Han-soo demands that Master Jang offers his alibi that night if he was not with Pyo. Han-soo knows that Master Jang was with Je-soo buying valuable porcelain vases only meant for royal use. He will be killed if he confesses so he claims not to remember what he was doing that night. The judge orders his arrest until he can remember.

Pyo is freed and they get the painting from him. Jo Cheol-Joo quickly rushes it to Park Je-soo who delivers it to the Ming ambassador visiting Joseon. The Ming ambassador is impressed and Je-se is happy that his man was able to help him get into the powerful man’s good graces.

Later that night, Park Je-soo visits Master Jang in prison and scolds him for his stupidity. Master Jang reminds him how they framed Officer Kang and Je-soo takes that as a threat. He beats Master Jang to the brink of death. Before he dies, he is visited by Han-soo and he confesses that he was only working under orders from above when he killed Officer Jang. Even in the end, Master Jang shows no remorse for what he did.

In a flashback, Han-soo remembers the suffering his dad went through at the hands of Master Jang and Je-soo. They falsely provided evidence in the case against Officer Jang and Han-soo tried to get a witness but he was stopped. He was thus unable to save his dad and watched him die right before his eyes. They went through a hard time, especially during his burial as the community abandoned them. Later, his mother was found dead in the burning house. Han-soo never got over that trauma and still has nightmares of finding his dead mom.

The next day, Han-soo works on how to punish Pyo. He ties him inside the boat of the Ming ambassador which is the same as giving him a death sentence. Yeon-joo later finds Han-soo and is pleased with how he handled the Pyo situation. She realizes that Han-soo always had a plan and he even rescued the kidnapped kids and reunited them with their parents.

Han-soo warns her to mind her own business moving forward but Yeon-joo tells him that she is still curious about him. She promises to interfere until she gets an answer to her question. Han-soo is endeared by her determination to learn more.

Han-soo later stops by the Jang’s Guild offices and finds that Jo Cheol-Joo has changed it to Joo’s Guild. Jo Cheol-Joo is now the boss and Han-soo offers his legal services to him. However, Jo Cheol-Joo is still doubtful and thinks that Han-soo is up to something. Han-soo denies it and says that he simply has big dreams and Jo Cheol-Joo is part of them. Jo Cheol-Joo pays him a hefty amount for his troubles and Han-soo is overjoyed. After Han-soo leaves his office, Jo Cheol-Joo orders Choo-Sal to run another background check on Han-soo.

Yeon-joo and Lady Hong spot Han-soo leaving Jo Cheol-Joo’s office and Lady Hong thinks it is further proof that Han-soo is only working to line his pockets with riches. Yeon-joo, on the other hand, finds it impressive that Han-soo was able to change the master of the biggest guild in Hanyang. Han-soo returns home and burns Master Jang’s photo as he sets his eyes on Je-soo for the next step of his revenge.

The following morning, Ji-sun runs into his father on his way out. A servant makes a remark about how his father is a loyal man to the kingdom but Ji-sun silently disagrees. Later, Je-se meets with another member of the Hungu group who informs him about Master Jang’s death.

Je-see questions if Je-soo can be trusted to handle Hungu’s finances and the other man says they have no choice. Je-se is not pleased that one of Hungu’s members lost a lawsuit. After hearing how the lawyer won the case, he gets an inkling that the Princess might be involved and asks his man to look into the Princess’s latest activities.

The episode ends with Ji-sun secretly watching Yeon-joo who feels pretty pleased and happy because Han-soo won. She is hoping that Han-soo will hire her as his assistant but he is shocked to hear her plans. It turns out that the Princess thinks Han-soo will help her save the people and even requested financial help from the King.

The Episode Review

We are only on episode 2 but this looks like a riveting revenge thriller that will be entertaining to watch. Han-soo is a good antagonist, he is sharp and it will be interesting to see what kind of team he will make with Yeon-joo.

Speaking of Yeon-joo, she wants to save her people and give her brother power but what will happen if Han-soo refuses to work with her?

I am also curious about Ji-sun, he doesn’t seem to be working with his dad. He is, however, secretly worried about Yeon-joo. What is their story and will he choose love or family? I am looking forward to seeing how this show unfolds in the upcoming episodes.

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