Joseon Attorney: A Morality – K-drama Episode 13 Recap & Review

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Episode 13 of Joseon Attorney: A Morality begins with Ji-sun warning his father that his latest move will put him and Hungu in the crossfire. However, Je-se is relaxed and says he’s planned his move well; those who betray him can be killed and replaced. He tells Ji-sun that all relationships can be changed except the one between families.

After his talk with his father, Ji-sun gets drunk and goes to Eun-soo’s bar. She warmly welcomes him and he thanks her for always being happy to see him. Eun-soo also feels like Ji-sun is the only one who treats her well.

The next morning, Han-soo pays a surprise visit at the bar and Eun-soo tries to hide from him. She asks Ji-sun to help her and together they trick Han-soo to believe he saw another woman. At the moment, Han-soo is more preoccupied with the relationship between the bar owner and Ji-sun. Ji-sun explains that she is like a sister to him but Han-soo is still suspicious of him.

Han-soo asks which side Ji-sun is on, as he is set to marry Yeon-joo, will he protect her from his dad? He asks Ji-sun to find an answer before the wedding and leaves.

Later, Ji-sun questions why Eun-soo went to great lengths to avoid Han-soo. Eun-soo tries to explain that she conspired with his dad to cause Han-soo trouble and she feels guilty. Ji-sun unknowingly warns her to stop conspiring with his dad against Han-soo. He points out that his father killed Han-soo’s parents and Han-soo is a good man. Eun-soo is in disbelief and Ji-sun repeats his statement again. Eun-soo realizes that she was fooled by Je-se and she’s furious.

Han-soo returns to the merchant’s house and spots a woman in a veiled hat escorted by soldiers entering the premises. The lady in question is the Grand Dowager Queen who wants to make sure Yeon-jo kept her promise. She asks Lady Hong to make sure the merchant’s house disappears for good. Lady Hong promises to do so and lies that Yeon-joo has not been back since she made a deal with Her Highness to protect Han-soo. Han-soo listens in on the conversation and overhears the sacrifice Yeon-joo made for him. At that same moment, Yeon-joo arrives and Han-soo quickly drags her away.

They run through the streets of Hanyang, where Yeon-joo drops her coat which is picked up by Ji-sun who spots them. Han-soo takes the Princess to a waterfall and asks her to stop sacrificing herself for him.  He says that Yeon-joo should have told him his life was in danger but Yeon-joo tells him that he was so angry after learning the truth. She dared not to approach him anymore but she is intent on protecting him as she promised.

Han-soo tells her that he hates her reckless determination and dangerous resolution. He asks her not to go through with the wedding as he will not allow it. Yeon-joo is deeply moved and surprised by his words. She is even more shocked when he calls her So-won and promises to protect her too. She kisses him and he pulls her close for a deeper kiss.

Night rolls by and Yeon-joo returns to the palace to find the Grand Dowager Queen eagerly waiting for her. She lies that she has been with Ji-sun and he arrives and returns Yeon-joo’s coat. The Grand Dowager Queen believes that they were together and says it is okay as they are betrothed. She orders them to spend more time together watching the moon in the garden.

As they watch the moon, the Princess and Ji-sun discuss Eun-soo. Yeon-joo is aware that Eun-soo loves Ji-sun but he thinks of her as a sister. They talk about their one-sided love and her relationship with Han-soo.  As they talk, Ji-sun realizes that Eun-soo lied to him and she confessed too easily about why she hid from Han-soo. He questions why and Yeon-joo wonders if she is Han-soo’s long-lost sister but dismisses the thought.

Han-soo also returns to the boat in high spirits and tells Dong-chi that he is back together with Yeon-joo. Han-soo spots the little drawer that Eun-soo left with money inside and Dong-chi explains an anonymous woman gave them money when he was arrested. They deduce that it must be one of the women in love with them. Meanwhile, Eun-soo is outside pondering whether to approach Han-soo or not.  She decides to deal with Je-se in another way. She approaches a court official close to Je-se, Im Sang-Ho.

The next morning, Yeon-joo informs the King that there is trouble within Hungu and advises him that it is an opportune moment to shake the members’ trust in Je-se. The King heeds her advice and meets with the Left State Councilor Choi Soo-Yong. As Choi Soo-Yong and three other officials leave the King’s office, they are spotted by Je-se.

He is curious that the King has been summoning Choi Soo-Yong a lot lately. Im Sang-Ho informs him that the King asked Choi Soo-Yong to be in charge of the Office of Special Advisers. Dae-han adds that the King is favouring the members of Sarim and this has been of great concern to the Hungu members.

On the other hand at the Royal Court, Choi Soo-Yong challenges Je-se on every suggestion he makes including the appointment of Cho Chang Woo. The King also sides with Choi Soo-Yong which leaves Je-se displeased and the members of Hungu start to doubt his influence. They are also worried that Ji-sun’s marriage to the Princess will end his promising career and Je-se will be done for. Je-se overhears everything they say but doesn’t immediately confront them.

Elsewhere, Eun-soo sneaks into Je-se’s house to search for the alleged ledgers that will help her destroy Je-se. She got the tip from Im Sang-Ho when he was under the influence. She fails to find the ledgers but does discover a letter. On her way out she is spotted by Ji-sun who rushes to rescue her before she is seen by Je-se. As they run to hide, Eun-soo accidentally drops her small dagger and Je-se finds it.

Ji-sun questions Eun-soo’s intention and suggests they tell Han-soo everything and flee town. Eun-soo insists that Han-soo doesn’t know she is his sister. Ji-sun begs for forgiveness on behalf of his father but Eun-soo tells him he is not liable for the sins of his father. She comforts him and assures him that he is a different man from his father.

Back at Je-se’s house, he summons Choi Soo-Yong who acknowledges his loyalty lies with the country and the King. So far, they have managed to stay out of each other’s way and Je-se hopes that will continue. He later sends a servant to Jo Cheol-Joo and orders him to kill a man. He offers Jo Cheol-Joo a tempting amount of money.

Choo Sal questions whether Jo Cheol-Joo will go through with the plan. Jo Cheol-Joo is blinded by the money and agrees to carry out the order. He asks Choo Sal to find a person willing to die to save their family.

Night rolls by and Ji-sun and Eun-soo discuss their situation honestly. Ji-sun says he is grateful for her care towards him and promises to keep her safe. He asks her to allow him to protect her and move her to a new place under her real name. Eun-soo agrees but asks for some time to say goodbye to Han-soo. Ji-sun grants her request and starts preparing things for her journey.

Eun-soo heads to the boat but doesn’t find Han-soo, the two former courtesans who work for Han-soo welcome her in. As they prepare tea and bicker about how to welcome a new client, Eun-soo keeps the letter she stole from Je-se in the little drawer she had earlier given him. She quickly takes her leave to meet with Ji-sun.

Han-soo is not in his office because he is on a shopping date with Yeon-joo. They look so happy in love that one of the merchants suggests they buy baby clothes. Han-soo says no and Yeon-joo gets mad.

Han-soo chases after her and sweet-talks her, he promises that when they have a baby he will make the clothes himself and help her raise it. Yeon-joo is moved by his words and they promise each other to fulfil that promise in this world or the next one.

While they are shopping, they hear screams and go to check what is happening. They find a man dead and Jo Cheol-Joo acts suspicious as he watches the crowd. At the Royal Court, the death of the young official is received rather quickly.

Dae-han explains the young official was killed due to a love affair gone wrong. He says the woman in question is married but has been committing adultery with many men who have fallen in love with her.

The King is appalled by the audacity of this woman and orders the Ministry of Law Enforcement to handle the issue quickly. Dae-Han points out that there are other officials involved with the woman. They ask for their identity and it is revealed that they are talking about Eun-soo. The King realizes immediately that this is Je-se’s move and wonders what he is planning.

Outside the palace, the soldiers close the gates so Ji-sun and Eun-soo are unable to leave. At this point, they don’t realize Eun-soo is in trouble. It is only after she returns to her house and sees the police searching her house does it hit her. She tries to flee with the help of Ji-sun but they are cornered and she is captured.

Han-soo hears what is happening but he doesn’t see Eun-soo’s face as she gets arrested. He is immediately summoned by the King who wants his advice on how to deal with this latest Je-se scheme. They agree that Je-se made a mistake abandoning the woman and she should die no matter what. Han-soo even comes up with an idea to make sure the King doesn’t lose his people against Je-se.

Later, the King visits Eun-soo in prison and asks for her last words. She laments why her parents had to die for him to be King.

Concurrently, Im Sang-Ho confronts Je-se about abandoning Eun-soo and  Je-se tells him if any official wishes to survive, they should kneel and beg before him.

After his meeting with the King, Han-soo goes to the bar and that is when he learns the true identity of the owner. The female servant begs him to save Eun-soo.

In a flashback, he remembers the last time he saw his sister. It was on her wedding day, and he teased her but later promised to visit her in her new home.

He quickly heads to prison to see his sister. Eun-soo is under the impression that he still doesn’t know her identity but he refers to her by her real name. Her resolve to act like a stranger breaks and she starts crying. In fact, they both start crying as she apologizes.

The Episode Review

What a heartbreaking end to this episode!  Je-se is so wicked, he knew that the King would call for Eun-soo to die. He is basically making the King choose between helping Han-soo and losing a chance to get back at him or killing Eun-soo and losing Han-soo’s help and friendship. The King and Han-soo are in a pickle, how will this end?

It is really sad that Han-soo never catches a break, it is one crisis after another. It must not be easy but how will he manage losing his sister too? Will Ji-sun help him save Eun-soo? We have so many questions, hopefully, we will find the answers in the next episode.

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