Jolt Ending Explained – Does Lindy get her revenge?

Jolt Plot Synopsis

Lindy has lived most of her life alone. Suffering from a rare condition called Intermittent Explosive Disorder, she seems to turn  her life around when she meets a guy called Justin. When he fails to show up to their third date, Lindy suspects the worst. What follows is a big ol’ revenge quest, as Lindy sets out to discover what happened to him and punish those responsible.

What’s wrong with Lindy?

Lindy suffers from Intermittent Explosive Disorder. In order to control her impulsive bouts of rage, she enlists the help of Dr Munchin who provides her with an electrode-lined vest that she can use to shock herself into submission.

Lindy has suffered with anger issues most of her life, exacerbated by issues from her childhood. Her father was an angry drunk while her Mother was addicted to pills. With this heady cocktail of abuse and neglect, Lindy ended up becoming more volatile and angry the older she became.

She also attracted the attention of government agencies too, who brought her in and experimented on her. Lindy even enlisted in the military, but nothing helped keep her under control. That is, until Dr Munchin’s electrode-lined suit of course.

Is Justin really dead?

After meeting Justin and  turning her life around, Lindy’s world comes crashing down when she learns he’s been killed. Detective Vicars and Nevin jump on the case and confirm as much, but also hint that Justin’s killer could well be his boss.

This sets up Lindy’s revenge mission, as she eventually finds herself face to face with Justin’s boss and billionaire Gareth Fizel.

After an unnerving first meeting involving lobster and verbal sparring, Lindy fights her way back to his office and finds Fizel dead.

The big twist here is that Justin wasn’t really dead after all. He’s actually a CIA operative and needed to take out Fizel as he was a rogue asset. Thanks to his money and power though, Fizel has been nigh-on untouchable until this point.

Why does Justin trick Lindy?

Justin paid off a coroner and stuffed a bum into a casket to fool everyone into thinking it was him. Given Munchin’s research is CIA funded, the good doctor was in collusion with Justin the whole time. He learned about Lindy and set to work seducing and using her emotions to get what he wanted.

The pair gave her just enough information to set up this breadcrumb trail of deception. However, when the chief of security captured Lindy, Justin ended up killing Gareth himself, fearing that his plan was going to fail.

Well, when Lindy finds out she has a trick up her sleeve. After hearing our villain’s big plan, she throws a bag full of explosives at him and escapes down the elevator shaft just as everything blows sky high.

Who is Sarah Sarandon’s character?

During the end of the movie, Lindy returns to her burnt out apartment. After collecting up some photos hidden away in a film-reel tin, she turns to find a woman known ominously as the “Woman With No Name.”

It turns out she’s also a CIA Operative and responsible for some of the early experiments done to Lindy. She apologizes for Justin’s actions and offers Lindy a lucrative job offer. She wants to use Lindy’s powers against those who would wrong the CIA.

There’s no answer to this though, setting up a sequel that may or may not arrive. However, it seems like Lindy will ultimately reject the offer.

The scene prior to this sees her offered a date with Vicars, which could hint that she’d return to a more simple life and rekindle those euphoric feelings of love that overpowered her anger.

In doing so, she could lead a more fulfilling life. She could also no longer need the electrode-suit, just like Lindy hoped earlier in the movie.

However, Lindy will almost certainly face jail-time given her actions across the movie (and Nevin’s desire to see her locked up) so she could choose to join them after a jail sentence. For now, we’ll have to wait and see if there’s a solution to this in a possible sequel.

Is there a post-credit sequence in Jolt?

Yes, there’s a brief post-credit sequence that serves as welcome nod to an earlier incident in the movie. When Lindy heads off to enlist the help of the “biggest nerd” Andy, Lindy finds the information she needs and offers to pay her back. “You can’t afford me,” She says confidently at the time.

Fast-forward to after the credits and Andy leaves work to find Justin’s McLaren sports car outside. As she looks in shock at her new ride, it seems Lindy has found a way to pay up after all!


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