Joko Anwar’s Nightmares and Daydreams — Episode 6 “Hypnotized” Recap & Review


Episode 6 of Joko Anwar’s Nightmares and Daydreams titled “Hypnotized starts in the year 2022 when a man named Ali interviews with a company for a job as an electrician.

The interviewer learns that Ali is colourblind and refuses to give him the job. Ali tries to plead with the woman but she refuses to risk losing her job and Ali goes back home dejected.

Ali goes home and runs into his neighbour – Iwan, who asks him to work with him. Ali’s wife – Ningsih hears him talking to Iwan as he is known to be a thief.

Ali tells Ningsih that won’t be talking to Iwan and they go home. That night, Ali has dinner with his wife, and his children – Ayu and Hendra, Later that night, Iwan shows up at Ali’s house and hypnotizes him. He tells Ali more tricks he can use to hypnotize people.

Iwan asks Ali to join him the following day but Ali refuses to steal money. Iwan gets mad at Ali and leaves.

The next day, Ali goes looking for a job but finds nothing. He waits outside an ATM where an older woman – Mrs Dewi, withdraws some money. He goes inside and hypnotizes her and takes away some of her money. Ali runs back home, afraid that someone will come find him.

Ali’s behaviour scares his family but he is still worried. That night, Ali wakes up and starts seeing colours. He notices that all 6 TV sets in his house are turned on and a hypnotic video is playing on loop.

The next morning, Ali gives some of the stolen cash to Ningsih and asks her to pay their children’s school fees. He gives her some extra cash to spend, leaving Ayu and Hendra shocked.

That day, Ayu comes home from school and starts cutting up her doll, punishing it for stealing her candy. Ali tries to calm her down when Hendra shows up after fighting with his friends.

Hendra tells his father he stole his friend’s kite because he liked it and he beat the kid up as well. Ali is confused but the boy that Hendra beat up brings his mother.

The child’s mother asks Ali to pay for her son’s medical fees after Hendra’s assault. When Ali claims that he does not have the money, the woman takes away Ali’s tomato plants – his most prized possession.

A confused Ali then goes on to tend to Hendra’s wounds when Ningsih comes home from work. She tells Ali and the kids that they could have a lot of takeout food today.

When Ali asks where Ningsih got the money for the food, she states that she stole it. Ayu tells Ningsih that she needs to be punished for her crime. Ningsih gives Ayu and Hendra new toys and tells them that she stole them too.

Ningsih praises Hendra for beating up her friend to get what she wants. Ali starts throwing out all the things Ningsih stole but she tells him that she did that for her family.

Ali realizes how he too had stolen from Mrs Dewi for his family. He meets Iwan and tries to find a resolution to his problem but the latter is of no help to him.

Ali goes back home and sees Ayu trying to kill Ningsih and Hendra with a knife. He panics and stops her but Ningsih and Hendra instigate Ayu to kill them.

Ali notices that all 6 of the TV sets have turned on and his family laughing hysterically.

On the TV, Ali hears a message from Mrs Dewi who tells him that he was paying for his crime. Ali asks Mrs Dewi to help his family but she laughs at him.

Mrs Dewi tells Ali that is the one who needs to wake up. Suddenly, Ali sees another nightmare of him hanging from the hands of the Bermuda Tower, Jakarta.

Ayu wakes Ali up and he thinks that everything is back to normal. However, he realises that he had beat up Hendra the night before without even realising it.

Ali finds himself trapped in Mrs Dewi’s hypnotism loop and he sees himself falling off the Bermuda Tower over and over again before he is back in his house in front of the TV sets.

Ali reaches out to Mrs Dewi and asks her to help him one last time. Mrs Dewi tells Ali that he needs to find himself if he wants to come out of the loop.

Ali tries to look up things online but finds nothing. Ali tries to leave his house but he is trapped. Mrs Dewi tells Ali that he needs to find his true self if he wants to free his mind of hypnotism.

Ali tries to calm himself down and tries to open the door to his house. He finds himself at the base of the Bermuda Tower and tries to get to the top.

Ali falls over and over again. He asks his mind to wake up and finds himself hanging by a building on the same night that he stole from Dewi. He manages to snap out of the hypnosis and Dewi congratulates him for taking control of his mind.

Dewi tells Ali that she was there to recruit him for a special mission. The episode ends with Dewi telling Ali that she was sent by someone who is all-knowing.

She states that Ali would soon join her alongside the other chosen ones to save humanity from evil.

The Episode Review

This episode was a thrill to watch as everything is finally making sense. From what we see in this episode, Dewi is teamed up with Wahyu and possibly the other characters from the stories we have seen so far.

Together, these people will probably fight evil. This episode was confusing to watch though but now that it has ended, we can finally hope that the final episode of this season will connect the dots better.

I hope to see more characters from the other episodes coming together to fight evil. We know that Wahyu, Panji, Rania, Dewi and Ali could be a part of the team.

However, I am not sure about Syafin as he is an adorable child but he could be an evil character who leads the people in his life to kill themselves and their loved ones. We will only learn the truth about the team in the next episode.

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