JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure: Stone Ocean – Episode 36 Recap & Review

Maiden Heaven (1)

Episode 36 of JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure: Stone Ocean Part II begins with Anastasia making an attempt to stop Pucci. However, Pucci remarks that his Stand is no longer C-Moon but something far more menacing. Light fills the area, and everyone awakens from the impact minutes later.

Anastasia says they must head for the Space Shuttle to stop Pucci, but Jotaro says they were teleported meters away from the Shuttle. Emporio wonders if gravity reverses their course, but Anastasia argues that gravity returned to normal once Pucci traded C-Moon for his new heavenly Stand power. Jotaro says he can no longer sense Pucci’s presence. He’s more concerned with how Pucci managed to dodge his harpoon in stopped time.

Strange occurrences start occurring with our heroes as it appears Pucci has the power to forward the time at incredible speeds in any part of the world. Emporio realizes that Pucci can control the time for anything from man-made machines to nature as days turn to night and vice versa. Jotaro questions if Pucci’s the only one who can’t be affected by the accelerated time.

He wonders if he used his powers subconsciously to avoid his attack. Pucci’s Stand starts attacking our heroes, and Jotaro uses The World to stop time. However, Pucci’s Stand forwards the time while in stopped time to make Jotaro’s efforts futile. Anastasia saves Jotaro from Pucci’s Stand and vows to protect his daughter. He also asks Jotaro if he can take Jolyne’s hand in marriage.

Even though it isn’t the right time, he wants Jotaro’s blessing. Jolyne makes a thread around the top of the building where they’re all residing. She asks everyone to stay together. Jotaro tells everyone to carefully observe the area. Although Pucci can move at incredible speeds they can still track his movements. Jotaro spots Pucci near the table and uses The World to stop time.

In stopped-time, Jotaro checks the area for Pucci’s Stand. Remember he only has about five seconds before time restarts again. Before the five-second mark, Jotaro notices Pucci and his Stand hanging in a palm tree. They plan to catapult themselves toward our heroes and attack them. Time restarts and Pucci manages to slice a chunk off Jotaro’s neck.

Jolyne tries grabbing Jotaro’s hand, but he freezes time. In stopped-time, Jotaro realizes that Anastasia submerged Diver Down into his body to mitigate the damage he received from Pucci’s assault. Jotaro crawls over to Pucci but can’t make it in time to attack Pucci. Time starts again, and Jotaro unleashes Star Platinum to attack Pucci. Pucci’s too quick, though.

Pucci doesn’t attack our heroes and tells them that he plans to murder Anastasia first. He tells our heroes he didn’t obtain this power to end their lives nor does the ability promise his supreme strength. He says his power’s purpose is to guide humanity toward true happiness. Pucci announces his new Stand’s name is Maiden Heaven. The episode concludes with Jolyne staring at Pucci with menacing eyes.

The Episode Review

This episode was intense, mind-numbing, and filled me with worriment. Pucci’s abilities rival our heroes’ powers significantly. I’m certain many viewers find themselves asking the same question. How will our heroes defeat someone with this much power? Even with Jotaro’s ability to stop time in five seconds, it may not be enough to defeat Pucci.

In typical JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure fashion, this boss fight feels like a spectacle that evokes strong caution in viewers. On that note, viewers will find this bout pleasing as it’ll require our heroes to strategize and work together to defeat a foe of Pucci’s magnitude. I’m left wondering how they’ll triumph over Pucci and if there will be some casualties along the way. Anastasia’s remarks in this chapter felt jarring.

It’s strange for Anastasia to ask Jotaro for Jolyne’s hand in marriage. While he brings up how weird this conversation is to have now, it’d have been better if he stuck to providing Jotaro with some helpful feedback instead. There’s a time and place for things, but discussing romance isn’t the smartest move. Especially for Anastasia, since Pucci plans to murder him first instead of Jotaro.

Anastasia aside, this episode contained beautiful visuals and imagery. Seeing Pucci tower over our heroes with Maiden Heaven gives him the menacing allure a villain should have over his adversaries. Furthermore, the sound effects applied to Jotaro and Pucci’s Stands were soothing to listen to and helped me maintain my immersion in the show’s world. I anticipate many stellar visuals for the final episodes to come.

Overall, this was an exhilarating chapter that showcases the dangerous aspects of Maiden Heaven. I’m excited to see how this fight will unfold with only two episodes remaining. Let’s hope we receive a satisfying conclusion that doesn’t feel rushed or forced.

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