JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure: Stone Ocean – Episode 35 Recap & Review

See Moon (2)

Episode 35 of JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure: Stone Ocean Part II begins with Pucci searching for Jolyne and wondering if his Stand must’ve missed one of her vitals. Pucci finds a thread of Jolyne’s clothing at a café.

Before Pucci investigates, he senses Anastasia’s presence. Pucci attacks Anastasia but discovers that it’s a bystander in disguise. The person’s teeth end up heading toward Pucci and cutting him open. The real Anastasia tells Pucci that his Stand can submerge in more places than walls or the ground. He tells Pucci he found someone he killed and changed his bone structure to match his own.

Anastasia attacks Pucci, but Pucci inverts his face to dodge the attack. C-Moon punches Anastasia and sends him flying. At the same time, Pucci feels someone’s hand touching his skull. Pucci enters the café and notices some blood handprints on the walls. He knows Jolyne’s still injured but proceeds with caution. Pucci hopes by murdering Jolyne, he’ll crush everyone’s resolve to fight him.

He notices a canister of alcohol lying around and sets the café ablaze with a lighter. He shouts for Jolyne to come out, but she continues toying with him. She eventually grabs his neck, but Pucci stops her chokehold by inverting her arms with C-Moon. Jolyne retracts the inversion with a new thread-like power-up. Pucci jumps back and wonders how and when Jolyne developed this infinity-shaped thread ability.

The symbol is in the place where her heart should be. C-Moon punches Jolyne more as Pucci realizes Jolyne’s creating Mobius Strips to heal herself from the damage. The narrator explains the concept of the Mobius Strips to the audience. Pucci explains it’s a non-orientable infinity strip that allows the back side of a surface to exist if there is a front side. If there’s no front nor backside, then there’s no turning inside out.

Pucci attacks Jolyne’s head, but Jolyne successfully utilizes her Mobius Strip to reverse the damage. However, Pucci knows she can’t keep the act up forever. Jolyne baits Pucci to attack her, but he tells her that he’s waiting for a definitive moment. He walks around the area to cause more objects to fall. Pucci notices an officer’s corpse heading toward him and grabs the gun from his holster.

Meanwhile, Emporio falls toward Anastasia, but he grabs him. Pucci shoots at Jolyne, but Jotaro uses The World to freeze time. Jotaro grabs Jolyne and gets her out of harm’s way. Pucci’s bewildered by a harpoon’s presence, allowing Star Platinum to punch him out of the café. Ermes tells Pucci that the Speedwagon Foundation shot the harpoon from the sky three kilometers above.

It was set to land on the Visitor Center’s premises. Ermes made a copy of it with her sticker and removed it, so it allowed the copy to retract to the original. Ermes clung onto the harpoon, so she got pulled up instantly without being affected by his gravity. Everyone surrounds Pucci as Emporio tells him to give up. Pucci laughs and tells him that fate bound them all together and these are his true allies the kujos.

Pucci lifts himself from the rubble with his gravity powers. Pucci claims he doesn’t need to wait 36 hours for the new moon to arrive since he can utilize the new moon’s gravitational force. Then he must fly higher in the sky and locate an area with equal gravitational pull. Pucci plans to put himself here if there is gravity equal to the new moon’s since he feels there should be a spot to complete C-Moon’s power.

Jotaro remarks on how much Jolyne’s grown and orders Ermes to pick up the gun Pucci dropped. He tells her to fire some bullets at Pucci, and she complies. Pucci tries inverting the bullets with C-Moon, but Jotaro retaliates with The World. During the time stop, Jotaro throws a harpoon at Pucci, but he manages to escape unscathed. Pucci hovers toward the airplane and starts flying alongside it.

Jotaro questions how Pucci dodged the harpoon as Jolyne feels Pucci’s found a condition that’ll let him complete his Stand. The episode concludes with Pucci finding the exact spot he needs to complete C-Moon.

The Episode Review

This was yet another charming and thrilling episode of Stone Ocean. Jotaro, Jolyne’s father, returned with the iconic adrenaline-pumping soundtrack. While the reunion was short and under harsh terms, it was nice to hear Jotaro praise his daughter for her growth.

As mentioned in the previous review, Jolyne’s come a long way and deserves recognition for her accomplishments and effort. On that note, many fans might find it odd that the series is allowing Pucci to attain C-Moon’s ultimate power before 36 hours. It is true that some people desire a stronger adversary and may find the twist appealing.

It feels slightly contrived since the narrator highlights the countdown numerous times throughout the season. On the other hand, I couldn’t help but smile at the mind games displayed between Pucci and Jolyne. It gave the fight a solid mix between strategy and strength. This is an aspect JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure nails well, and I’m glad to see the trend continue into this final bout with Pucci.

Overall, this was an exhilarating chapter of Stone Ocean. Although Pucci’s ways of unlocking C-Moon’s full power feel rushed, I’m excited to see how our heroes fight him. Even with Jotaro and Ermes at their side, I’m unsure if they could stop Pucci. All we can do is hope for our heroes to develop a scheme that’ll put this cruel priest to rest.

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