JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure: Stone Ocean – Episode 32 Recap & Review

Heavy Forecast(3)

Episode 32 of JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure: Stone Ocean Part II begins with Weather begging Anastasia to kill him because he can’t control his newfound abilities. Anastasia wants him to stop dwelling on that and focus on helping me find Jolyne. Weather says he’ll help him after he settles his score with Pucci.

Weather summons his Stand to check the area, but he reports having found no disruption in the airflow. Anastasia suggests checking inside vehicles. When they approach the first car, Pucci severs Weather’s leg. Weather realizes that Pucci concealed himself under Weather’s snails. Pucci explains that after he swiped Weather’s memory in 1988, he discovered a way to overcome Weather’s powers.

Anastasia tries attacking Pucci but ends up getting into contact with Weather’s rainbow. His legs turn into snail body parts as Pucci taunts them. When Pucci has his back turned, a drop of blood splashes on his face. Weather attacks him as Anastasia explains he submerged his Stand Diver Down into Weather’s body to bestow him with a new leg.

Weather knocks Pucci into a car, and before he can dish another punch, Pucci deflects a reflection of the rainbow toward Anastasia, who becomes more snail-like. Pucci explains that Weather’s rainbows send subliminal messages in the form of the weather. Pucci says it doesn’t affect blind people after witnessing an old lady not get affected by his powers. Pucci reveals he extracted his sight many years ago but can sense them.

Pucci tells Anastasia that it’s too late to cover his eyes now that the subliminal messages entered his mind. He says the phenomenon won’t end until Weather dies. Pucci cuts off Weather’s other leg and punches Anastasia. Before he departs, Weather traps Pucci by transforming the blood on the ground into hardened spikes by converting nature. Weather crawls over to Pucci and plans to deliver the final blow.

If Pucci fixes his sight, Weather threatens to deflect his rainbows at him. Pucci attacks Anastasia and turns him into his puppet and his eyes. Anastasia leads Pucci away from danger but forgets to mention Weather’s sneak attack. Pucci retaliates by swiping some nearby blood spikes at Weather, but Anastasia says Weather can dodge it. Weather does the opposite and allows the spikes to penetrate his body.

Weather pulls Pucci toward him and performs a chokehold on Pucci. Pucci pleads for his life, but Weather’s not buying his change of heart. Before he can deal the final blow, Jolyne and friends crash into the wall because of Versus’s terrible driving skills. Jolyne spots Pucci and summons Stone Ocean to help propel her toward him.

Pucci uses Weather as a shield to stop Jolyne from attacking. Before she continues her assault, Anastasia tells her to stop. The person she was attacking was Visage as Anastasia explains that Pucci implanted a new stand inside his head that allowed him to create mirages of himself. The visages of Weather and Pucci fade away as Jolyne notices that their bodies are no longer affected by snails.

Jolyne spots Weather’s body lying near a building bloodied and battered. She asks Ermes to send for help, but everyone kindly tells Jolyne to stop talking. Jolyne wonders if her car accident had something to do with Weather’s demise. Anastasia says if he could, he’d give his life to people who made his life worth living. He explains what happened to Weather after Jolyne’s car crashed into the wall.

When Weather got impaled by Pucci’s White Snake, he used Pucci’s Stand to seal his ability inside a disc. Anastasia says Weather was happy to be around Jolyne, and thanks her for making his life worth living. The episode concludes with Jolyne and the others shedding tears because of their fallen comrade.

The Episode Review

And thus, another hero falls in battle. Weather’s death led to a tear-jerking instance between Jolyne and her friends. However, it wasn’t as impactful as F.F.’s demise from Part 2. Anastasia shares a detailed explanation of what happened before Weather died, but the audience never gets to see the event unfold before their eyes.

This prevents Weather’s death from holding impact and weight despite being a sad occurrence for his friends. It would’ve been better if fans got to witness Pucci impale Weather and escape instead of being told about it. Weather’s death would’ve carried more weight if there had been a moment like that. On that note, many may feel infuriated with Versus’s involvement in this chapter.

Not only did he play a role in helping Pucci escape, but Versus’s reckless driving gave Pucci a chance to murder Weather. As mentioned in previous reviews, Jolyne and her friends should’ve defeated Versus. They had no issues getting rid of previous villains, so it was a strange move for them to allow Versus to live. Hopefully, this instance will entice Jolyne and her friends to not let any villains escape.

Overall, this chapter had some touching developments. It’s unfortunate to see Weather go, but his death proves how dangerous Pucci has become as the series antagonist. With the new powers he’s attained from the Green Baby, I’m unsure how Jolyne and her friends plan to stop this evil being. Hopefully, they can bash their heads together to form a strategy to end Pucci for good.

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