JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure: Stone Ocean – Episode 24 Recap & Review


Episode 24 of JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure: Stone Ocean Part II begins with a brief recapping of events involving Dio’s plan and Pucci’s initiative to execute it for him. Mew Mew goes over her Stand Jail House Lock’s abilities.

She reiterates that people under its effect can only attain three new pieces of information at a time. We also see Emporio struggling to get to his computer to inform Jolyne about Mew Mew’s identity while Jolyne’s struggling to remember what she needs to do.

We cut to a scene involving a group of prisoners watching a film. Jolyne is among these prisoners. She’s having trouble remembering the context of the film and rewinds it endlessly. This annoys the other prisoners, leading to them yelling at Jolyne to leave. Jolyne departs from the area and grabs a comic from the shelf.

Like with the movie, Jolyne has trouble remembering this comic’s content. She throws a fit about not understanding the joke. This leads to her wondering why she even decided to go to the recreation room in the first place.

She glances over at the writing on her hand, informing her that she can only remember three new pieces of information at a time. This message kick-starts Jolyne’s memory, reminding her that she needs to go see Emporio.

As she departs the recreation room, she stumbles upon Mew Mew, casually reading a book. Jolyne notices Mew Mew glance at her left hand and decides to look at it herself. Her left hand has a memo written on hit, explaining to Jolyne that she shouldn’t hesitate to attack anyone who does so.

Jolyne throws a punch at Mew Mew, she evades the blow and runs away. Jolyne notices Jail House Lock, realizing that Mew Mew’s her enemy. Jolyne follows its trail and chases Mew Mew down several hallways. During her chase, Jolyne over at one of the hallway’s walls and attains the knowledge that she’s in an entirely different area. This causes her to forget everything from why she’s in this area and who she was chasing.

A guard spots Jolyne, who now believes she’s the one being pursued. The guard opens fire, but Jolyne avoids it by sneaking away. Unfortunately, she runs into two groups of guards. When the guards converge on her position, they lose sight of her and declare that she’s missing.

This is not truly the case. Jolyne unraveled her body and snuck herself behind one of the guard’s backs, thanks to Stone Ocean’s thread. Behind the guard, Jolyne glares at her hand with writing on it. It reminds her that she’s supposed to visit Emporio.

Meanwhile, Emporio heads to his computer, where he had dug up intel about Mew Mew and her lead guard status. We find out that she is in charge of monitoring the visiting room and front gate. We then turn our attention to Mew Mew, who is sneakily trailing Jolyne. She reiterates what Jolyne can’t do while under her Stand’s effect to the audience.

Mew Mew says Jolyne can only attain three new pieces of information. Even if she saw four guards, she can’t remember more than three of them, despite the possibility of the guard being in her line of sight. Mew Mew states that Jolyne’s brain will reject the new intel because it’s too much for her to remember.

Mew Mew sees Jolyne enter the ghost room via its secret entrance. She didn’t want to stop Jolyne from reuniting with Emporio because she wanted Jolyne to guide her to his location.

Upon entering, Jolyne gets shocked by the puddle. She crosses it but ends up forgetting everything again. Jolyne sees Emporio and asks him what’s happening, and he tells her that he spilled water at the entrance. Jolyne finds out that Emporio is in the same boat as her.

As Emporio is about to show her the information he digs up about Mew Mew, Jolyne’s amnesia episode kicks in. Emporio succumbs to a similar phenomenon, leading the two to bicker about irrelevant matters. They both look at the writing on their arms, as Emporio remembers he needed to print something out.

Mew Mew slips through the crack in the wall and spots Emporio. She glances at his computer and notices he dug things up about her. She deems it a crime against the prison’s security system. Mew Mew shoots Jolyne, but she deflects her bullets with Stone Ocean.

Unfortunately, Jolyne didn’t deflect all her shots as she turns around and discovered Emporio had been shot. His computer has been destroyed too. She shoots more bullets at Jolyne, but Stone Ocean deflects them. Mew Mew’s shocked Jolyne managed to block all the bullets.

Jolyne tells her that she used the puddle to memorize all the bullets coming her way. Jolyne stitches a note on her arm, reminding her that she needs to avenge Emporio. Mew Mew retreats to the staircase and avoids getting hit by Stone Ocean’s fist. She loses her handgun but isn’t worried about retrieving it. She’s certain our heroes will not be able to identify who she is without Emporio’s computer.

In the ghostly room, Emporio looks at his broken computer, remembering that he needs to print something. Although he doesn’t have a printer, he looks at his arm again. It says he needs to compute something. Emporio glances at his broken computer again and stumbles upon a purple sticky note. This sticky note has an equation written on it.

We shift our attention toward Jolyne and Mew Mew. They’re still fighting on the staircase. Jolyne’s Stand gives her a “power” advantage over Mew Mew’s Stand and allows her to force her up the staircase. Jolyne deploys a thread and ties Mew Mew by the head. She reels her in. Mew Mew calls for reinforcements and several guards notice their brawl. They advance toward Jolyne.

Jolyne gets distracted by the guards, allowing Mew Mew to slip away and attack her with Jail House Lock. Jolyne’s overwhelmed by Mew Mew and the guards, and can’t defend herself. Jail House Lock knocks her down the staircase, as Mew Mew boasts. She anticipates one of the guards will shoot her because of the overwhelming amount present in the area. They stand behind Mew Mew to support her.

Although the situation is dire, Emporio arrives at the scene and hands Jolyne a piece of paper covered in 0s and 1s. He had calculated the numbers carefully. Emporio argues since it’s a binary system, it only counts as two pieces of information. Jolyne uses Stone Ocean to crack Emporio’s code, revealing a portrait of Mew Mew in the process.

With this image, Jolyne asks her if she’s an enemy. Mew Mew doesn’t notice the portrait and chooses not to respond. Her dismissive attitude confirms to Jolyne that she is an enemy. She uses Stone Ocean to violently assault Mew Mew, knocking her out.

Jolyne holds her hostage as her guards gaze upon her. The guards look at the situation and are confused by Emporio’s and Jolyne’s presence. They also recall her being the only survivor from the punishment ward and that Mew Mew is being held, hostage.

Jolyne twitches, prompting the guards to aim their guns to shoot her, but Jolyne and Emporio manage to slip past them easily. Somehow, the guards were infected by Mew Mew’s Stand ability and can no longer remember who they were after and why they are in this area.

Jolyne thanks Mew Mew for her Stand’s ability, allowing them to go through one of the security gates. On their way out, Jolyne and Emporio find Ermes, who tags along as they escape the prison. With Mew Mew’s defeat, the trio can escape the prison. Emporio confirms that he still has Jotaro’s memory disc in his possession. Our heroes plan to visit Kennedy Space Center within six days to foil Pucci’s plan.

Meanwhile, we transition to a nearby city. A woman is leaving the supermarket with a ton of groceries in hand. She ends up tripping but Pucci catches her. The woman recognizes him but notices that something is wrong with Pucci. Pucci appears under the weather and breathes heavily. She asks him if he’s okay, but Pucci assures her that he’s fine.

During their exchange, Whitesnake’s hand grazes the woman’s wristwatch. The woman’s fingernails grow rapidly along with the dongles on her wristwatch. Pucci was startled by this phenomenon. He excuses himself and departs. A few seconds later, the woman discovers that her nails have grown, causing her to drop her groceries. We pan to her groceries, only to discover that the eggs she’s bought have hatched some baby chicks.

While alone, Pucci contemplates the scenario. He says Whitesnake is not his Stand ability anymore and that he’s losing control of his power. Despite his predicament, he hopes that this newfound power will help him achieve his goal. Pucci sets his sight on the Kennedy Space Center that’s located in Cape Canaveral. He plans to arrive there within six days, as that will be when the new moon arrives.

The episode concludes with Pucci staring into the sky, determined to fulfil his and Dio’s wish.

The Episode Review

What a way to conclude the second part of JoJo’s Bizare Adventure: Stone Ocean? This episode fixes some of the issues I had with the previous chapter and wraps everything up quite nicely. Its conclusion carries a feeling of hope and fear. I’m anticipating one more batch of episodes to tie everything up, considering the six-day time limit Pucci, Dio, and Jolyne brought up.

On the flip side, I can safely say that I walked away from this episode satisfied with most of its content. Unlike episode twenty-three, this one had a nice balance of action, exposition, and tense scenery.

As this part’s last bout, I felt it carried a lot of weight and left me entertained. Mew Mew’s inclusion led to out-of-place and irrelevant scenes, though. The constant bickering about “why we’re here” and “what was I doing” did get old quickly.

However, those scenes paid off more in this episode than in the prior one. Furthermore, Emporio’s involvement in the fight was remarkable and necessary to expand upon his character. I adored the short exchange Jolyne and Emporio shared before she departed from the room.

You can tell her words struck Emporio’s core and reignited the optimism in his heart. I found his use of the binary system to be unique and extraordinary. I’m hopeful the anime will continue developing Emporio’s character before Stone Ocean ends.

There could’ve been a slight reduction in some of the comedy and back-and-forth banter in this episode. I understand it’s supposed to provide us with some breathing room after the saddening events in episode 22, but most scenes re-tread information we already knew.

Scenes of this variety weren’t necessary, and they could’ve opted for different scenarios to build upon this episode’s atmosphere. There were slight instances where our character’s designs didn’t mesh well with the environment. Some character outlines appeared rigid, making them look jarring in several scenes. I also noticed that this episode re-used some animation at given times.

This final episode of JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure: Stone Ocean Part 2 was entertaining and intriguing. I adored the bout between Jolyne, Emporio, and Mew Mew, and it offered a mix of stellar mind games and thrilling physical brutality. This episode also leaves us with a nice cliffhanger too.

I’m excited to see how Pucci plans to control this newfound power of his. Hopefully, Jolyne and friends can find a way to take down this time-advancement Stand user, ending Dio and Pucci’s plan–once and for all.

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