John Wick 2 (2017) Ending Explained – Does John kill Santino?

John Wick Chapter 2

John Wick 2 Plot Synopsis

Once again John Wick’s peace is short-lived as he is forced to step back into the underworld to keep an old promise he once made to an associate as a way to return a big favour.

John finds himself in a dangerous situation as he discovers he has been double-crossed. Even with a large bounty on his head, John sets off to avenge the wrongdoing.

Who forces John back out of retirement?

John’s former associate and Camorra mob boss, Santino D’Antonio wants John to kill his sister, Gianna so that he can seize control of the business. It was with Santino’s help that John pulled off the “impossible task” given by Viggo.

Indebted, John took an unbreakable oath – symbolized by a special underworld-exclusive medallion – to help Santino whenever he needs him. Despite his inescapability from the oath, John refuses to help Santino.

Does Santino come back?

Furious, Santino destroys John Wick’s house in an act of retaliation. John travels to Continental Hotel in New York to meet its manager, Winston who informs him that he has no other option but to honour his promise.

Winston also reminds him of the two unbreakable rules of the Continental: honour every marker and kill no man within the hotel premises. With no other option in sight, John reluctantly agrees to go on the mission and meets with Santino.

John Wick Chapter 2

John embarks on the mission

John Wick travels to Rome, Italy where he confronts Gianna in her dressing room. Gianna is killed with a headshot – ending her suffering and completing his task.

Realizing John’s here to kill his boss, Gianna’s head bodyguard, Cassian, pursues him. However, John kills most of his henchmen. Their fight takes them to the Continental Hotel of Rome where John gets a chance to explain his reason for killing Gianna. Understanding John’s between-Scylla and-Charybdis situation, Cassian promises to give him a quick death.

Do John and Santino confront each other?

Back in New York, John finds Santino has put a $7 million bounty on his head. After a violent confrontation with Cassian that leaves him severely injured, John seeks mafia boss King Bowery’s help.

King Bowery sends John in the direction of Santino who is holding a gala. It’s not long before John attacks Santino and his henchmen at the museum. However, despite John’s best efforts, Santino manages to escape to the Continental.

Despite his awareness of the codes of the hotel,  John finds and kills Santino in the lounge – breaking one of the two laws of the Continental.

John Wick Chapter 2

John vs. The Underworld

In a meeting with Winston, John is explained that he will be declared “ex-communicado” as a punishment for conducting business within the boundaries of the Continental – meaning all his underworld privileges will be terminated.

Winston also informs him that Camorra has extended the contract on John to the underworld globally besides doubling the bounty prize. Winston helps John get a head start by delaying the activation of John’s “ex-communicado”. John leaves with his dog by his side but not before asking Winston to spread the world that anybody who tries to get in his way will be killed.

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