Jogi (2022) Ending Explained – Does Jogi survive at the end?

Jogi Plot Synopsis

Based on the setting of the 1984 Anti-Sikh riots, Jogi tells the story of a Sikh man determined to save his family, friends and fellow neighbours from a massacre that killed thousands of Sikhs. After the assassination of the Indian Prime Minister by two Sikh men, the public sentiment against the entire clan had changed overnight and people started growing blood-hungry. 

Taking advantage of the acrimony of the masses, a politician tries to channel his greed by fuelling the massacre and eliminating all Sikhs from Delhi’s Trilokpuri in order to seek a higher political position. Jogi tells the story of a man and his best of friends who are all striving to save the Sikhs from being brutally murdered.

What happened during the Sikh Riots? Why was it easy to identify the Sikhs?

The assassination of Indira Gandhi had taken place shortly after she ordered Operation Blue Star, a military action to secure the Golden Temple Complex in Amritsar, Punjab. 

Following the operation, the former Prime Minister of India was shot by her two Sikh bodyguards. This resulted in the 1984 Anti-Sikh riots that turned into a massacre where about 2,800 Sikhs were killed in Delhi and many more were killed in the rest of the country. 

Sikh men were directly attacked as a result of this outrage as they were very easy to identify because they wear turbans. In Sikh culture, it is believed that the cutting of hair is unnatural because God (Waheguru) made a human in their natural form.

By changing the way they look, many Sikhs believed that they were challenging God and changing their appearances to look like better versions of themselves, competing with the creator who made them. 

Why does Tejpal instruct to have the Sikhs killed?

After the assassination of the Prime Minister, Indira Gandhi, the public sentiment against Sikhs had been vilified. Due to this, the corrupt political forces of Delhi initiated a massacre by freeing criminals from prison and asking them to kill Sikh families in exchange for a reward. 

Tejpal, an MLA who was in a quest to reach a higher position, instructs the officers at Trilokpuri Police Station to make a list of all Sikh men living in the city and kill them one by one with the help of these criminals. 

Since Jogi has already lost his brother-in-law and some of his friends in public outrage, he is on a quest to save him. However, Officer Rawinder goes looking for his friend in order to alert him about Tejpal’s plans.

What happens to the Sikhs from Lane 6?

Jogi and his family, along with the other Sikhs from the lane where they live in, Lane 6, take refuge in the Sikh temple (Gurudwara). As they wait there, one of the men tells Jogi that the nearby temples had all been attacked and the Sikhs hiding out there had all been massacred, he is determined to help them out by doing something to save all his neighbours. 

Inspector Rawinder arrives at the temple and tells his childhood friend, Jogi, about Tejpal’s plans. Jogi is determined to save all the Sikhs from Lane 6 and asks Rawinder to come up with a solution to help them. Jogi ends up sacrificing his religious beliefs and cuts his hair. 

The cop suggests they seek help from their Muslim friend, Kaleem who owns many trucks. They plan to hideout some of the Sikhs from the temple inside the truck and somehow drop the Sikhs 260 km away from Delhi at Mohali, Punjab (the original hometown of Sikhs).

Is Jogi able to drop the Sikhs at Mohali?

Before he is able to take some of the Sikhs from Lane 6 to Mohali, Kaleem asks Jogi to fuel up the truck. However, after hiding the people inside the truck, Rawinder and Jogi learn that the police and the politicians had confiscated the fuel from petrol pumps and had kept them with their vendor who was supplying weapons to help with the massacre. 

They are somehow able to get the fuel but Tejpal grows suspicious of Rawinder after Laali provokes the politician. They somehow try to make it out but are stuck at a toll station. Rawinder and Jogi fight with the two men at the toll station and flee the check post. 

The officer at the Toll Station alerts Tejpal about Rawinder and Jogi. However, despite the circumstances, Jogi is able to safely drop half of the Sikhs from Lane 6 at Mohali. His parents ask Jogi to ensure his sister, Heer who was still back in Delhi with the other Lane 6 Sikhs. 

Who is Laali? Is Rawinder caught by Tejpal?

As it turns out, Rawinder’s lies have been caught by Tejpal. The politician asks the inspector to kill Jogi himself and present the dead body of the Sikh man or else lose his wife and children. Rawinder is taken aback by the treat and as he is leaving, Laali stops him. 

They argue about how Laali too had been friends with Jogi in the past and was letting his differences with Jogi result in the death of many innocent Sikh men. Rawinder pledges to protect Jogi and the Sikhs with all his might and warns Laali to stay out of his business.  

Where does Jogi hide the rest of the Sikhs from Lane 6?

Rawinder informs Jogi and Kaleem about Tejpal’s threat. With the politician learning about their escape route, it will be impossible to flee the city now. They discuss that their only solution will be to hideout till the Government sends the armed forces to end the massacre. They come up with a plan to manipulate Laali. 

Rawinder pretends to snitch on Jogi and the Sikhs revealing that they were hiding out in the temple. He asks the entire police force to be sent with him to capture and kill them. However, when the cops arrive at the temple, they learn that Rawinder had helped the Sikhs flee to Kaleem’s mosque. The Sikhs hide out there but Laali is now aware of it and rushes to Kaleem’s house to warn his wife about it.

Who is Kammo? What happens to her?

As Laali and his men are on their way to the mosque, Jogi asks the Sikhs to flee the mosque. They run away as they are being chased by cops who are shooting at the Sikhs, injuring one of the men. However, Jogi is able to safely take them all to a house in the residential area. 

They are discussing what to do next when Laali arrives and threatens to kill Jogi. A flashback reveals that Jogi and Laali’s sister Kammo were in love with each other. After she had fallen pregnant out of wedlock, Laali threatens to marry her off due to religious complications. 

Kammo does not wish to marry anyone but Jogi, a Sikh man. She slits her wrist in fear of being married off by Laali. Laali blames Jogi for the loss but after an eye-opening argument with Jogi, he comes to realise that the man truly loved Kammo. Laali lets the Sikhs be and leaves the hideout house without hurting a single Sikh.

Does Laali help Jogi and the Sikhs?

With the cops on the lookout, Rawinder and Jogi decide that the Police Station is actually the best hideout spot for the Sikhs as the cops will look everywhere but inside the station itself. Jogi, Rawinder and Kaleem are able to take the Sikhs to the police station through a secret route.

Jogi has made a promise to the injured Sikh man and goes back with Rawinder to save him despite Heer’s requests for them to stay back. However, the cops end up capturing Jogi, Rawinder and the injured Sikh man bringing them to Tejpal who is ironically, outside the same police station the Sikhs are hiding in. 

He asks Jogi to reveal the location of the remaining Lane 6 Sikhs but Jogi is adamant about saving them. Tejpal kills the injured Sikh man infuriating Jogi who pounces on the politician, beating him up. Angered by Jogi’s attack, Tejpal shoots him in the chest. 

Does Jogi die?

Heer is shocked to see her brother being shot. She yells out and Tejpal learns that the Sikhs were hiding under their very noses. He instructs the cops to kill the entire clan. However, just as the police station is set on fire, armed forces arrive with Laali. 

The Army Officers put out the fire and the Sikhs are freed. In his final moments, Jogi ensures that his sister is safe and breathes his last in the arms of his friend, Rawinder. 


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