Jinn Episode 5 – Season 1 Finale Recap & Review


The Cliffhanger

After four tumultuous episodes, the season finale of Jinn does well to keep things interesting but the cliffhanger ending and multiple unresolved plot threads are pretty disappointing, especially given the build up in the previous episode for what felt like a climactic finale to come. When the dust settles, Jinn’s failure to wrap things up is just another thing to add to a list of issues this series has clocked up over the episodes which is a real shame as the show started pretty brightly.

The episode itself begins with Omar agreeing to help Kesar find Mira. The two leave the village together while Mira helps Hassan out of the cave. As they hurry away, they begin to navigate the myriad of ruins around them as the ground stops shaking and they find themselves alone for now. With Yassin and Vera still walking through the desert with the same intention, Mira calls on Kesar who appears and falls from the sky, dehydrated and seemingly dying. He tells her the vessel is too weak as his body begins to dissolve into sand.

As Mira clutches at the remnants of his body, in his dying breath he tells her to watch out for Vera’s powers. As day turns to night, Mira and Vera eventually wind up coming face to face while Hassan arrives on his own accord. Vera tells her she didn’t push Tareq off the cliff – Kesar did. Mira then pleads with Yassin to leave Vera and come with her back to the city while Hassan informs them that the Jinn’s true intention is to merge with a human host and become all powerful. 

From here things descend into chaos as we see an emotional showdown and Mira opens up to Yassin. As things settle down, we cut to the next day as Mira looks set to do some audio recording until Kesar shows up at the door. They begin talking but Kesar tells her he’s not really Kesar, he’s actually Hosny. Before she can get a chance to digest what she’s heard, Fahed appears too, seemingly now a fully fledged Jinn.

The series then ends abruptly with many questions left unanswered and a cliffhanger ending to ponder over until a potential second season. Whether this one will receive it is another matter and given some of the haphazard storytelling and uneven pacing across the five episodes, Jinn feels more rough around the edges than it should. There’s certainly potential here and the ideas around the Jinn and the various character drama is good but the execution leaves a lot to be desired. I went into this one pretty optimistic too but unfortunately Jinn fails to back up its promising premise early on with substantial plot and character development to really chew over.

A shame for sure but Jinn ends with far too many unresolved plot points and a great big cliffhanger to make it a difficult show to recommend. With a bit more screen time for the Jinns to help flesh out their backstory and less teen romance, Jinn could be a really solid thriller but unfortunately it’s likely to fall into the realm of mediocrity instead. This is a difficult show for me to recommend and despite singing its praises early on, my positivity has faded faster than the Jinn itself turning to smoke.


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  1. I agree, jinn let me down, could have been very good, can’t seem to like any of the teens, not very nice kids, except for the boy jinn, the adults were awful people too! , The jinn named hoang, ok, disappointed though, ending just sucked, no rap up.

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