Jinn Episode 4 “#Jinnhunter” Recap & Review


The End Of The World

On the back of the previous disappointing episode, Jinn gets us started with a better paced slice of drama and a return to more of the supernatural mystery we experienced at the start of the series.

We begin with Ms. Ola driving Hassan to Petra in order to stop the spirits from being released. As they drive, Hassan thanks her for being supportive and promises that this will help clear her name too before showing her a news report depicting she’s to blame for Tareq’s death. Meanwhile, Vera questions Yassin’s loyalty to help while Mira confronts Kesar about Layla’s disappearance. He tells her she’s been taken over by another Jinn and pleads with her, telling Mira he had nothing to do with what happened.

As Mira’s Dad arrives on the scene, he sees Kesar in the distance embrace Mira before fading into smoke and teleporting them to Petra in a bid to try and stop the other Jinns from being released. When Mira wakes up however, she finds herself alone inside the mouth of the cave we saw at the beginning of the series. As she steps outside, the camera pans out to reveal that Kesar is not so lucky. He opens his eyes to find numerous villagers crowding around him. They snatch him up and claim he’s been possessed before dragging him away.

Meanwhile, Hassan is approached by one of the villagers as he’s out searching in the ruins and tells him the Jinn are located in the cave with a face. As he leads Hassan across the desert wasteland, the student eventually makes it to his destination. As he turns around to ask the man another question, he disappears and instead, inside the cave he finds both Vera and Kesar. They ask if he’s the one who summoned them to which he nods, prompting them to apologize before punching him in the face, knocking him out.

When Hassan wakes up, he scrambles to his feet as the ground around him starts shaking and cracking while Mira continues to search fruitlessly for Kesar outside.

While there isn’t much in the way of character development here, the characters themselves are all moved ready for the final episode. Netflix’s first Arab original has been a bit of a mixed bag this year and this episode is no exception. There are some nice plot beats and the ensuing mystery around the Jinns looks set to really kick off in the final episode. Given the shorter run time for every episode since the beginning, Jinn has somehow managed to feel overlong and both too short at the same time. Still, if you’ve made it this far, you’re likely to watch the finale to see how things pan out but despite starting strongly, Jinn does leave a lot to be desired.


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