Jinn Episode 3 “A Dangerous Funny Feeling” Recap & Review


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After a promising start, Jinn begins to show its true colours as the supernatural mystery paves way for teen angst and romance that dominate much of the episode. It’s a shame too as the series certainly started brightly, despite some of the questionable acting and clear focus on tailoring this for teenagers. Although some of the effects are still quite good and the ending leaves room for this to grow, the third episode feels like a step backward.

We begin the third episode with Mira realizing she’s stuck with Keras for now, as she heads back home while Hassan heads to the library to find books on the Jinn. As he begins to trawl his way through the ones relevant to the supernatural forces, he eventually winds up seeing Ms. Ola and he tells her he’s going to go to Petra again and get to the bottom of what’s going on.

Mira talks to Yassin about his birthday. Unfortunately she’s met with hostility as Yassin continues to devolve into anger and bitterness. He asks her if she’s jealous about him spending so much time with Vera which prompts alarm bells to ring for Keras. He tells Mira that he suspects Vera is the other Jinn and tries to convince Mira to tell Yassin not to see her anymore. However, Vera catches on to what might be happening and convinces Yassin to stay with her instead.

As Mira heads off to the party with Layla, drama ensues as Vera shows up with Yassin at his birthday meal. Things go from bad to worse as his step-dad shows up drunk and in a nonchalant mood, prompting Vera to work her magic and begin choking him. As Yassin thinks about telling her to stop, he instead grins and lets her do her thing.

After having some fun, Kesar corners Vera and tells her he’s taking her back to the spirit realm. She smiles and turns into a scorpion instead, setting the bar alight in the process. As Yassin scoops up the scorpion and scurries away, Fahed confronts Kesar over the time he’s been spending with Mira. Fahed punches him which prompts the Jinn to punch him back and eventually use his spirit force push to knock Fahed into the water which causes Layla to turn into dust.

The third episode of Jinn is where things begin to come unraveled. The urgency and tension is replaced by teen drama, with the Jinns themselves acting more like teenagers than actual ancient, spiritual beings. It does contradict some of the early work done in the show too and with the various characters devolving into romantic squabbles and drama, Jinn sheds its original skin to reveal a core rife with teen angst and melodrama. Hopefully it’s just a blip but for now, the third episode is easily the weakest so far.


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