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A Padlock To Your Heart

Returning for his seventh stand-up special, Jim Gaffigan takes to the stage exclusively for Amazon Prime in his latest hilarious comedy special, Quality Time. Armed with the usual mix of wit, hilarious accents and observational comedy, Jim continues to deliver the goods here, with another 70 minutes of comedic material.

Jim weaves consistent themes around his weight, diet and love across the stand-up, beginning with the removal of his appendix and moving on to a surprisingly humble and down to earth segment about lying. The self-aware tone continues through to a particularly humorous gag about horses that knowingly goes on one joke too many – only to pull it back 10 minutes later in one of the cleverer jokes of the stand-up.

Despite the show taking place in Minnesota, there’s a good mix of globally-influenced material here, including regional accents, colonization and a particularly clever segment about cannibalism that ties back in to the early themes around eating and dieting. This choreographed play on words helps to tie the entire show together and this continues right through to the final joke that combines a particularly amusing section about watching runners to an earlier joke involving a padlock.

Personally, the only joke here that didn’t wholly land was one in particular about horse shoes, that felt a little too close to Lee Evan’s joke regarding this same thing a decade earlier. It’s a minor gripe but something worth bearing in mind, especially if you’ve seen Lee Evan’s stand-ups before.

Much like Noble Ape before it, the camera remains squarely on Jim for the duration of the show, with little in the way of crowd shots or audience interactions. There are, of course, a few close-ups to accentuate his facial expressions or mannerisms but for the most part, Jim relies solely on his comedy rather than fancy camera work and the show is all the stronger for it.

With little in the way of swearing or shock-factor jokes, Jim’s wholesome cocktail of observational comedy, accents and self-deprecating jokes regarding his weight make for a really easy-to-watch stand up show. If you’ve seen his previous material, Jim delivers enough new jokes to sink your teeth into but for those who have never been a fan of this comic, Quality Time is unlikely to change your mind.


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  • Verdict - 8/10

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