Jee Karda – Season 1 Episode 8 Recap, Review & Ending Explained

The Big 30

In episode 8 of Jee Karda, Shahid succeeds in achieving his goal of setting up an NGO school for the underprivileged. To entice the children to enroll, he promises to introduce them to Arjun if they enroll in the school. Shortly after, Shahid extends an invitation to the group to attend the school’s opening. However, nobody shows up besides Preet. After Shahid breaks his promise, the children lash out at him.

Do Melroy and Yavar end up together?

In a text message, Yavar begs Melroy to save him from marrying the girl. Melroy ultimately helps him escape the wedding. However, he breaks up with Yavar after telling him that he hasn’t forgiven him.

Why does Sheetal leave the house?

Sheetal’s in-laws pry into her private matters. Following that, she puts her foot down and tells Sameer that she can’t stay in the same house as his family. She decides to leave the house after Sameer fails to take her needs seriously yet again. Before leaving, she informs her mother-in-law that she is pregnant and promises to keep in touch.

What happens at Preet’s 30th birthday party?

The group attends Preet’s birthday party. Shahid is bitter towards the group because they failed to show up to an important event for him. He then lashes out at the group. In a fit of rage and while under the influence, he tells Rishabh that Arjun had sex with his wife during his Sangeet.

Following that, the two friends get into an ugly fight. Soon after, Rishabh is arrested, and Arjun shows up. Rishabh then confronts Arjun about what he did. Rishabh is then put in a police van.

Does Jee Karda Season 1 have a happy ending?

In the police van, Rishabh receives a notification that his app has been sold for a huge amount. However, given the circumstances, it is clear that it makes no difference to him. His friends follow him to the police station to get him released from prison, and the season comes to an end.

The Episode Review

Episode 8 of Jee Karda brims with chaos. All of the characters experience the lows predicted by the tarot reader in the past. The parallel between the past and present strengthens the show and adds a mysterious element.

The season 1 finale ties up most of the loose ends. The show does, however, end on a note that suggests the story will be continued in the next season if the show is revived.

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