Jee Karda – Season 1 Episode 3 Recap & Review

Feel It, Fight It

In Jee Karda episode 3, we travel back in time. We find out that the school group is taking a trip. Lavanya and Preet appear to be in love with Arjun. Meanwhile, since everybody must contribute 12,000 Rupees for the getaway, Shahid is unable to join the group.

Lavanya pops the question to Arjun while on the trip. She eventually starts crying when she witnesses him fooling around with her classmate. She is then comforted by Rishabh, and they get together.

In the present timeline, we observe Lavanya and Rishabh’s parents chatting about the upcoming nuptials. During a disagreement over food and drinks, Lavanya clashes with Rishabh as well as his parents. She gets frustrated that his parents appear to be pressuring her into accepting their choices, and she is made even more upset by the fact that Rishabh doesn’t defend her.

Shahid begins dating Aayat. When the school’s principal, Aayat’s uncle, finds out, he confronts Shahid. Shahid is then comforted by Aayat, who tells him to relax.

Lavanya needs to visit her wedding venue to finalize a few things. Arjun decides to go with her, so he picks her up. They have a fun time together. He seems to have feelings for her, though. Soon after, Preet meets Krish yet again, and the two of them have sex in his vanity.

Later that night, Lavanya and Rishabh argue again, and this time over dessert. Lavanya thinks that Rishabh overlooks the little things that are important to her and doesn’t give any consideration to what she likes and doesn’t like.

She then messages Arjun to get some perspective on whether or not she should marry Rishabh. The episode ends with Arjun telling her to relax and claiming that Rishabh is the ideal partner for her.

The Episode Review

We get a glimpse into the characters’ past in episode 3 of Jee Karda. Moreover, we learn how their past influences their present decision-making. We recognize that when a young Lavanya takes a risk by telling Arjun how she feels. She turns to Rishabh for solace when Arjun hurts her feelings.

She consequently seems to be picking the safer option in the present timeline to protect her feelings. However, she becomes resentful in the process. Meanwhile, in this episode, Shahid and Aayat’s bond is stronger than ever. It will be interesting to see how their situation plays out.

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