Jee Karda – Season 1 Episode 1 Recap & Review

Will You Marry Me?

All the children are at a mela (fair) when the plot of the Amazon Prime series, Jee Karda begins in the year 2006. Thereafter, the kids visit a tarot reader who tells them one thing about their future.

Once the tale returns to the present timeline, Lavanya and Rishabh are seen celebrating Sameer and Sheetal’s fifth wedding anniversary. During the celebration, Rishabh asks Lavanya to marry him. Given that she’s intoxicated, she happily accepts it.

Lavanya regrets accepting Rishab’s proposal the following morning. However, she keeps Rishabh in the dark. We additionally meet Preet and Shahid. Furthermore, we learn about the social media influencer, Arjun, who seems friendly with everybody. He accidentally streams his intimate moments live, and the video quickly gets popular on the internet.

We understand that Sheetal is dissatisfied with the problems in the house. Due to the fact that she and Sameer share a living space with his family, they are unable to enjoy any private time together.

The first episode comes to a close with Lavanya and Rishabh enjoying themselves together.

The Episode Review

Due to its slow beginning, episode 1 of Jee Karda is not particularly entertaining. Considering that this Amazon Prime series aims to be a lighthearted romantic show, the pacing of the show is a bit problematic.

This episode focused heavily on developing characters and laying the groundwork, which in my opinion is a wise choice. Despite this, none of the characters piques your interest or makes you want to know more about them. However, given that this is the first episode, things could change.

The episode is brief and gets right to the point. Sheetal and Sameer are having communication issues, Lavanya regrets accepting Rishabh’s proposal, and Arjun’s intimate video goes viral. The conflicts in the show have been established, so it will be interesting to see how they are resolved in the upcoming episodes.

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