Jawan (2023) Ending Explained – How does Vikram Rathore beat Kaalie Gaikwad?

Jawan Plot Summary

After his mother, Aishwarya Rathore was hung to death for killing a corrupt police officer, 5-year-old Azad is taken in by a female jailer – Kaveri. Azad is raised to be an IPS Officer who is hell-bent on killing Kaalie Gaikwad who is responsible for the wrongful death of his father, Vikram Rathore and the incarceration and death of his mother.

With the help of six prisoners at an all-women jail, Azad manages to hijack a metro train. With Kaalie’s daughter, Alia on the train, Azad manages to negotiate a ransom amount of ₹40,000 crores and transfers it to the bank accounts of impoverished farmers.

Who saves Azad from Kaalie’s brother?

Soon after that, Azad is married to the NSG officer, Narmada who is the negotiator in the vigilante case. Azad and his team gain the status of local heroes when they manage to improve the conditions of the government hospitals. On the other hand, Kaalie is threatened when he learns that Vikram Rathore has returned.

Kaalie’s brother kidnaps Azad and Narmada and she is shocked to learn that Azad is the vigilante who she was after. Vikram Rathore, Azad’s father, shows up out of nowhere and kills Kaalie’s brother. Narmada enters the prison cell to get more information about Azad and find his connection with Vikram.

What happened to Vikram Rathore?

In the prison cell, Narmada learns that Vikram Rathore was a soldier who was sent to war. However, due to the use of faulty weapons, Vikram’s team member and other soldier lost their life. After Vikram’s complaint, the Indian Army revoked their contract with Kaalie Gaikwad, the arms dealer.

With his pride hurt, Kaalie kidnaps Vikram in order to kill him. He shoots Vikram 5 times and leaves him to die after throwing him off a helicopter. Meanwhile, a police officer asks Aishwarya, Vikram’s wife, to sign a statement that would malign Vikram’s reputation. The documents claim that Vikram was intoxicated while on the mission and that the weapons had no fault.

Instead of signing the papers, Aishwarya kills the police officer. She is sentenced to death after she arrives at an all-female prison. However, after learning that she is with a child, Aishwarya is awarded 5 years to raise the child. Azad was born in the prison and subsequently raised by the female prisoners there. 

Meanwhile, Vikram’s body is discovered by tribals living in Northeast India. The tribals there tend to his wounds upon learning that he’s still alive. Soon, Vikram wakes up with no memory while five years after Azad’s birth, Aishwarya is hanged to death. Before her death, she asks Azad to avenge his father’s death and punish Kaalie.

How does Azad reunite with his father?

During Azad’s initial metro hijack, a police officer recognises him to be connected to Vikram Rathore. He tries to look for Vikram and ends up learning that the hero who had saved his tribal village years ago was none other than Vikram himself!

As the soldier has lost his memory, the police officer gets in touch with Vikram’s teammates and tells them that Azad, Vikram’s son, is in danger. 

Vikram and his team of retired soldiers show up to save Azad from Kaali’s brother. Despite not recognizing his own son, Vikram saves Azad and takes him to a safe space in the women’s jail. There, the father-son duo try to hatch a plan to stop Kaalie.

How does Jawaan end?

Since Kaalie is trying to bribe voters in order to rig the upcoming elections, Vikram and Azad decide to steal the voting ballots. Vikram’s teammates also manage to loot Kaalie’s truck full of black money in order to hinder him from bribing poor voters. Azad addresses the public and urges them to vote mindfully. 

Kaalie is angered by Azad’s actions and enters the women’s jail to teach him a lesson. He is shocked to see Vikram alive but asks his goon to kill both Vikram and Azad.

As Vikram and Azad fight Kaalie and his goon, Vikram regains his memory and recalls how Kaalie had brutally killed him. The father-son duo team up to put down Kaalie who is then handed over to the cops. The election ballots are released for the population to cast their votes.

The film ends with a flashback of Azad planning the entire heist with the new police negotiator, who asks Azad and Vikram to deal with the black money stored in the SWISS Banks.


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