Jade (2024) Ending Explained – What happens to the hard drive?

Plot Summary

James Bamford’s new action movie stars Shaina West as Jade, a young woman who comes into possession of a hard drive. This incriminating item is wanted by a shady crime boss named Tork (Mickey Rourke) who wants to get his hands on it before it falls into the hands of the law. 

Jade’s life is at stake as she tries to keep the hard drive away from Tork and his henchmen. But is she able to keep it away from him forever?

In this ending explained article for Jade, we briefly recap the movie’s plot and ask the question: What happens to the hard drive?

How does Jade come into possession of the hard drive?

At the beginning of the movie, we learn Jade and her brother left London for America when their parents were murdered. After making their way across the pond, the two of them were recruited into a club with ties to organized crime.

For some reason, Jade shot and killed her brother. We don’t know why she did this but it had something to do with the club they were both a part of. 

In an early scene, Jade visits Layla, her brother’s former girlfriend, who appears to be pregnant. Layla is unhappy with Jade and accuses her of leaving her alone to raise the kid.

Following this meeting, Jade walks the streets and meets a guy named Logan who was somebody she knew from the club. In his possession is a hard drive that he is keen to get rid of. After the two of them are chased down by one of Tork’s men, Logan gives Jade the hard drive and asks her to look after it. 

What’s on the hard drive?

This is something we never find out. However, it probably has evidence relating to Tork’s criminal misdeeds. 

After Jade hides the hard drive in a warehouse, she is knocked out by one of Tork’s men. When she regains consciousness, she finds herself tied to a chair. Across from her is Logan, who is being beaten up by a group of heavies who want to know where the hard drive is. During this altercation, it’s hinted that Jade’s brother died for the hard drive, though we don’t know how or why this happened. 

When Tork arrives on the scene, he realizes Logan knows nothing so shoots him in the head. He then orders his men to take Jade down to the basement, where she is to be interrogated. After tricking one of the guys, Jade manages to make her escape. But before she gets far, she is intercepted by two police officers who spot her at a crime scene. 

Is Jade arrested?

Jade is a person of interest to the cops as they know she used to be part of a criminal gang. But instead of taking her to the police station, they offer to take her home instead. Before they reach their destination, they run into a bunch of crooked cops who shoot the officers dead and then take Jade back to Tork.

A short while later, Tork calls Jade’s former boss, a guy named Ortiz and arranges to deliver Jade to him. On arrival at Ortiz’s place, Jade tells her ex-employer about Tork’s men killing Logan. This results in a standoff between the two gangs, during which time Jade escapes and heads back to Layla’s. 

What happens to Layla?

When Jade goes to Layla’s apartment, she discovers the woman isn’t there. She heads back outside and runs into a guy named Reese who works for Interpol. Reese is also the man who looked after Jade and her brother after their parents were killed. 

Reese asks Jade about the whereabouts of the hard drive but she is mistrusting of his motives. She asks him what’s on the drive and he tells her it contains 2 years’ worth of evidence about some criminal goings-on.

Jade interrupts her conversation with Reece to call Layla. It’s Tork who picks up Layla’s phone and he tells Jade that he has taken Layla. 

Why has Tork taken Layla?

Tork wants the hard drive in exchange for Layla. So, after leaving Reece to deal with a group of bad guys who have shown up, Jade heads to Tork’s house. 

Jade gives one of Tork’s men the hard drive and he delivers it to his boss. But when Tork tries to see what’s on the drive, he discovers Jade has given him the wrong one.

A little while later, after Jade has taken out several of Tork’s henchmen, the two of them face off against one another. When Jade gets the better of him, she leaves the house with Layla.

What happens to the hard drive?

Jade returns to Reece and tells him the hard drive was damaged during her fight with Tork and his men. This is a lie, as we discover shortly after when Jade hands Layla the hard drive and asks her to look after it.

A little while later, Layla meets with Tork, who isn’t as dead as Jade assumed. She gives Tork the hard drive and he gives her a lot of money in return. 

We then see Layla removing a cushion from beneath her outfit. It turns out she wasn’t pregnant after all. Jade sees this from afar and it’s clear from her face that she is disappointed that Layla lied to her.

The movie ends with Jade returning to Reece. In her possession is the hard drive, which she gives to him. It can be assumed that the hard drive she previously gave to Layla was a different one. Either that or she paid another visit to Tork and took it from him. The answer isn’t clear as whatever happened was off-camera.

But regardless, the hard drive ended up in the hands of Reece at the end of the movie. Quite why Jade didn’t give it to him before, we don’t know. If you can shed any light on this confusing plot point (or the movie’s other baffling moments), please let us know by leaving us a comment below.


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