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Back for a fourth season, Jack and Michael Whitehall go down under as they explore Australia across 2 simple and enjoyable episodes. While there’s still elements here that feel scripted and the show doesn’t quite have the same edge the early season had in abundance, there’s enough to enjoy here nonetheless.

This time around Jack and Michael are joined by Jack’s Mother Hillary, who pops up in the first episode to provide some embarrassing moments for Jack to endure. The big narrative here though actually revolves around the one person absent from this dysfunctional family trip – Molly. Jack’s sister is getting married and the family are busy prepping for the wedding. This ultimately encapsulates the entire journey as home truths are revealed and Michael works on his speech.

With only two episodes to get through, the journey is disappointingly short but the duo do their best to squeeze in as many activities along the way as possible. The first episode sees Michael and Jack compete in a drag show, play cricket and even a hilarious speed dating session. The second episode by comparison is much more familiar in its set-up, with Jack and Michael journeying to Queensland and Uluru, visiting Emus and learning how to survive in the outback.

Of course, the same humour from before returns with Michael playing up the conservative role. Jack by comparison continues to act like a silly, hyperactive child doing his best to wind up his Father to great effect. The two work well alongside one another but much like An Idiot Abroad’s later seasons, there’s also a feeling that the gig has outstayed its welcome at times.

The real saving grace here though are a few surprising moments of vulnerability. Hearing Michael open up and deliver the perfect speech for Molly or Jack worried that Molly’s wedding will make him feel more inadequate are wonderful moments that balance the experience out nicely.

The biggest problem with the series though is ultimately the length. 2 episodes are enough to whet the appetite but leave you desperate for more when the final episode comes to a close. Given the format though I’d imagine this isn’t the last we’ll see of these two and I’d wager a guess that this isn’t a particularly expensive show to film either. As I’ve said before, if you’re a fan of Jack Whitehall’s comedy then you’re sure to have a good time. Even if the shindig is well rehearsed and slightly well-worn now, there’s enough charm to be had with this one to see you over the finish line.

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  • Verdict - 6/10

2 thoughts on “Jack Whitehall: Travels With My Father – Season 4 Review”

  1. I stumbled onto this on Neflix and enjoyed the episodes on places I have been Thailand for one. A good evenings entertainment but not something I would want to keep returning t.
    Also can get a bit jackasssy at times.

  2. I am so disappointed with there tour of Australia, don’t come to our country and mock it like an absolute ass , we are proud of our heritage and they mocked it go home !!

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