Jack Ryan – Season 4 Episode 6 Recap, Review & Ending Explained

Proof of Concept

Episode 6 of Jack Ryan’s Season 4 begins with Elizabeth’s confirmation hearings. She is confirmed to be the new Director of the CIA with a majority vote.

Zeyara’s men bring Jack to the same place from where November picked up Cathy. He proposes to go with Chavez and save Ryan. Meanwhile, Greer questions Tuttle at Langley; it turns out he is a former soldier and is ex-CIA.

Cathy makes a distressing call to Greer in the middle of the interrogation. Kyi and Bennu have no information about the location of the bombs. Greer tells the truth about Jack to Cathy, whose determination to find the packages is even stronger now. Tuttle won’t give up Jack’s location easily. 

What are Zeyara’s grand plans for the operation?

Zeyara tortures Ryan for answers about what Chao told him. The packages are just the “first batch,” according to Zeyara. This phase was “proof of concept” that America is vulnerable to such attacks. Once the credibility of her methods is established, she will be the world’s key to America’s gates.

November and Chavez find a fishing village north of their location. They gather some temporary weapons and a boat. But Chavez leaves November behind since his shoulder will start infecting soon. He saddles November with a task to find a plane and rescue Jack and him.

Osoji is confronted with the truth by Elizabeth and Greer in her office. He instantly offers them Jack’s location in exchange for immunity. She cannot grant him immunity but the Department of Justice can. Osoji is trying to protect himself and asks Elizabeth to make it happen. Greer is sceptical about doing what Osoji has asked but Elizabeth has already decided.

On closer examination, Cathy discovers that Chao was not lying. All the intel the CIA needs is in Bennu’s stuffed toy, Mun. She finds a flash drive and immediately phones Greer.

What is the significance of the Book of Mormon?

 November takes the help of a fisherman to reach the airbase in Thailand. Meanwhile, Jack’s brutal torture continues. But not for long as Chavez makes an emphatic entry. He goes through all of Zeyara’s men with ease. When he reaches the door, she offers money to all families of Chavez’s fallen compatriots in exchange for him to turn around and disappear. He slides into the room from the top and beckons Zeyara with a question: “Just tell me one name of my friends.” Zeyara cannot respond and he shoots her dead. November informs Greer that they have Jack. But it is too late as Osoji has already signed his immunity papers.

Jack comes back home with Chavez and November. Tuttle finally talks and it turns out that he used the Book of Mormon as an OTP – One Time Pad – to communicate with Miller. They used code language using the book. Such a cypher is almost next to impossible to crack. The CIA also learns that President Udo was killed because he wanted to nationalise the country’s resources, which included all ports. The shipments from Myanmar were transported to Mexico via Lagos and if the ports were nationalized, their operation would have failed.

How does Ryan ascertain the location of the bombs?

Jack and Greer once again question Tuttle about the location of the bombs. But he pleads ignorance on the ground that the last step in these plans was privy to Osoji only. They only changed communication through mail, which is in Tuttle’s BizHub office.

Jack and Greer find new mail and keys inside it. Jack deduces that the bombs are being transported in trucks, which he saw being unloaded at the port in Mexico. When he turns the keys, Jack finds the name of the company: Derek Hill Motors in Houston, Texas. He calls the dealership and learns that the tucks will be at the border in the morning. Jack reaches the border control room and tracks every truck that enters the US. All the trucks are weighed pre-load. The control room vets every truck to match its current weight to the number cleared beforehand.

For one of the trucks, Ryan notices that such a weight does not exist. Someone higher up cleared last-minute shipments to enter the borders. Wright is on the phone with her team and Jack asks her to confirm the differential weight of the truck pre and post-loading. This comes out to be around 643 pounds, confirming this is one of the trucks with the bomb. Jack immediately asks everyone in its vicinity to clear out. The truck diver senses danger and shoots a police officer to drive forward. The police are able to neutralise him and stop the truck. Ryan and the others emerge from the control room to inspect the truck. But they’re met with fire from the lookouts that were supposed to make sure the truck went over safely.

Ending Explained: 

After neutralizing the threats, Ryan and November find the bombs in a Toyota pickup truck. Ryan is able to successfully diffuse them. Elizabeth confronts Osoji with the Book of Mormon. She recounts how Mormons saved his village. It was Osoji who got Miller killed. He explains that Miller was someone who couldn’t “cut ties and run.” That is why he was killed. When the police show up, Osoji warns Elizabeth that there are “others like him.” How will she arrest everyone? “One by one, without compromise,” Elizabeth replies.

Who is the real mastermind within the US government system?

Ryan is called to the Senate Committee hearings in light of the truck incident. He makes a startling accusation at Senator Henshaw for being a corrupt politician. He begins by saying that “forces inside the US” meant harm coming the country’s way in the form of the five biochemical bombs the CIA disarmed.

Zeyara exploited the weakness in the government system to have the audacity of being the architect of a strike like this. The team’s intervention in Croatia forced Zeyara into expediting her plan. All carriers that come into the borders must be pre-approved and pre-weighed. Only the highest form of government could sanction the entry of such a carrier. And that sanction came from the office of Senator Henshaw. 

After everything ends and Henshaw is presumably prosecuted, Greer and Elizabeth mention that President Bachler will endorse Ryan to run for office. But Ryan sees Cathy and reinforces his “need for a break.” He walks away with Cathy to a more peaceful life – until a new threat emerges. 

The Episode Review

That was such a bland climax to the show. Season 4 of Jack Ryan has been frustratingly hasty in how it has progressed. There was an apprehension that six episodes wouldn’t be enough and those fears have come true in episode 6. The finale left a lot to be desired in how things unfolded. It was perhaps folly to expect the old ways to change given the strong start with the first two episodes.

Ryan, who was not seen as the only saviour in this season, once again got to take all the headlines in the most crucial minutes of the season. The wrap-up was wholly unconvincing, right from the moment Chavez’s one-man show took out Zeyara and her men, to the moment when Ryan diffused the bombs, all while knowing that the biochemical weapons could wreak havoc.

Jack Ryan has never been a show for realism but the lengths that the makers went to justify season 4 are astronomically disappointing. 

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  1. I thought that the entir series was amazing ! Great actors , great lplots WOW thank you writers , directors. SND EVERY ONE involved !!! Cheers ! And thank you ! Maddy ONeill 😀

  2. Any one know what the character James greer at the end of episode 6 season 4 says to Jack Ryan? Four or five words…mumbling while Jack walks away. What did he say??? thanks…

  3. Hi John! Thanks for making the time and reading our explainer. We really appreciate your keen insight into the dealings involving Senator Henshaw. We tend to simplify such things but kudos to you for picking up the small details and giving us a nuanced appreciation. Sorry we got it a little wrong there!


  4. I’m sorry but I actually thought the last episode was amazing. As a former federal employee who knows a bit about borders and paperwork. The production was fact on completely. As for pointing out the Senators signature he was not saying the Senator knew biobombs were headed to 5 US cities. The point is his signature caused CBP to not stop the cargo. He most likely has no idea what the cargo was the shipper just didn’t want anyone to look. Congress controls the checkbook. With no info to know the request was for bad purpose it was all a way to save a couple of days in paperwork. For such an innocent minor request no one want to hurt future funding.

  5. I would like an explanation as to the point, at the very ending, where he held up a Book of Mormon,

  6. I’m just awed by Jack’s Wolverine-like ability to fully recover from brutal torture including 3rd degree burns to his back within just a few hours. No marks on his wrist, and the electrocution spots must’ve had a bandaid put on them.

    But hey, it’s probably a secret CIA healing chemical, since Mike and Greer recovered equally quickly from their penetrating injuries.

    Verisimilitude? Yah, just like the show “24” had.

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