Jack Ryan – Season 4 Episode 2 “Convergence” Recap & Review


Episode 2 of Jack Ryan’s new season begins with Ryan investigating Project Pluto at the CIA office. With the help of an analyst, he is able to access the classified files. Although almost all agents are inactive, there is one, Domingo Chavez, who is not just active but his profile is also linked with all the missions.

Meanwhile, Chao and his son have managed to escape and make it back home. But first, Chao visits Dr Tung at his house in Wan Ai-kiao. We learn the Mexicans are as surprised by the attack as the Triad.

Tung pushes Chao to meet with Marquez to iron out the details of what went wrong. But Chao animatedly rejects his request and says he will be with his family first. In their conversation, it is also revealed that Tuing’s family sold off the operation to Chao’s family. That is why he does not pay heed to or respect the former head’s advice.

Back home, Chao tells his young daughter Bannu that if anyone asks where she and her mother went in his absence, she isn’t supposed to mention the airport.

Elizabeth’s confirmation hearing is coming up. But Jack has more pressing matters to attend to. He meets Chavez to discuss Pluto. Chavez was born in the US and was a top CIA Agent. But what happened in the middle? That is the real story. Ryan confesses the money is no longer there to restart Project Pluto. Chavez denies having any contact with Miller in his tenure. He only contacted Agent Tuttle for a demand.

Chao goes to Bannu’s doctor to cut off any loose ends. It is clear that Chao knows Miller and had previous contact with him about the missions off-file.

Chavez explains his journey in the Cartel to Ryan. He was working undercover and near the completion of his operation, Chao told him that he was working for the Triad this whole time. Miller was in the Triad’s pockets but Chavez thought he was working for his country.

Greer meets with Miller at a bar to ask him about Pluto. But as soon as he hears the name, Miller leaves. We finally get our first glimpse of Mike November when Ryan calls him for help. Miller calls Chao, who reprimands the former director for bailing on Pluto.

The Triad thinks Miller was behind the operation’s failure and pulling out the money. But that is when Chao hears Ryan’s name for the first time. In the background, Chavez pops out of the shadows and surprises Miller. He warns Miller about revealing everything to Ryan and to do what he says. When Chavez leaves, Miller updates Tuttle on the situation. Ryan tells Elizabeth about it, who fixes a meeting with President Bachler at the WH. The President is updated on the whole saga.

Miller is an asset for the Silver Lotus Traid, the one that Chao heads. Miller was manipulating Chavez and his team to eliminate the cartels and then consolidate the power in the hands of Marquez. The Triad wants to use the cartel’s infrastructure to create a free market for terrorist groups across the globe. They could be sellers of weapons or bombs. Given the cartel’s free passage to America, the Triad could use it to smuggle anything in. Ryan wants to use Miller to get back at Chao and work from there. But if Chavez is traced back to Ryan, he would be laden with the filth of Pluto.

In private, Elizabeth assures Bachler that Ryan would be able to manage it. Bachler also asks Elizabeth to go to Lagos personally and meet with President Okoli. A prominent warlord is accusing him of killing Udo. Wright’s presence there would calm things down. She asks Osoji, whom we met in the previous episode, to come with her as the advisor. But he is unsure at the moment.

Miller sets a meeting with Ryan for that night. Later, Elizabeth makes a resounding statement about the CIA’s newfound collective resolve for the American people before the Senate Committee.

Miller reprimands Ryan for turning off the projects without his consultation. Miller believes he was doing the right thing for the American people, even if it didn’t look like it. Ryan asks Miller to put him in contact with Chao. But Miller dismisses that idea, believing Chao would have them killed the second it happens. Ryan denies Miller’s request to turn back the projects. The former director leaves in a hurry. Little does he know that he is being followed by Tuttle into his house.

Chavez is too late to reach the spot as Tuttle kills Miller with an overdose of painkillers. Right before falling to the ground, Miller holds the Bible on his desk, indicating it might have something to do with the way forward.

The Episode Review

As opposed to the previous seasons, Jack Ryan means business in this one. Perhaps the length (six episodes) has got something to do with it. Anyway, the narrative seems very streamlined this time around. Episode 2 does a fantastic job of laying down the network of the filth that threatens to destabilize America.

The central plot is pretty clear and as always, Ryan and the CIA do not have the upper hand. Miller’s death in this episode will spark a chain of events that will quickly take the show in a definite direction.

The acting was great all round but special mention must go to Michael Pena who channeled his character’s anger really well.

Season 4 of Jack Ryan is already in full flow and it’s possible that this season could be the best yet.

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